Naruto woke up to the sun hitting his eyes and the pungent smell of morning dog breathe in the compound. He groggily got up and went into the shower. Today would be hell's training. Kyuubi told him to prepare for the pain he's gonna go through. He got out of the shower and put on his black long sleeve shirt with a fox on the front and black ambu pants. He strapped both his swords to his back like his sensei and went to the kitchen to the smell of bacon and eggs cooking.

"Morning Naru-kun" Tsume said.

"Good morning" Naruto said in reply.

"How was your sleep?" Tsume asked in a worried voice.

"It was fine. Thanks for checking on me last night." Naruto asked.

"No problem." Tsume said. She set the table and Kiba and Hana came down to the smell of bacon with Hana's two husky's and Akamaru.

"Hey Naruto since this is your day off what are you gonna do today?" Kiba asked.

"I'm gonna train. Train till it hurts to blink." Naruto said.

"What? On your day off?" Kiba asked. Naruto just nodded with a mouth full of bacon. He finished his food and headed out to the Inuzuka training grounds. Naruto took out his sword and started practicing kata's till Kyuubi awoke.

"Getting better kit"Kyuubi said. Naruto just stopped and awaited instructions. Kiba just looked out the window staring at Naruto wondering what he's going to do.

"Alright kit I want you to work on your chakra control again but instead of doing pushups like last time your gonna kick the air while your hands are attached to the tree."Kyuubi said. Naruto just nodded and started went for about an hour.

"Naruto lunch is ready!" He heard Tsume yell causing him to lose concentration making him fall face first onto the grassy training ground.

"Ouch. Damn it that hurt a lot." Naruto said to no one in particular. He went inside and saw the table empty.

"Is this a joke or something? Where is the food?" Naruto asked.

"We're going to Ickiraku's!" Hana yelled while jumping up and down. Naruto's stomach rumbled as he drooled at the thought of having Ichiraku's right after training.

"I'll race you there Hana!" Naruto yelled.

"You're on!" Hana yelled. They both ran off at lightning speed making Tsume and Kiba sweatdrop.

"Don't they realize they're going the wrong way?" Kiba asked. Tsume just shrugged her shoulders and Naruto and Hana sped passed them both and yelled in unison, "Thanks Kiba!"

When Kiba and Tsume went into the Ichiraku stand Naruto was on his tenth bowl while Hana was on her sixth. Both Kiba and Tsume only ate three while Naruto had twelve and Hana had eight.

"Go to training ground seven right now and go meditate. I'll bring you into your mindscape and we'll practice your Doujutsu."Kyuubi said trying to hold in his laugh.

'Fine.' Naruto said. "Hey guys I'll be back later. I'm gonna go train." And he went off to the rooftops and into training ground seven. Naruto sat down in the lotus position and sat in silence as the world around him faded as he appeared into his mindscape. Which was surprisingly not a sewer anymore.

"Hey Kyuubi what happened to the sewer?" Naruto asked.

"Well kit when you ripped the seal I was able to change this to my liking." Kyuubi said in his human form. He wore a standard Jounin outfit with a Kanji that said 'seal' on it where the red spiral was supposed to be. Naruto nodded and awaited instruction.

"First thing is first. Naruto, do you know how to activate a Dojutstu?" Kyuubi asked. Naruto shook his head and Kyuubi closed his eyes. "To active a Dojutsu one must send and continuously send chakra to their eyes." Kyuubi said and Naruto nodded and closed his eyes. He sent some chakra to his eyes and kept sending it when he opened his eyelids revealing his pitch-black eyes with one single white ring around them. Kyuubi smiled and told Naruto to do the seals tiger, horse, snake, ox, snake, horse, tiger and focus on him(Kyuubi). Naruto did said signs and focused on Kyuubi and felt a pulling sensation. Instinctively, Naruto opened his eyes and pulled the feeling and hit Kyuubi with his mind. Naruto stood wide eyed and wondered how he did it. "Good job kit. You got the most basic mind jutsu you can do. It's called Maindosutairu (Mind style): Silent Push. I would advise you put more chakra into it though to make it more devastating." Kyuubi said. Naruto nodded then made shadow clones and began working on the technique till he almost ran out of chakra. He went out of his mindscape and nearly fell over due to standing up too fast and left for home.

Next Day

Naruto awoke early and met with his teammates and his sensei outside of the mission room waiting for their turn to get a mission. Once inside Naruto saw Iruka and Hiruzen sitting with a bunch of mission documents in front of them.

"Good afternoon Team Seven." Hiruzen Sarutobi said.

"Good afternoon Hokage-sama/jiji." They replied. Sarutobi looked at Iruka and nodded; Iruka then stood up and cleared his throat.

"Team Seven you will be given the D-rank mission to paint a local farmers house." Iruka said.

"Sarutobi-sama, if I may ask, can we please get a C-rank mission." Ryuzaki asked.

"As much as I would love to, twenty D-rank missions must be completed before you get a C-rank. And since you are in charge of Genin, after the first C-rank five D-rank must be completed to do before another C-rank. Nothing I can do about it Ryuzaki. I'm sorry." Sarutobi said. Ryuzaki nodded and escorted his team to the house.

After the Mission (Didn't feel like explaining the mission)

Team Seven went back to the mission room to give their mission report and got their payments. They asked for another mission and was asked to bring the Fire Daimyo's Wife's cat Tora back. They nodded and went to find the cat. Shino sent his bugs out to find the cat; once found Ryuzaki had set a ninjawire trap around the cat while Naruto and Ino distracted it.

'Damn this cat is fucking fast' Naruto thought.

"Alright guys trap is set. Lead the cat to the left towards the bushes." Ryuzaki said. Naruto and Ino nodded and led the cat to the left, successfully catching the cat. Bringing it back to the mission room, the Fire Daimyo's wife had the demon cat in a death grip causing everyone to snicker at the cats pain.

"Ma'am if I may suggest. Cats are less often to run away if treated like a living thing and not a doll. Tora needs space to breathe so that's why she runs often. If you treat them with proper care, they will stuck around more often." Ino said. The Fire Daimyo's wife loosened her grip on Tora, who in return, got comfortable in her arms and purred a thank you at Ino. The Fire Daimyo's wife said thank you and left leaving the team with another payment sent to their accounts. Team Seven went to their respective team training ground.

"Okay you guys. Since I have you for the rest of the day I have decided to help you on your chakra control. You will be working on tree climbing." Ryuzaki said.

"Ryu-sensei, we already know how to do it. My clan taught it to me. Naruto had Kyuubi help him, and Ino had help from her father and Naruto. Maybe we should work on water walking?" Shino said.

"No. We'll work on that some other time." Ryuzaki said then pulled out three pieces of paper. "What I want you three to do is channel your chakra into this paper. It's made from a chakra tree so it'll show you what elemental affinities you have."

"Why? We have our family jutsu." Ino asked.

"True but what if your opponent knows all your tricks and weaknesses? Then you would have to rely on elemental ninjutsu." Ryuzaki said. All three understood and one by one added chakra to it. Naruto's split in two then crumbled up, Ino's just got soggy, and Shino's turned to dust. "Alright, so Naruto got wind and lightning, Ino got water, and Shino got Earth. Fortunately, I'm a fire and wind affinity holder. Nekrix has water and earth. I'm sorry Naruto but you will have to learn lightning on your own time." The three genin nodded. and Nekrix came out of nowhere and took Ino and Shino somewhere close while Naruto and Ryuzaki stayed at the same location. Ryuzaki grabbed a leaf from a near by tree and put it in the middle of his palm and showed it to Naruto. He then put his other hand to cover it and took the hand off after two seconds. Now, what was once one single leaf, was one leaf split diagonally in two.

"Woah Ryu-sensei, how did you do that!" Naruto asked.

"I used my wind chakra. You see, you have to focus on the elemental chakra in your body and apply it on the leaf. It'll cut and it will be bitter work. But I assure you it's worth it." Ryuzaki said. Naruto nodded and made some kage bushins and got to work.

With Ino,Shino, and Nekrix

"So Nekrix, where are you from?" Ino asked trying to engage in conversation.

"I'm from here. I found Ryuzaki-sama on the road all alone and I was just a bandit trying to steal from him. He saved my life." Nekrix said.

"Did you have any family?" Ino asked.

"No. I was alone from the start." Nekrix replied.

"How'd you survive?"

"Like I said. I was a bandit. I stole using my kekkei genkei that's supposed to be dead."

"Ino-san, Nekrix-san, shouldn't we be training?" Shino asked looking at Ryuzaki looking at Naruto.

"Yeah, that's right. Thank you Shino." Ryuzaki said and took off his mask. He had a very angular face. His dark brown eyes shows pain and lonelyness dispite his smile on his face. His black hair falls down on his face(like Hinata but only the bangs) as the rest falls down to his middle back. A diagonal scar reaches from the top left to the bottom right of his face making him look deadly. Burn scars and sword scars can be seen clearly.

"Wait, Nekrix if I may ask. How old are you?" Ino asked.

"I'm twenty. I don't look that old do I?" Nekrix asked. "Oh and by the way, without my mask call me Fujimoto Shinichi. It was my real name before I met Ryuzaki-sama. I told him recently what my surname was. Just because I'm kinda tired of hiding behind a mask. I want people to look my in the eyes when i kill them."

"You're from the Shinichi clan?! You mean the one with all the spies that killed themselves because they were tired of working? Oh man my friend Shikamaru Nara would love to meet you and learn some of your shadow techniques!" Ino yelled jumping up and down making Fujimoto and Shino sweat drop.

"Ino please stop so we can work." Fujimoto asked. Ino stopped and bowed an apology. "Okay so, for starters Ino I want you to go to that lake and try to move the water using chakra only. Shino want you to sit in the Lotus position and try to move the dirt be expelling your chakra to the earth." Ino and Shino did what they were told.

With Naruto and Ryuzaki

"So Ryu-sensei when do we get to stop?" Naruto asked.

"When you get it perfect." Ryuzaki said which caused Naruto to go wide eyed. Ryuzaki held his sides laughing trying to hold back tears. "Just kidding Naruto. We'll stop in half an hour to get some Ramen. The whole team. It'll be on me." Naruto's mouth watered at the thought and shifted into overdrive trying to complete the exercise.

"Don't worry Ryu-sensei. I'll do this in no time!" Naruto yelled causing Ryuzaki to sweat drop.

With Fujimoto, Ino and Shino

"Fujimoto-san. I was able to make a line. It's not the straightest but I did it." Shino said.

"Good job Shino. It's only been five minuets, and I did it in one whole hour." Fujimoto said. Shino smiled though you can't see it.

"Fujimoto this is really hard. I'm trying but it just won't work!" Ino yelled.

"Flow with the Water Ino. It's hard I know. Use movement. Water is always moving. Even if it looks still." Fujimoto said and Ino nodded and tried again.

30 Minuets Later

"Okay you guys lets stop and go to Ryuzaki-sama. I'm sure he has an announcement if I remember correctly." Fujimoto said. Ino and Shino nodded and all three headed over to Ryuzaki.

"Ahh Fujimoto you ended a bit early. Oh, well it's only one minuet. So I have an announcement. I talked with Sarutobi-sama and he agreed that all five of us should be going on C-rank missions. So we talked with Iruka-san and we were able to convince him to give us a C-rank mission. So meet me and Fujimoto by the mission room eight O'clock sharp. No excuses. If you're not there on time then you will be exempt from going on the mission. You will not go and you will not go on the next two missions got it?"

"Hai!" All the genin said. Ryuzaki dismissed them and went away.

Next Morning 8:00 AM Mission Room

"Good you're all here. Let's go." Ryuzaki said. They opened the door and saw Iruka sitting down with the Sandaime Hokage.

"Good Morning Team Seven. I see you all have great potential so Ryuzaki and I convinced Iruka to give you all a C-rank Mission. Iruka, please explain to them the mission." Sarutobi said. Iruka nodded then stood and cleared his throat.

"Team Seven you will be guarding the bridge builder Tazuna. He will be going to Wave Country and you will protect him from bandits and thieves. You will leave tomorrow at 9:00 AM. Any questions?" Iruka said. Everyone shook their head and the door swung open.

Ryu: Okay you guys. So I know what I said about missions but I have something planned for it. Now, I WILL do the harem because it was voted yes more than no. I'm sorry guys but majority rules. I'm still pondering on who will be in the harem but I will choose. Now, Nekrix/Fujimoto does not have wood style but he does have water and earth. Anyway. So long and Good bye.