"HIYAAA! Take that you butt of a demon!" cried a young boy wearing an awesome bear hat. He slashed his sword, lopping the horn off of a large beast. The monster backed away, clutching at the new stump decorating the left side of its head.

"Awe C'MOOON! You're ruining my look! It took months to grow these things out!" whined the demon. He easily stood 9 feet and resembled a pretty standard demon by the archaic standard from before the Mushroom War, red skin, horns on his head, goat legs, the works. He was honestly not something seen much these days as most demons were more creative than this old design, but one can't really mess with the classics I guess.

A yellow arm stretched out and picked up the 3 foot length or horn laying on the ground, stretching further to give the demon a loud club over the back of his red skull. The demon lurched forward and slammed into the ground, a lump forming on the back of his head.

"What look? Dude, have you looked in the mirror lately? You ugly!" shouted a yellow dog, finishing with a laugh that was more jolly than mean. The demon lifted himself to his knees, his anger seeming to ooze from his very pores. He lunged towards the dog, his claws balled up into angry demon fists. Suddenly before the demon could make contact his opponent magically stretched out of his reach while still laughing, and he barrelled right through the stretchy legs and tackled nothing but air before crashing to the ground again.

"How is this happening? You're just a dumb kid and his stupid dog! I'm a demon! This is not how this works!"

"Dude! Jake IS NOT my dog, he's my best friend and my bro!" shouted Finn.

"You tell'em Homie! Oh... Oh gross, what's that from?" said Jake. He began to run his tongue over his teeth while grimacing. He started picking his teeth with the severed horn, much to the demon's disgust.

"C'mon man! That's my horn! You can't just start picking your teeth with my Do! That's just-OOOF!" The demon was suddenly cut off by a swift kick to the gut causing him to stagger backwards. Finn continued to push him back with blow after heroic blow. The demon finally came to a stop, giving Finn a murderous look. Totally unfazed Finn barrelled forward and sliced off the demon's other horn before delivering a snap kick to his chin, knocking the demon to his butt.

Finn bent down to pick up the fallen horn with his left hand while holding his sword forward with his right. The weapon shone bright red in the dimming sunlight, all from blade to pommel, left to him by his Father, crafted totally of demon's blood. He didn't try to use it too often, but when he heard that there was a demon terrorizing the Goblin Kingdom he felt he totally had to slay some evil with it.

The demon clutched at the matching nub on the right side of his skull and howled with rage, standing to his full height, his eyes squeezed shut. He stomped on the ground and muttered a spell that neither brother could understand, causing a portal to form behind him. He turned to Finn and Jake, the latter still picking his teeth. He brought his clawed hands down from his nubs and screamed at the pair,

"I'll be back for you two! I swear it! I'LL GET YOU WHILE SLEEP!"

"Hah! I've heard scarier things from Peppermint Butler!" Jake's speech was a bit muffled as he was still hard at work on his picking. The demon's face suddenly lost all anger and his eyes grew wide.

"Whoa, you guys know Peppermint But-LUUUH" the demon was suddenly cut off by a flying dropkick to the stomach launching him through his own portal. Finn picked himself up off the ground and stared blankly for a few moments until the portal closed. As soon as it was gone he threw his hands into the air and cheering and laughing.

"Whoo! Yeah! We kicked major demon-butt Jake! He was all like 'RAWR!' and we were all like 'Oh yeah?', and then he was all like... Dude, that's really stuck in there, huh?" Finn questioned noticing Jake still hard at work on his teeth. Finally with a great heave and a grunt he dislodged the object that had literally been all up in his grill, a cast iron pan.

"Dude, you really gotta lay off the everything burritos, or at least skinny down your whack meaning for 'EEEEEVERYTHING'."

"Finn," said Jake, "you're my brother and I love you, so I'm just gonna forget you even said that". Jake picked up the chewed pan and stretched up to shove it into Finn's backpack.

"Whatever dude... Let's head home now. It'll be dark by the time we get back and evil slaying's really burned me out today."

"I hear ya brother, hop on and I'll get us back before you can say... Uh... Bloopbleeblaahbalapalargusig hned!" muttered Jake as Finn climbed onto his growing back. Finn frowned and attempted to say it a few times before giving up.

"Jake, that's not even a real word!"

"Okay, you got me there man. Hold on tight."

After a little over an hour the pair made it back to their tree house home. They both ran inside and dive bombed side by side onto the couch, drawing a frightened breath from Beemo who had been in sleep-mode on the table. Jake excitedly began to tell the small computer about their latest adventure, exaggerating and blowing everything out of proportion of course, but that didn't matter to Beemo who took it all in with wide, pixelated eyes.

Finn just sat staring off into space, the day having taken a lot out of him. Appearance wise he was pretty much, well, Finn. It was about a year since he'd first met the Flame Princess and gotten over Princess Bubblegum. He was a little taller since then but that's about where his outward appearance changes ended. His hair had grown significantly, but you'd never know because of his hat. Finn let out a large yawn, prompting Jake to stop his story and join in.

"HUUUAAAAAHH... Whoa man, watch it. That stuff's contagious. You wanna get your butt kicked at some Beemo?"

"Naw man," Finn replied "I think I'm gonna turn in, I'm pooped."

"Alright bro, sleep tight. I'monna stay up and put Beemo through his paces for a bit."

Finn nodded and ascended to their shared bedroom where he quickly swapped into his red footie Pyjamas and zipped into his sleeping bag for the night. Soon enough he was dreaming, of things that could or should be.

"AAAAARRGH! I hate those guys... My flippin' horns!" The demon was still moaning about his lost horns as he wandered a red, fiery landscape. He had "escaped" back to the Nightosphere after his tussle with Finn and Jake, wandering aimlessly and shouting curses. Seriously, he really hated those guys! Whether they really knew Peppermint Butler or not...

He continued along the burning ground, kicking rocks, smaller demons and once even a beast ten times his size. Sadly, he lucked out with the bigger demon not really noticing the blow. The whole way his forked tongue continued to spit insults at the pair that weren't even there, and eventually he meandered into a set of tunnels that happened to lead down into the very bowels of the Nightosphere itself. Here is where the Lord of Evil himself kept many of the more dangerous demons locked up, especially the ones that fed on living souls. Because seriously, who needs competition?

The hornless demon continued through these tunnels, oblivious that he was passing by many cell doors that were significantly more reinforced that the standard prisons of the dark realm. He continued on muttering modern profanities under his breath, and then shouting them out when he though one was particularly good.

"I'll get those two! That kid is a good as dead, and so is the mutt! Mark my words!"

"Oh, I'll mark them. You've got MY full attention, friend."

Stump-head stopped dead in his tracks at the sound of the other voice. The voice was deep, guttural and almost seemed on the edge of laughter. He looks over at the wall to his right, thick bars set close together breaking up the red stone of the rest of the tunnel. As he peers through the bars he notices that the cell is covered almost completely in shadow except for the first bit of it just beyond the bars. All he could see through the dim lighting was a battered and dirty looking brown hat hanging on the wall, the wide rim around it notched and burned. While being so focused on trying to find a source to the mysterious voice he is suddenly started by a high pitched screech, like steel grating on stone. He musters what little courage he has and steps towards the bars.

"Who's there?" he asks, his tall frame nearly shaking.

"Like I said, I'm friend. Sounds like you've got a kid problem?"

"Yeah, so? Who the Grod asked you?"

"No one. You just seem bummed out, and I'd just like to... help you out."

"What could you possibly do to help me?"

The demon heard some low laughter as he heard footsteps echo from the back of the cell, stopping at the edge of the darkness in the cell. He could only make out a vague shape; two arms, two legs and a head. Nothing special.

"I could make all your problems disappear, just like a bad dream. You see, I love children. Maybe even their dogs too, depends on my mood."

"Look, I don't want'em loved. I want'em DEAD!"

The demon takes a step back as deep, guttural laughter booms out of the cell. Now he actually was shaking, he'd never felt so overwhelmed in his life. The demon stood taller than the door by a few feet but even just the feeling of this voice seemed to dwarf him, filling him with a fear like nothing he'd felt since he was just an imp.

"I can arrange something like that my friend, I can make sure they go out screamin'. But first you've gotta spring me from this joint. Since the new management took over, I haven't really been able to stretch my legs. It's been a real Bitch!"

More laughter erupted from the darkness and the demon could feel something very powerful, very old emanating from that voice. This was probably his best chance for revenge, but how to get him out? He turns around and suddenly spots another demon forcing "the stuff" out of his ears into an empty cell. He had crimson skin and was very bat-like in appearance with two red swords strapped to his back. He was about to ignore the newcomer altogether until he also noticed some keys hanging from the smaller demon's waist.

"Hey you!"

"Wha? Me?"

"Yeah you. You wanna give me the key to this cell? I really need to bust this guy out."

The jailer narrowed his eyes and approached the nub headed demon.

"Hmm... I dunno man, that door's been locked for a looong time. I mean, he's been locked up here for as long as I can remember. I can't seem to recall why though. Huh, funny."

"Look, are you gonna give me the key or not?"

"Well... my relief is about 10 minutes late. Sure, why not. It doesn't matter if he gets out or not, he's still stuck in the Nightosphere. Here, I gotta go."

The jailer passed a key up to the nubby demon and turned away, taking flight down the corridor. The demon looked down at the key in his hand. It was nothing extraordinary, just a large black key.

"I really didn't think it would be this easy"

"Well if you ask me, security around her has really GONE TO HELL! AUHAHAHAHA!"

"Gone to where?" asked the demon, truly confused. The laughter suddenly cut off.

"You kiddn' me? What, are you new here?" asked the voice in a disbelieving tone.

"No way man, I've been around for... Oh, 400 years or so."

"Kids these days... Back on track now! Set me loose, and then we're really gonna have some fun."

The demon looked at the key once more. What's he have to lose? He already had to spend eternity in the Nightosphere, those portals he made were kinda one shots, real expensive magic down here. He shook his head an popped the key into the slot of the cell door. Immediately the door sucked the key in and began to slide into the wall itself. The demon watched as an arm left the darkness clad in a dirty red and green sweater and retrieved the hat from the wall, placing atop the head in the darkness. Finally his benefactor stepped out from the shadows into the dim lighting in the tunnel. He looked human, but any skin you could see was covered in severe burns. His sweater was a mess of red and green stripes and it was filthy. Continuing downward he was wearing dark pants and boots, both equally a worn and filthy as the rest of his getup. The thing he noticed the most was his hand. His left hand was bare and as severely burned as the rest of him, but his right was adorned with what at first looked like claws, but after a closer look with was a glove which had razor sharp knives embedded in the fingertips. He was nothing really worse looking that some of the stuff down in the Nightosphere, but it was the feeling he gave off, his presence that made him so unnerving, even to the demon towering over him.

"So now what happens?" asked the demon, a sheen of sweat covering his body. The burned man looked up at him and... smiled. He made a low bow to his larger companion.

"Well, before I get down to business, I need a little... Pick-me-up" he said, looking the demon right in the eyes. Big and nubby froze in place, this was the first time he'd looked this guy directly in the eyes, and he was terrified at what he saw. It was like looking into a whole other world, full of fire and hate. Screams echoed in his mind, red clouded his vision. It put him in mind of stories about the Nightosphere before the great Mushroom War, back before the current Lord of Evil took over and the name changed. He blinked, and the figure was gone. He turned around, looking all about when he finally felt a weight on his back, the burned man was clinging to him with his left hand, his clawed right raised in the air over his head.

"What the Crust are you?" he asked, trembling. The burned man's face lit up and he laughed again, finally responding in a quiet, low tone.

"I'm everybody's worst Nightmare. I know what you think then you're alone, what moves you, what delights you, what fills you with fear. I'm the thing in your closet your parents never see when you scream out at night. And now thanks to you I can go out and be with my children again. Now do me a favour, and OPEN WIIIIDE!"

The burned man brought down his claws and embedded them in the back of the demon's shoulder causing his jaws to stretch open in a howl of agony. The next moment he swung down from the wound and started hanging from the front of him. Before the demon could close his mouth the burned man was impossibly forcing himself down the beast's throat. His eyes stretched wide and he watched the feet slide past his field of vision and felt the agony of his throat stretching out. This couldn't be happening, this was impossible!

Suddenly it was over and he was alone in the corridor, his shoulder bleeding freely. He had stopped shaking but he was breathing heavily, like there was a great pressure on his chest. He felt thing heavy, twisting feeling in the pit of his gut. He still felt scared, but his fear was slowly draining away, and he suddenly felt like he could barley stand. His vision began to blur and he brought his hand in front of his face and he watched in horror as it slowly withered away before his eyes. He uttered a low scream as the colour all around him slowly bled away from his vision, everything taking on a dull grey. He slumped up against the wall, his body becoming more and more gaunt by the second. Eventually he just started to feel numb all over, physically and mentally. Finally he couldn't stay awake any more and everything went blank as even the light left his eyes.

Nothing happened for a few moments, the tunnels were dead quiet. All of a sudden the burned man's claws burst from the demon's chest and he slowly broke out a larger hole and crawled out from the lifeless husk he's made. He slowly brushed off his clothes and adjusted his hat, a smug look on his face. He brought his right hand in front of him and flexed the joints in his glove.

"I'm back kiddies, but don't worry. That was just the appetizer, and Freddy's ready for the main course," he said, a picture forming in his mind, a face taken from the demon's memories, "and I know just where to go first..."

In a fit of laughter he slowly began to dissolve into nothingness, vanishing from the Nightosphere and the physical realm altogether.

Finn drifted through his mind, a dream slowly taking shape around him. First the grass, then a pathway, and finally the walls before the Candy Kingdom. He enters through the gates into the surrounding town, noticing that there are no Candy People around. He shrugs it off and heads off towards the castle, stopping every now and then as he hears a voices and children laughing. Every time he turned around he would catch a glimpse of someone in his peripheral vision but they were always gone when he tried to focus.

"Yo! Who's out there? I'm warning you, I can mess you UP!" he yelled out, hoping whoever was messing with him could hear.

With that he got closer to the Candy Gardens and hear a lot more voices. As he entered he saw that there was some kind of masquerade party going on as all of the candy people were wearing masks and talking amongst themselves. He smiled, figuring this was why the town was so empty, everyone was here living it up! He looked off to the side as a red and green striped candy cane with a busted up hat was pruning one of the hedge statues with a clawed glove. It was a figure of Princess Bubblegum when she was just... Thirteen. This tugged at Finn's emotions for a second but he just shook his head. That was over.

"That's kinda neat" he said aloud, about to turn away. Before he could take his eyes off of the figure the gardener made a large swipe with his glove and the head was taken off of the figurine, red syrup seeming to gout from the severed bush. Finn's face contorted with rage and his arms shot up.

"Hey man, what the stuff? You can't just Globbin' do that! I'm gonna-" he was suddenly cut off by a hand resting on his shoulder. Slowly he turned around and saw who had grabbed him. The rage left his face and the anger ebbed away, letting his arms go limp.

"Hello, little boy."

Alright, this is the first thing I've written in a very long time. It's rated T for now but will probably trade up to M for later chapters as I can't really not have Krueger be as vulgar as possible. Thanks for giving this a read and drop me a review. There will definatley be more chapters to this as I'm on an Adventure Time kick by day and an Elm Street kick by night. I'm having fun writing this and I hope you actually want more beyond this prologue. Tell me what you think!