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Chapter 1

She was almost ashamed at the deep need she was feeling for him. It should be a sin to want after a man so immensely.

She was burning up with a heat only one person could put out. She sighed deeply as she shifted her position in her bed. She looked at the clock and noticed it was only two thirty in the morning. She was hella tempted to call her best friend, her chocolate Adonis, the object of her lust and current sexual frustration. She picked up her phone and set it down again. Was she losing her mind? What would be her reason for calling? She could hardly tell him how greatly she ached for him, although considering the years of their saucy flirtation, teetering far too often towards the obscene, she nearly thought it could pass as just normal conversation between them.

She thought about calling again, thinking that maybe he was awake working on some angles for the case the team was currently away on, when she heard a familiar chime coming from her laptop and got up to retrieve it from the desk next to her window. Instead of bringing the laptop over to her bed, she sat down in her desk chair. Who could be skyping her at this hour? When she tilted the screen towards her to see would was video-calling her, her heart fluttered around in her chest. It was just the man she wanted to talk to. She absentmindedly ran her fingers through her hair before clicking the answer icon.

"Hey there, Hot Stuff; to what do I owe the pleasure?" she said in a sultry voice and her breath hitched as she took in the scrumptious sight of her shirtless eye candy smiling back at her through the screen.

"Hey Sweetness" Derek replied back with a greater sense of coolness than he actually felt as he gazed back at his tech goddess. Her hair was slightly tousled, as red, loose curls rippled over her soft shoulders. She was wearing a nearly sheer, sleeveless, deep purple nightgown that created the perfect frame for her ample cleavage and exceptionally held her 'girls' in place. The gown was cinched with a thick, satin band of ribbon the tied behind her back and allowed the rest of the material to flow quite beautifully towards her knees. She had scrubbed off her makeup from the day leaving a heavenly glow over her skin and slightly rosy cheeks. She was sitting at her desk from what he could tell. He felt himself become instantly hard as he looked her over and silently cursed himself for his lack of control.

"Like what you see?" Penelope couldn't help but ask as she watched a lick of lust enter his eyes as he continued to stare at her. She flushed slightly when she saw him change the way he was sitting. Was he turned on?

"You have no idea, woman..." he replied in all but a whisper. He finally seemed to snap out of his daze and he flashed that gorgeous smile she loved.

"I wasn't sure you'd be awake, goddess" sure he had silently prayed that she would be but she didn't need to know that.

"Oh, Mon Cher, for you I'm always available" she could actually feel her temperature rising higher than it was before they had started talking. He licked his lips and she could feel a wetness start to pool between her thighs.

He had to suppress a moan from escaping his lips. "You know what that French talk does to me, Baby Girl" He couldn't believe how turned on he was despite him being so far away. He knew it was getting harder and harder to hide his feelings and attraction to her in the office but didn't know what to do about it. He had been less than pleased when she began dating Kevin Lynch and was now extremely pissed that she was still with him after all this time. Couldn't she see how better he was for her than Lynch? How could she be so oblivious to the deep love he had for her. He sighed inwardly when a thought dawned on him. Where was Lynch? Shouldn't he be there with her? Derek knew that if it was him, he'd never miss an opportunity to be next to her.

He decided to just ask her, he couldn't come up with some clever way to otherwise inquire about it. "Where's your boyfriend, Baby Girl? I wouldn't want to get you into any trouble..."

Her face changed instantly and he wonders if he struck some nerve. "Hey baby, I didn't mean anything by it...I just..." his attempt to erase the previous question was cut off by her answer.

"Kevin broke up with me when I refused to marry him" she said a little too fast than she intended. She honestly hadn't thought about Kevin in three weeks and this sudden turn in the conversation brought a melancholy feeling in her heart. She wasn't sad about him breaking it off with her, what upset her the most was that she had wasted so much of his time being together. She knew her heart wasn't in the relationship for a long time and had an inkling that Kevin knew so as well. She was in love with someone else but stayed with Kevin because it was comfortable. Because she felt that he was the best she could get. She wasn't thinking like that anymore though. The break up seemed to liberate her self worth and unleash her inner sex kitten. She was going to start living without apology. She knew deep in her heart that she loved Derek but set those feelings aside because she highly doubted that they would ever be reciprocated. That didn't stop her from shamelessly flirting with him on the day to day basis like they had always done and he still played a starring role in her fantasies late at night when she needed that ache to be relieved.

"Oh, Penelope, I'm so sorry" Derek was actually a bit shocked by the confession. He knew it wasn't the best time but he felt a sliver of hope that maybe he had a shot of winning her heart now.

"It's okay, Lamb Chop. I'm not that broken up about it as I thought I would be, to be honest" she silently prayed that maybe he could figure out the reason why. Even though Derek was a profiler, and a damn good one at that, she knew he wasn't a mind reader.

She needed to change the subject. She wasn't up for deep conversation at this time of night.

"So why did you decide to chat me up, handsome?" Penelope couldn't remember the last time she had talked to Derek this late at night. Being the gentleman that he was, when she was dating Kevin, he has resolved to not calling her at inappropriate times of the night. She thought about the days when he used to call her late at night before Kevin. They had some fun times talking about everything under the sun and had several naughty conversations that were borderline phone sex if she was honest with herself. She blushed at those memories.

"Umm..." it was all Derek could get out. Why had he called her? It was mostly impulsive, he had been thinking about her while lying in bed. He imagined the warmth of her lips and the feel of her soft curves under his fingertips. He longed to run his hands through her hair and caress her legs. He realized he was drifting back into his fantasy instead of answering her.

Penelope raised an eyebrow at his lack of an explanation. What was going on? Derek Morgan was never at a lost for words and definitely not around her.

"I needed to hear your voice..." he finally said after what seemed like too long of a silence had taken place.

Now Penelope was really confused. Why was he acting nervous? "You know, Sweetie, you could've just called me..." why had he video-called her if he just wanted to talk to her?

"No, I needed to see you too...I...I was thinking about you and just needed to hear your sweet voice and see your gorgeous face" He groaned inside. Why had he told her that? She must think it's a bit weird. Thinking about her at this time of night almost always led to one conclusion and he didn't want her to jump to the conclusion that he just lusted after her. It was deeper than that. He loved her. He was in love with her. He wanted a future with her. Derek never thought about a future with anyone except Penelope Garcia. He needed it to come true. He knew that he would never be truly happy unless it happened. What was he supposed to do with all of these feelings? He believed that she would never see him in the same light as he sees her. His notorious past overshadowed the sincerity of his heart. There's no way she would ever see him as anything more than her best friend...right?

"Aww, sweetie..." she could hardly process his words. He had been thinking about her? Well she had been thinking about him too before he skype'd her. Was he thinking of her in the same way she had been thinking about him? No he couldn't have been. Why would he be fantasizing about her? She knew he had scores of women at his fingertips. She was just his best friend. She doubted he ever saw her as anything more. Yeah they were the BAU's unofficial romance and flirted like two hormone-raging, high school kids but he never really meant the things he said...right?

She was about to ask him why was he thinking about her of all people when she could hear a rapid knock through the screen.

Derek looked up towards the door at the sound of the knocking. "Hold on, Gorgeous, there's someone at the door." he distractedly set the laptop down so that the screen was pointed towards the door. He checked the peephole and sighed as he opened the door.

"Reid, what's up? It's kind of late, isn't it?" he turned to allow him to enter the room.

"Hotch just called. There's been another murder and he needs us back at the station immediately. The killer left a message this time" Reid says as he walks to the computer that Derek had left on the bed.

"Garcia! Hi! You're up late..." Reid's voice has a suspicious tone and although Penelope has no reason to be embarrassed she blushes slightly.

Before she can make up an unnecessary excuse as to why she and Derek are skyping so late at night, her phone rings. She can tell by the ringtone that it's Hotch probably to tell her they need her help with the case since there's been another murder.

"Hold that thought, kiddo" she says to Reid as she walks over to where her phone is. After a few moments on the phone with Hotch she returns to the laptop to see that Reid is gone and Derek is pulling on jeans.

"I'd like it better if you were taking them off, Sug" she says as he turns back towards the screen. He smiles and kneels so that he's level with the screen.

"Name the time and the place, Baby Girl, and I'll be happy to take off more than just my jeans for you" she laughs at his comment but can't ignore the way her body responds to it.

"As much as I would love to stare at that pretty face a little while longer, I gotta go in to the station" he says apologetically.

"Yeah, I know, Hotch just called me. I gotta go into the office to see if there's any common link between this poor new victim and the other ones" she couldn't help but feel like the moment had passed when he was going to say something important to her and cursed in her head about having such an unpredictable job.

She sighs and pouts a little. Derek can't help but laugh and finds it strange that he thinks even her pout is sexy.

"Call me when you make it to the BAU..." he pauses before adding "...And maybe we can agree on that time and place?"

The heat in his eyes is unmistakable and throws Penelope off balance. He was joking, right? Despite her better judgment she was starting to think that maybe he wasn't.

"Sure thing, Hot Stuff" she says before waving and clicking the end icon. After the screen goes black, she sits there for a few minutes willing her heartbeat to slow down. She then realized that she really needed to get dressed and head over to her office or her "Lair" as she liked to call it.

She dresses quickly and is driving towards Quantico before she allows her mind to go over her late night call with Derek. She wasn't completely sure why he had all of a sudden needed to see and talk to her but she wasn't complaining either. She didn't exactly know what was going on with him and she was determined to find out.