Chapter 3

"...Because I love you" her words knocked the air from his lungs.

Derek couldn't believe his ears. He slowly turned to face her fully and couldn't stop the smile starting to grace his face.

"What did you say, Baby Girl?" He needed her to say it again. He needed to see her form the words. He needed to make sure it wasn't something said in the heat of the moment. He needed her to mean it.

Penelope gazed into his gorgeous brown eyes and found the courage to repeat herself. It felt strange saying it out loud but she was aware that her heart had been saying it all along.

"I love you, Derek Morgan." She suddenly felt a thousand times lighter than she had before. She hadn't realized how much her suppressed feelings had been weighing her down.

He closed the gap between them and brought his hands up to cup the sides of her face. "And I love you, Penelope Garcia."

She felt as though she was in a dream. This couldn't be real, right? Derek Morgan, her best friend, confidante, protector, and private slice of chocolate heaven said that he loved her. She silently wondered how her feet were still on the ground because she felt lighter than air.

"Are y-you sure?" She needed to make sure she heard him correctly.

He chuckled and nodded an affirmative. "I've never been so sure of something in my entire life" He bent down and gently touched his lips to hers. The contact was feather light but sent chills down her spine. He pulled her completely into his arms and indulged in the sensation of the embrace. He felt her kiss his neck and then heard her whisper in his ear.

"I want you. Right here. Right now."

His body instantaneously stood to attention at her declaration of desire. He was incredibly turned on.

She pulled away from him and saw his eyes darken with lust. She gave him a wickedly devious smile.

"I seem to remember you telling me that you'd be willing to take off more than just your jeans for me..." She hooked her index finger in one of the belt loops of his jeans as she said this and yanked him closer to her. She was pleasantly surprised and couldn't stifle an airy giggle as he picked her up and started walking towards her room.

Derek noted that her laugh was one of the most beautiful things about her. He also noted that his list of beautiful things about Penelope Garcia was a long one.

"I believe you just named the place and time" he said while he brought her back down to her feet directly in front of her bed.

Penelope watched as Derek pulled off his shirt over his head and tossed it in a general direction to the left of him. She marveled at how his muscles rippled under his gorgeous caramel skin. She had the intense inclination to lick him all over.

She seductively tugged at the tie behind her neck until it fully loosened and let the dress she was wearing effortlessly fall to the floor; a pool of deep green around her feet.

Derek sucked in a breath as his eyes fluttered over the voluptuous body of his beautiful Baby Girl. She was standing in front of him in a dark, sapphire blue laced bra and matching thong. "You're so beautiful, baby" He watched her sit down on the bed and lie back on her elbows never breaking eye contact. The look she was giving him gave him goose bumps and made him rock hard. He unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and slid them off. "Oh!" She gasped as she took in how delicious he looked standing there in front of her in a pair of black boxer briefs. Her eyes lingered on the huge bulge between his legs and she felt her cheeks heat.

Derek laughed. "I always wondered if you blushed all over"

"Oh really?" she cooed.

"Mmm-hmmm" He couldn't fight the need to touch her anymore. He walked over to the bed and crawled over her until they were face to face. He dipped his head down and seized her mouth. He knew he would never get tired of how she tasted. He ran his hand along the soft curve of her waist and down her hip. He kissed down her chest and licked at her nipples through the yielding fabric of her bra. A low groan escaped her throat. "Derek, please..." he smiled into her skin as he kissed up her curvy belly. He kissed the top of each of her breast and undid the front enclosure of her bra.

A sexy moan left his lips as he stared down at her creamy, bare chest. He ghosted his hands over her fleshy mounds before taking one into his mouth while massaging the other one in his palm. He licked around her rose pink nipple and gently pulled at it with his teeth. He noticed how incredibly sensitive she was and it turned him on all the more. He eagerly showed her other breast the same attention and basked in the moans Penelope vocalized. Her hands ran up his back, across his shoulders, and down his strong arms. She loved the feeling of his body over hers, nestled between her hot thighs.

He left wet kisses on her stomach as he hooked his thumbs in the sides of her panties and pulled them down and off in one fluid motion. He licked the inside of each of her knees and procured another series of soft moans from his Baby Girl.

He then delved into the center of her heated desire and hungrily licked up the slickness of her sex. Penelope bucked at the contact and hissed in a breath as he slid a finger inside her. She met each thrust of his finger with her hips and moaned deeply as he slid a second finger in her. She was getting close to her peak and he quickened the pace. She nearly screamed at the explosion of ecstasy coursing throughout her body. White light popped behind her eyelids as she rode out the ripples of her orgasm and waited for her breathing to return back to normal. He had watched her as she came and vowed to always leave such a beautiful expression on her face.

Derek removed his fingers from her and licked them thoroughly. "You taste so sweet, baby"

He kissed back up her body until their lips met once again. She could taste herself on his tongue and quickly felt herself becoming wetter than before. She ran her fingers in the inside of the waistband of his briefs and pulled them down to just under his ass. She brought her feet up and pushed them down the rest of the way as she leaned up to capture his mouth again.

"Oh, you got skills?" he said with a chuckle

"You have no idea, Sweet cheeks" she replied in the sexiest voice he had ever heard from her. She took his length in her hands and he groaned at the sudden contact. Her touch almost sent him over the edge and he briefly closed his eyes and reveled in the feeling. He gathered what little control he had left and pushed her up a little further on the bed as he kneeled between her thighs.

They both moaned in unison as he slowly slid inside her. Penelope delighted in the feeling of him filling her entirely. She instinctively raised her hips to him as he began to move in and out of her. The angle allowed him to enter her deeper and she gasped in pleasure. She began to move her hips in lazy circles as he continued to steadily pump into her and the sensation nearly diminished the little bit of control Derek was holding on to.

Derek firmly grabbed her hips and quickened the pace. He felt her walls tighten around him. He was close and knew she was too. He licked his thumb and rubbed it against that sensitive button of nerves at the apex of her thighs and felt her body clench around him as she came hard and screamed his name. He thrust into her three more times and found his release as well.

He collapsed on top of her, panting and placing soft kisses on any inch of skin he could reach and Penelope wrapped her arms around him liking the feel of his weight on top of her.

He slowly removed himself from her breaking their union. She pulled the sheets down from underneath her and laid under them. He followed suit. He laid down on his back and pulled Penelope into his side and she laid her head on his chest.

"I love you, Pen. I think I always have." once the words left his lips he knew they were true.

She absentmindedly drew circles on his chest with her fingers. "I love you too, handsome. Always have. Always will"

He kissed her forehead as a wave of exhaustion hit them both and soon they were both sound asleep.