It was nothing but a blur, a smudge in Naruto's memory he could barely recall at all much less recount any details of. He had been at home; completely safe within the gates of Konoha; yet here he was now waking up with his arms bound in chains in a dark room that bore no familiarity to him. He knew he had heard something outside his apartment earlier, but it had been nothing but a mere brush of the leaves; he'd assumed it was wind! How could anyone get past the gates and escape the eyes of the villagers? How the hell had he not noticed someone breaking into his home?

He was sure it had been such an easy task too, he couldn't even remember being knocked out, whoever had done it had probably only had to hit him on the back of the head. Naruto could see nothing except darkness, so he assumed he had been blindfolded. He could hear perfectly well, however, and the constant dripping of water onto the stone floor was close to driving the teenager utterly insane.

Naruto had no idea how long he had been here, but he assumed it had been over a day because his mouth was dry and fuzzy and his body was sore; as though his arms had been bound by the chains for a long time. He was sitting upright thankfully, with a wall to his back and his arms pulled above his head. He didn't know who had abducted him or why, shouldn't they have killed him already if they wanted him dead? Or were they using him as ransom, or bait for someone else?

A cold thought suddenly poisoned his mind, and he shut it down instantly to prevent a bout of panic. No, the Akatsuki would have been noticed much sooner…Konoha's patrol wasn't that ignorant or incapable. Were they? Naruto pursed his dry lips together, horror becoming a thorn in his side as he tried to regulate his breathing. He was fine, he'd gotten out of worse situations than this; he could make it out of this very alive.


Naruto started at the sound of a door opening, his head jerking up despite not having any way to actually see. "Who's there?" Naruto's demand was bold and he hadn't exactly thought it through, but if he was going to be killed why would it matter? His question however, was met with a mere laugh, a male that was clearly amused.

"Still as brazen as ever, hm?" Naruto narrowed his eyes at the vague sense of recognition he felt, the voice sparked something inside of him that he couldn't quite place. He started to open his mouth and yell at the man for mocking him, but a hand grabbed his jaw in a painfully tight grip and he shut up pretty fast. "Ah-ah, I don't suggest smarting off, brat." The man hissed, sending a shiver down Naruto's back. It was all too familiar, the man's voice and touch both conjured a feeling of warning.

Naruto gasped when something warm and damp slid over his cheek- a tongue? The hand was pulled back from his face and Naruto leaned as far back against the wall as he could. It couldn't have been, surely fate wasn't this hateful. Naruto winced when the blindfold was torn off of him; he was thankful this room was dim, otherwise he may have been blinded. Naruto's gaze flicked up immediately; amused sapphire eyes met his in a teasing look.

So, Naruto's abductors were the Akatsuki. He was here to die.

"Oh, don't look so angry, hm." Deidara mockingly cooed, his hand tilted Naruto's chin up to get the now sixteen year old to look at him. "It's only a short time, then it's all over." Naruto shivered in horror at the words, the thought of his death grasped his heart in icy disbelief. What would happen to his friends, his village? "Here, the last thing I need is you dying on me, yeah." Deidara's voice broke through Naruto's thoughts as a canteen was held to the younger's lips. Naruto turned his head away stubbornly; if they were going to kill him he saw no reason in pretending there was a need for comfort.

Deidara narrowed his eyes in an annoyed look. "Drink. Now. Or you'll regret it." Deidara's hissed threat didn't convince Naruto to do as he was told. What did it matter, what's the worse the Deidara could do? Naruto glanced up at the missing nin when he heard Deidara sigh in frustration. "Fine, don't say I didn't warn you." Deidara muttered. Deidara took a swig of the water from the canteen and Naruto started to wonder what the hell the man was doing.

Naruto gasped in surprise when Deidara grabbed a fistful of the younger's hair and jerked his head up, forcing Naruto to tilt back slightly. Deidara pressed his lips to Naruto's mouth, forcing him to swallow the water. Naruto choked as he was released, glaring with odium at the now smirking Akatsuki member. "Deidara, there's no need to be so rough." A silky voice intoned from behind Deidara. Naruto's eyes flitted sideways to get a glimpse of the man walking towards them, his footsteps were quiet but sure.

Every nerve in Naruto's body froze when he looked into eerily familiar crimson eyes, his own blue eyes widening in horror. Itachi smirked as he watched Naruto's expression, coming to a stop in front of the bound shinobi. "It's only been a year, though you've filled out well. Tell me, do you remember the night we had?" Itachi's voice was lowly alluring, causing Naruto to swallow nervously. He flicked his gaze between Deidara and Itachi, trying to coerce words to leave his mouth, but he failed to. Deidara chuckled, obviously amused with Naruto's apparent nervous lack of words.

"Cat got your tongue, hm?" Deidara teased, kneeling in front of Naruto. Naruto tried to pull away, but he was already pressed against the wall and he didn't see any other escape route; whatever they wanted, they were going to take.

"Shut up," Naruto hissed in anger. Deidara raised a brow, his smirk darkening somewhat. Naruto watched with suspicion as Deidara straightened up and reached for the chains; there was a sudden release of pressure on Naruto's shoulders and the teenager sighed audibly in relief, but it was short-lived. Deidara kept Naruto's wrists bound behind him, leaving the younger completely defenseless.

"Still got some fire, yeah? All the more exciting." Deidara murmured, shoving Naruto forward and onto his stomach. The jinchūriki tried to push himself up, but he was kicked over onto his back before he got the chance. Naruto glared with odium up at Deidara as the elder knelt down, brandishing a kunai in his hand. Naruto made an attempt to pull away, but Deidara proved to be a bit stronger than Naruto had originally thought. Naruto slammed his eyes shut when Deidara slid the knife down, expecting to feel a sharp pain within seconds.

The dull sound of tearing fabric -and the absence of pain- prompted Naruto to open his eyes. Deidara smirked in sadistic excitement at obviously frightening Naruto. As Deidara finished cutting off Naruto's shirt he tossed the weapon aside. "Your body has grown up perfectly, hm." Deidara purred, his fingers slowly running down Naruto's bare chest and torso. Naruto shivered, goose-bumps rose on his skin at the light sensation. He squirmed in a vain attempt to escape Deidara's wandering fingers. Naruto heard a low chuckle and he flinched upon feeling Itachi pulling him up; Itachi sat the blonde in his lap.

Deidara slid his hands up Naruto's waist and torso, the tongues in the mouths on his palms slowly licking up the exposed skin. Naruto grit his teeth together, determined to remain quiet despite the warm feeling. Deidara's smirk deepened as his hands reached Naruto's nipples; a sharp gasp escaped Naruto when the hand-mouths slid their tongues over Naruto's hardening nipples. Naruto arched his back at the tingles of pleasure that sparked from the action as the tongues circled his nipples, teeth nipping at them lightly, causing Naruto to whine shortly.

"Still so sensitive, hm?" Deidara spoke in a teasing tone as he leaned forward and captured Naruto's lips in a harsh kiss. Naruto groaned when Deidara forced his tongue into the younger male's mouth, the hot muscle rubbed over Naruto's own as it explored the hot cavern. Itachi's hips ground slowly into Naruto's, eliciting a suppressed gasp from Naruto, who was trying not to tense under the ministrations. His mind was buzzing with building lust as pleasure arced down his back, but nonetheless he knew this was wrong.

You've never made a habit of being right before.

Naruto's mouth fell open when Deidara slid one of his hands down between Naruto's legs. "Ah!" Naruto moaned sharply as Deidara's palm rubbed against his cock, causing it to begin to harden. Deidara snickered lowly, leaning closer to the younger teenager.

"Get nice and hard for me." Deidara murmured, nipping Naruto's jawline and bruising the skin. Itachi's fingers slid into the waistband of Naruto's pants and began pulling the article of clothing down, bringing Naruto's underwear with it. Naruto lifted his hips to make the task easier, earning a smirk from Itachi, who began moving his lips down Naruto's neck. Naruto blushed as he felt the last of his clothes being dropped to the ground. Naruto's length throbbed in Deidara's hand, fully erect and aching as the missing nin stroked it at a much too slow pace.

"Impatient are we, Naruto-kun?" Itachi spoke lowly into Naruto's ear as he felt the younger's hips bucking forward. Deidara smirked against Naruto's neck, his teeth nipping the skin sharply, eager to mark the fox.

"He always is, yeah." Deidara mocked as he stood up and tossed his cloak to the ground before sliding the dark pants he was wearing off. Deidara pulled Naruto off of Itachi's lap and put the jinchūriki on his knees before moving behind the bound teenager. Naruto winced as his back was pulled flush against Deidara's chest, the older man's muscles rippled with strength and Naruto wasn't sure if the feeling should have disgusted or excited him; nonetheless, he felt the latter.

Deidara growled when Naruto's hips thrust back, grinding against Deidara's hardening length. "Careful fox, you won't like me very much if I lose my patience." Deidara warned, his nails digging deeply into Naruto's hips. Naruto's mouth opened in a quiet moan when he felt Deidara's teeth sink into his neck, slightly above his collarbone. His body was trying to decipher the difference between the pleasure that was sending his blood south and the pain that made him arch his back, but he couldn't say that he disliked either sensation as they both conjured a high adrenaline rush and a burst of lustful excitement.

"So you can handle a bit of pain, hm?" Deidara hissed into Naruto's ear. The younger blonde tilted his head away from the derisive words, biting his lip between his teeth when Deidara's warm hands slid down his bare torso, fingertips gliding over Naruto's hips languidly.

"You should know." Naruto spoke through grit teeth once Deidara's fingers slid down the length of Naruto's hard cock, eliciting a sharp gasp. Deidara chuckled in dark amusement, his tongue sliding up Naruto's neck and over the bite-mark he had left earlier. Naruto's blue eyes were a bit glazed with pleasure when felt a hand tangle in his hair and push back slowly, convincing Naruto to tilt his head up. Naruto swallowed thickly as Itachi's dark eyes watched him with suppressed lust, the elder man's cock was right in front of Naruto's mouth.

Naruto was hesitant in opening his mouth, but the grip in his hair tightened and reminded him he didn't have much of a choice. Naruto's lips parted slowly and his tongue flicked out to slide over the head of Itachi's erection, the taste was bitter and stayed in his mouth, but Naruto didn't find it disgusting. Itachi moaned in approval when Naruto moved his head and slid the tip of Itachi's cock into his mouth, his tongue slid along the underside in an effort to find a place to stay.

Naruto felt Deidara's hands sliding down his back, but he tried to keep his focus on Itachi, shivering at the low growl Itachi emitted when Naruto swallowed around the length in his mouth, slowly bobbing his head to take more into his mouth. He winced as he tried to relax his throat, it was uncomfortable to feel Itachi thrust down his throat but Naruto found it was easier to relax his muscles; his throat was still going to be sore later, he was sure.

Deidara pressed two digits at Naruto's hole. Naruto flinched when he felt pressure at his entrance, squirming slightly in protest that wasn't heeded by Deidara, who forced his two fingers in much too quickly. Naruto's back arched at the burning sensation, his eyes slamming shut. Itachi ran his fingers through Naruto's hair in encouragement, drawing Naruto's attention to him rather than the pain as Deidara roughly scissored his fingers to stretch the tight muscles. "Still so tight, have you not been fucking anyone else, hm?" Deidara muttered against Naruto's neck before nipping the skin.

Naruto winced when Deidara jerked his fingers from Naruto's body, causing his hips to buck slightly. Naruto felt Itachi's member throb in his mouth and he gave a rough suck, earning a quiet moan from the Uchiha. Deidara slowly stroked his own member, the tongues on his hand-mouths slicking it with saliva, he groaned softly as he placed his cock at Naruto's entrance, circling the tense hole with the tip.

Naruto clenched his hands, his eyes closed as he felt Deidara push in a bit. Deidara hissed at the tight heat that enveloped the head of his erection, pulling his hips back slightly before he slammed them forward, burying his cock inside of Naruto's body. Naruto screamed, though it was muffled by the cock in his mouth. Tears pricked at the younger blonde's eyes, as pain pulsed through him, his muscles clenching and unclenching around Deidara's erection. Deidara groaned as he dug his nails into Naruto's hips, biting the younger male's shoulder as he tried not to pound into him relentlessly. Naruto's body shook slightly with the effort to relax, slowly starting to adjust to the intrusion. As soon as Deidara felt the muscles clamped down around him relax a bit, he pulled back slightly. Naruto's back arched as Deidara thrust back in, moaning around Itachi's cock. Itachi hissed at the pleasurable vibration, his grip tightening on Naruto's hair as his orgasm approached.

Naruto swallowed thickly around Itachi's member as he tried not to whimper at Deidara's rough thrusts; the bomber wasn't overly concerned with Naruto's comfort at the moment, his hips pistoned forward to reach deeply into Naruto's body. Naruto winced, feeling Itachi grip his hair suddenly. Itachi's body went rigid when his climax hit him, thrusting entirely into Naruto's mouth.

Naruto was surprised when hot liquid shot down his throat, forcing him to swallow. Itachi slowly pulled away, Naruto coughed and licked his lips to clean them of what was left of Itachi's release. He panted fervently, his head tilted back against Deidara's shoulder as the elder male slammed his hips forward. Deidara smirked, withdrawing from Naruto. Naruto blinked at the sudden loss, confused for a moment before he was suddenly flipped around and shoved onto his back.

Deidara's eyes were dark with lust as he grabbed Naruto's right leg and lifted it up, placing it on his shoulder. Naruto's back arched sharply when Deidara thrust back into his body, crying out when a harsh burst of pleasure sent electricity up his back. The position let Deidara reach deeper into Naruto, allowing him to strike the younger's prostate. Deidara's other hand held Naruto's hip, keeping the younger blonde still as he thrust into him.

Naruto tried to stifle his noise by biting his lip, but that idea didn't work very well as his moans still escaped him. Deidara smirked as he watched Naruto's flushed, pleasured expression while thrusting faster into Naruto's body. Deidara growled shortly when Naruto's muscles started to tighten around him. "Come for me, little slut." Deidara's voice was heavy with lust as he made the order.

Naruto opened his mouth with a loud cry of ecstasy, spurts of white bursting from his cock and landing on his chest. Deidara's grip bruised Naruto's skin as he slammed himself forward again, climaxing inside of Naruto. Naruto shivered as the hot liquid filled him, squirming slightly at the feeling.

Deidara removed himself slowly, smirking as Naruto's eyes blinked closed. He leaned forward, Naruto felt Deidara's lips press onto his, teeth nipped at his lower lip slightly before the older man pulled back. Naruto tried to open his eyes again, but his body and mind were both exhausted and he found himself slipping into unconsciousness. Deidara glanced at Itachi once, who watched Naruto for a moment before he gave a short nod. A smile graced Deidara's lips as he stood, beginning to clean both himself and Naruto off.

Naruto's eyes flew open upon entering consciousness, the sunlight burning his eyelids. His gaze flicked frantically about, slowly coming to the realization that…he was in his own room. Alive, as if he'd never been kidnapped, never been…

Naruto bolted up and got out of the bed, stumbling into his bathroom. He winced as he felt a familiar ache in his lower back, a sense of déjà vu overcoming him as he looked into the mirror. His neck was littered with bite marks. Naruto slowly slid his fingers over the hickeys, a smile adorning his lips as he did.

Curiosity killed the cat; satisfaction brought him back.


Hey there, it's been a while. I'm without my own laptop so I can't write anything except short little things, and I was rereading this story and checked through the reviews and several of you wanted a sequel…I don't know why, but I was in a mood and thought why not?

I'm not going to be writing anything more after this, though. This story really doesn't have much, if any, depth to it. Nonetheless, I hope this was enjoyable and satisfied some of you.