Chapter I

After four years of watching through the eyes of his son and his mate. He had developed a strong yearning for a life of his own.

Griffin was flying along side his mate when they arrived at Stone Hold, all the females were asked to leave their mates temporally and to join together in the medical roost to have their final pregnancy tests, since this was the last night they would see the males until fall.

The old and young females gathered in the medical roost where the four elders had ordered the females to line up in four rows, each elder checked a row. Griffin couldn't see nor could he hear anything that had been happening inside the medical roost due to the noise of the other males clustered around the entrance.

Shade forced his whole being into Marina, who was one of the elders checking the females. He watched as she preformed her tests and when she looked down the row he realized that Luna was in her line. So he watched from Marinas' body intent on finding out if Luna was pregnant with his sons child.

When she came to Luna she smiled, "How are you feeling, Luna?"

Lune smiled and looked up at her mother in law, "I'm doing okay. I wish I could stay with Griffin."

Marina giggled, "Don't we all wish we could stay with our mates in times like this?"

Briefly she looked in Lunas' mouth then over her wings to make sure she was healthy enough to fly back to Tree Haven. After that Marina place an ear against her chest hearing her heart beat, which was faster then normal simply because of her excitement. Lastly Marina placed her muzzle against her underbelly, which was a dark gray color and the fur around her belly had begun to grow thicker, Marina listened with her eyes closed softly singing a song. she opened her eyes, moving up she looked into Lunas' eyes with a soothing almost sleepy look.

"You're pregnant!" Marina wrapped her daughter up and squeezed, "I'm so proud of you and Griffin!"

Lunas' eyes lit up like a forest fire, "Really!? I never thought this day would come!"

"Well I'm glad it has come." she smiled and moved on to the next bat in line.

Several of the males in the front turned and looked directly at Griffin and where muttering things to each other but Griffin couldn't hear what they were saying but he heard one word ring out, "Lucky."

Griffin simply looked away.

Luna pushed off her roost, dropped towards the floor, and unfurled her wings then bolted through the medical roost entrance. She started making large circles around the main roost looking for Griffin, she didn't care how many looks she was getting from the other males in the room, they all just stared.

Griffin dropped from his roost to meet her as she flew around below but he didn't expect her to run into him. She wrapped her wings around him dropping her weight onto his shoulders and upper body throwing him off balance causing them both to go flipping through the air, falling towards the cavern floor.

Before they could hit the cavern floor she let go of him and gripped his fur in her claws in an attempt to slow his fall. Obviously it didn't work, he landed flat on his back breathless, With a quick glance up at the crowd of bats he knew they were laughing at him.

Looking around for Luna who happened to be flying above him, laughing he got up and took off. He felt a small spark of hatred for the gathering bats and for Luna for running head first into him, but his hatred quickly dissipated. When he reached her she immediately shouted into his ear "I'm pregnant!," making him jerk his head back, snapping his ears and eyes shut.

When her words registered he opened his eyes and hugged her midair. They did a flip while falling then he released her and they flew to an open spot on the ceiling to roost.

"That's wonderful news! I'm so happy were going to have a child!" he exclaimed as the males surrounded them, watching them as they embraced each other in joy, nuzzling each other, Griffin hadn't realized the males had closed a circle around them but he didn't care.

Griffin soon realized that the words that he couldn't hear before were swirling around him like a tornado, but the main phrases were things like "He's so lucky to be the only son of Shade Silverwing" and "he's got the most popular female as his mate, what a lucky bat..." or "he's lucky to be a high bride of Brightwing and Silverwing" and even "having a child with Luna you're the luckiest bat alive!"

Griffin had never realized how lucky or popular he had become over the years, but it felt as if he became populer in a bad way, he had lived though the underworlds treacherous wasteland without food or water and hardly any sleep or air. He even brought his mate back to life and now he was going to be having a child with the only bat he could ever love, besides his parents.

Then Griffin was grief-stricken at the thought of losing his father, which caused him to start whimpering, he quickly barrier his face into Luna's shoulder to cover it up.

"I've always been with you, Griffin" Griffin jerked his head straight up tencing his hole body and shifting his ears from side to side at the sound of his fathers voice, only to find the faces of his colony looking at him which caused him to blush harder.

Griffin whipped his head towards the entrence of the medical room as his mother came out with the other elders, he smiled, then the rest of the females fallowed searching for there mates, some looked displeased almost angry while others looked round with a blazing happiness in there eyes.

Shade pulled what was left of him from Griffin once more, putting his hole spirit into his mate Marina ones more, leaving a small part of himself inside Griffin for good luck, he wanted to go with the females this time to see Luna have his sons child.

Shade was so proud of Marina, she hadn't chosen another mate sense his death. Her loyalty towards him and her senses of trust, honesty, and devotion to the colony who adopted her made her the youngest elder of the Silverwing colony. Even though Marina was a Brightwing she was chosen by the colony to be an elder. However she isn't allowed to lead the colony or suggest directions during migration since she doesn't have the colonies sound maps or pictures, but she had made her own song showing the way to and from Hibernaculum.

At the next dusk the males and females said their goodbyes for the summer and the females had started for Tree Haven. After two days and two nights of flying they reached Tree Haven safely and they began to clean out the spider webs and the bugs that had come to live inside the large hollowed out oak tree.

Griffin sulked about for the next few days in constant worry. Did Luna make it to Tree Haven? Did they get hit by a storm! What if she got separated from the others! He wanted to go with the first messengers group but the elders had already decided who's to go and he wasn't one of them.

Chinook landed beside Griffin startling him from his silent landing "don't worry, everyone does with their first child, and don't get to jumpy over your first, I have three of them and they're a lot more trouble then you would think." Chinook said smiling at him.

Griffin looked at Chinook as he was still the muscle-bound moron that he had always known but he had never really thought of Chinook as a Father but more of a brother, even though he's not even part of his family, Chinook was adopted by his grandmother after both his parents where killed by humans in the jungle.

Griffin simply looked over into Chinooks eyes which where gleaming orbs in the moons light, then

Griffin saw the big grin that had grown on Chinooks face "wait you only have two children!" he said shifting his wings.

Chinook's grin grew bigger "not anymore, I have a third on its way, plus my oldest is having his first child as well" he paused "I'm going to be a grandfather!" then his eyes where clouded over by tears "and so is my brother." he finally said as tears matted his eyes, Griffin knew he was thinking of Shade.