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This story is currently bring re written, please read the story back drop as Fate will no longer be in this story. Harry will have one horrid subconscious inner self instead.

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Chapter One: Future History

Malfoy Manor, 31st July 1996

Around midnight Severus Snape woke with a jolt. He was breathing far too hard for a normal nightmare. It was not the first time he had done so in the dead of night, nor was the reason for his waking new; it was the night his son was born and taken away from him so many years ago. He slowly came to his senses, his chest starting to rise and fall a bit slower as a hand made his way on to his torso.

"Severus?" The soothing allure of his lovers voice whispered, Lucius Malfoy bringing his partner close. He reached out a hand to brush the hair from Severus face.

"It's that time of year again, Lucius." Severus spoke darkly, his throat tightening at the thought of his long lost son. He turned around in the bed and wrapped an arm around his lover for comfort that he seemed when it came to their child. Lucius let out a sigh and buried his face in Severus's neck, running his hand through the potions master's dark locks.

"I know, I also have nightmares about it too don't forget my love. It's always going to be like this unfortunately. No doubt about it anymore seeing as we both know that the Dark Lord gave up the search years ago." Lucius admitted quietly, his heart aching at the thought. He shook his head and Severus sighed loudly again.

"It's been fifteen years. It could have been so different, yet it's gotten so much worse." Severus said quietly as he closed his eyes, picturing holding his son in his arms with Lucius holding him around his narrow waist, both looking down at their child in this very same room when the sun was rising with hope of another beautiful day with their bundle of joy, of their happiness.

"I hope my father went to hell." Lucius muttered as his free hand tightened into a fist. Severus snapped out of one of his precious memories, undoing his lovers fist and instead brought the hand to his mouth, kissing each knuckle.

"Hmm, I hope he did too. I just wish that I could have had the pleasure of killing Abraxas. It's just the irony of it that gets to me Lucius how he did it with your sister, then a couple of years later he did the same to us and stole our child, then died a couple of days later in the hands of the Dark Lord."

"I don't think you hated him Severus, you loathed him. He of course knew of our relationship before he forced me to marry Narcissa, not to mention the fact that she was in love with another man and we know they still long for each other. I just wish I knew what he said to Druella and Cygnus Black that caused them to actually put forward that marriage contract," Lucius paused, his grey eyes locking onto the dark pools of his lovers eyes.

"I still feel like I have cheated on you though, but unfortunately life isn't all daisies and fucking sunshine." His face turned guilty and he couldn't look up at his lover anymore. Severus lifted his hand and put a finger under Lucius's chin, tilting the blonde's chin up.

"Look at me. It couldn't be helped. You had to consummate the contract and you only had sex with her twice, Lucius. Narcissa is a very close friend and she was willing. She knew of our relationship beforehand and understood that it had to be done. You also gave her the child that she always wanted. Stop thinking that you committed adultery with her. I agreed to it, I may not have been happy with it, but you two were forced. The result for both of you could have been death if you didn't agree to the contract." Severus said as he placed his lips on to his partners, who gladly returned the kiss.

"Do you think he's alive and even knows about us?" Lucius said as his lips hovered over Severus's.

"That is an answer I do not know. Your blasted father used the Rosier family magic on our son, and that is why we have failed to find him. Your mother never should have taught him their family magic." The blonde shook his head in disgust while Severus sneered. It went quiet between them, both thinking about their son, what it would have been like watching him grow up.

"I think it's time to tell Draco, Severus. He needs to know about certain things, he asked me once why I slept in a different room from his mother. I just told him to mind his own business and that he was too young to know that life isn't what it seems." Lucius said sadly, always hating that he has lied to his son about his he was brought into the world by a marriage contract and that he had a sibling.

"Yes, the time has come. He is of course now old enough to understand. Tell him he has a brother out there somewhere. Narcissa should be with us when Draco is told. Tell him every little detail," Severus suggested and Lucius nodded. "I promise you Lucius that we will see Xeryus again. I will never give up on him." He whispered to his lover. Lucius tightened his hold on Severus.

"I hope so Severus, I hope so." Lucius muttered as he looked at Severus, who also let a tear slip. The dream will never die that one day Xeryus will be in their arms again, in their life.

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