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Chapter Two: About a Freak




Harry James Potter had been a nice boy. He could remember those days, those sweet and innocent days when Dumbledore tried to sugar coat everything, keep him in the complete dark. He had been naive of course, and people should have warned him how quickly everything could go so wrong, and how quickly everything you had ever loved could be taken from you. Perhaps, but only perhaps, if someone had warned him he would have been better prepared. If someone had warned him that there was a chance they might have saved everyone else this suffering he has been with for a long time. That was only a perhaps, one that was so vague, distance, and unlikely that it was hardly worth dwelling upon anymore.

Harry rubbed his eyes as he got into bed, trying to clear his mind from everything even dreams, oh how Harry dreaded sleep now. His dreams just kept getting repetitive. Always the same one, or from a different point of view of that night in the grave yard. How Cedric died by Voldemort, how he battled with him. Then Cedric telling him to take his body back to his father and his parents telling him to be strong.

Why didn't he take the bloody cup by himself? Cedric wouldn't have died, maybe he would have.

It could have been the best for him if he did, the boy who has nothing to live for.

Harry fell quickly and deeply into a darkness that was frightening to feel, the darkness was following him. He was suddenly trying to run away from the badness that followed him, but his feet kept ending near the blood red river that he kept dreaming of. He looked down at his feet, which were now at the edge of the red water. His eyes watched as the water wrapped around him like a blanket, his feet stuck in the sand Like devils snare.

The blood red water swirled, revealing memories of his darkest moments. It always started with Cedric, but Harry fought off fresh waves of nausea as he watched Sirius duck Bellatrix's jet of red beaming light. Sirius was just laughing, taunting her to keep throwing spells at him.

"Please no," Harry muttered to the water.

"Come on Bella, you can do better than that!" Harry watched as his Godfather yelled at his cousin, his voice echoing around him. The water around him turned bright green, the second jet of light Bellatrix sent hit Sirius squarely in the chest. Harry's face lit up in pain as his eyes re-watched the horror before him, noticing yet again that the laughter had not quite died from Sirius's face.

The vision disappeared as the water took the memory away. Harry turned, suddenly hearing the rush of water. His tired eyes looked upon a forming water fall, a black figure standing at the top. The figure sank, the water fall dragging him down. The water came around him again, the figure floating on his back as it resurfaced.

Harry slapped his hand over his mouth as the body of his godfather floated past him. Hiseyes lingered on the look of mingled fear and surprise on his godfather's wasted, haunted face.

A blast cane from behind him, the feeling of being sucked into a memory happening again like the last Occlumency lesson he had with Snape. The hooded body of Voldemort met him, blasting a door open. Harry looked around confused, he was glad that he wasn't at the damned blood river that has been haunting him for months, but what memory was this?

His eyes landed on a messy hair man laying dead on the corridor he was in.

"Dad..." Harry shouted, but he was dragged into another room. His room.

"Give me the boy mudblood!" Voldemort hissed at the red haired woman holding a baby boy in her arms. Harry watched as his mum held on to him tightly, facing the window from the blast protecting him.

The memory speeded up, Harry's eyes watching the flash of green light hitting her, his baby self crying from the crib. As she started to collapse to the floor the curse rebounded and Voldemort's own curse hit him in the chest. Harry was suddenly sucked out of the memory like someone was dragging him back. He was falling into blackness again.


Your not who you think you are.

Your life has been a lie.

Its always you, isn't it?

The truth will unfold.

You may not like what you see or learn,

but life isn't fair is it...

Harry looked around, seeing someone above him also falling repeating the same lines over and over until the blackness went over him like a wave.

Wake up Harry.

The voice woke him up and he gasped for air, his heart was beating like a fast drum wanting to escape his chest. "What in Merlin's just happened?" Harry asked him self, the voice still going through his head with what was said, telling him to wake up like the person, what ever it was... Was in the room With him.

"That's what I would like to know Harry." A voice said from the end of his bed. Harry jumped, eyes suddenly meeting the yellow flecked brown eyes of Remus Lupin, who was sat at the end of his bed looking extremely worried.

"Sorry, bad dream."

"That's one sixteen hours long bad dream cub." Remus said in a worried tone, moving to sit next to Harry. His fingers brushed Harry forehead to move the sweaty black shoulder length hair and summoned a cold flannel and placed it above Harry's inflamed scar.

"I've been out for that long? I feel like I've only slept for an hour." Harry muttered, running a hand though his hair.

"Madame Pomfrey said that you have been that deprived of sleep that your body went into what we call a deep zone magical sleep. You worried me when I tried to wake you seven hours ago, it's nearly six now. Was it a vision?" Remus looked into his cubs eyes, they looked older and cold. His werewolf senses knew something was off, he searched them and he felt his heart speed up.

Remus could see that the glamour was fading, Harry's left eye was a slight shade darker than his right. Remus gulped, his Adam's apple bobbing up and down.

"It wasn't a vision." Harry mumbled, closing his eyes at the coolness of the cloth on his head. Remus sighed with a relief that it wasn't a vision, but he had to search Harry's face quickly before the boy noticed that he was staring hard, noticing that his hair has grown in the past month, but he thought it was just Harry growing it out. Now he realised that it was a lot more tamer and that was just how Snape's was.

All this had to mean was that Harry had of course inherited his grandfathers gift of the known condition that muggles call Hyperthymesia. Remus remembered that Malfoy's father said he could possess an extremely detailed autobiographical memory and remember an abnormally vast number of their life experiences, included birth and displaying an extraordinary ability to recall specific events from one's past and anything hidden would show in time. Abraxas had warned him, Lily, James, Dumbledore and Surius that this could happen and that's it's also linked with Occlumency and Legilimency.

"Are you alright Remus?" Harry asked, wondering what the man was thinking of. Remus snapped out if his thoughts, smiling slightly. "Sorry cub, I'm day dreaming a lot lately. Must be my age." Remus laughed, stretching his legs out and hearing the crack of his left knee as he stood.

Remus couldn't say a word to Harry, he was under the Unbreakable Vow. He could only tell him everything when Harry remembers everything that he needs to know. He and Dumbledore are the only ones alive now that know of Harry's true self. That he is not a Potter, but a Snape.

He was going to have to report this.

"Do you think your up to coming down to the library? I'll order Chinese food and pick it up?" Remus asked, Harry's eyes lighting up and the thought of a beef curry and egg fried rice. He nodded and put on his glasses removing the cloth on his head and quickly got up, also picking up his book.

"Come on then cub, let's have a relaxing night before you get your results tomorrow."

"Ugh, results. Can't believe it's the 2nd August already." Harry followed Remus out of his room slowly, walking down to the next level to the library. He plopped himself on the sofa in front if the huge fire place. Him and Remus were redecorating Grimmauld Place, seeing as Sirius had left him nearly everything from what was said in his will that the ministry didn't know about, but Sirius had it done secretly after his escape from Azkaban.

"I remember just looking at my unopened results letter for hours, I was nervous for sure," Remus chuckled going behind the sofa and squeezing Harry's shoulder. "I just remembered that I need to speak to Professor Dumbledore and get my potion, I will only be about an hour and after that Chinese food, I bet you that you want the same?"

"Hell yeah!" Harry's stomach answered to Remus's question as well making both laugh.

The werewolf went to the open door, turning slightly on the spot. "Remember, if anything happens floo to Hogwarts cub." Harry nodded and watched the man leave, he wondered why the man needed to speak to Dumbledore for? He turned his head and picked up his advanced Potions book, suddenly remember the voice before waking up.


Your not who you think you are.

Your life has been a lie.

Its always you, isn't it?

The truth will unfold.

You may not like what you see or learn,

but life isn't fair is it...

"What did all mean? How has my life been a lie?" Harry asked himself as he opened his book. "It was just a dream Harry." He told himself in reassurance that it was nothing. One thing for sure is that Harry wasn't telling Dumbledore about this dream. He couldn't trust the old man anymore, not after this year.

There was only Hermione, Ron and Luna who he has been writing too a lot since that fatal night at the Ministry of Magic. He wish he could say Remus, but the werewolf has been shady with him in the past.

Hopefully he can start to trust Remus.

Harry sighed, looking at the ingredients list for the wolfsbane potion. He needed to go for a potions ingredients spree and check in with Gringotts about certain Potter estates and volts since his independence, declaring the abuse from his past when Remus checked in on him a week after Hogwarts had finished for summer. He was meant to check in by letter to Remus everyday because the man had taken on the role of Godfather, thinking that he owed it to Sirius to help him.

He shivered at the memory at how Remus found him, belt marks on his back in that tiny bedroom.

The Dursley's are currently serving time behind the bars of a mental asylum, scared shitless of werewolf's and think that witches and wizards are 'real'. Dudley though is in a boarding school for bad boys, the excuse that they used when he went to Hogwarts. Remus frightened them along with himself.

'Accidental' magic is wicked.

He and Remus have been living at number twelve for over a month now and Harry was taking small steps to getting better.

Harry hoped that the nightmares would their course so he could final have a decent nights rest. Something wasn't right with them and he knew it too, everything had to happen to him in one form or another.

He was a bloody freak underneath.

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