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Chapter Three: On His Own For Knowing

Albus Dumbledore sat in his office watching life outside of his office window, a cool breeze sweeping through the room. He middle finger stroked Fawkes, the bird who just two hours ago burst into flames and came out of the ashes anew bird. The bell above his fire place rang, indicating that someone was coming through his floo connection very soon.

He watched his fire roar to life in green flames as his new, but not so new Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor was spat out, the man coughing and wiping his robes down. "I can see that you still hate my floo connection Remus, you will have to get used to it again my young friend." Dumbledore chuckled, popping a lemon drop in his mouth.

Remus coughed, rolling his head as he heard the satisfied crack of his stiff neck. "Remind me to walk to your office instead of using the floo connection when term starts." Remus shook his head in amusement, sitting down in front of the headmasters desk.

Albus took in the sight of the young man who looked worried and a bit scared. "How are you and Harry doing?" He asked as he summoned two cups of hot tea, giving one to Remus who gladly took it.

"That's why I'm here Albus," Remus stiffened at the things he needed to tell the headmaster, his face going to a serious place of confrontation on what was happening to Harry. Albus didn't make an Unbreakable vow like he did to Abraxas Malfoy, they did another spell that Remus didn't have a clue what it was meant to do. All that Malfoy said was if the time comes, use a certain sentence to make Albus Dumbledore remember everything that happened.

"His eyes are starting to turn different Albus." Remus said loudly his own eyes turning wide as his magic pulsed in his hands, searching Dumbledore's eyes for a sign of anything changing.

"What do you mean that his eyes are turning different Remus. Did you see them flash red again my boy?" Dumbledore asked in a confused, but worried tone. He hoped Harry wasn't going to have another possession from Tom.

"He's changing Headmaster!" Remus spluttered out, realising that nothing had happened and the reversing spell did not work, putting his cup of tea down on the desk in front of him.

"Of course Harry is changing, but all we can do is help him through the difficulties that has happened and will happen in the future." Dumbledore said sadly, taking a mouthful of his calming tea.

Remus felt the wolf in his mind growl at the old man in front of him to remember. Remus knew that Malfoy Senior before he died did not trust Dumbledore, but Lily and James persisted that he needed to know that the son of Severus Snape and Lucius Malfoy was taking the place of their dead son Harry, who died the day before his first birthday from dragon pox.

His little body shut down and couldn't fight it off. Healer Abraxas Malfoy was in charge of looking after Harry at St Mungo's, he was one hell of a healer even though he was a death eater who turned for the better before Voldemort's down fall, but in the end Harry's magic was weak and it also couldn't fight it off.

That's how it started before Abraxas came up the devious plan of taking his helpless grandson away from the darkness that was set out to be his future.

"Are you alright Remus?"

"I'm fine, just feeling the strain for tomorrow nights full moon." Remus lied, feeling sick to the stomach that Dumbledore couldn't remember and that he was the only one to know about Harry's true identity.

Dumbledore gave the werewolf another curious look and opened a draw in his desk, taking out a potion and passed the warm potions bottle across his desk.

"Severus and Lucius will arrive at Grimmauld Place to relieve you at midday tomorrow Remus." He stood up feeling more sick at the mention of their names. He sighed, nodding to Dumbledore while pocketing his potion. He didn't like the idea of Snape and Malfoy being in the same building as Harry, but there was no one else currently available to keep an eye on him.

They better not notice anything about Harry or shit was going down.

"I bid you a good night Headmaster." Remus said as he turned towards the floo, taking some floo powder out of the lime green pot on the mantel place.

How in hell was he going to fix this now? He was on his own for knowing the truth now.

Remus entered the hallway on the second floor of Grimmauld Place, trying to clear his head. He had given thought in the past hour to think about how he was going to do the right thing, but it all came back to the vow that he had made, it was in the way and the consequences of breaking such vow was his own death.

But that didn't mean he could guid and leave clues for Harry.

He had realised that what he was a part of was a monstrosity of lies and secrets that have hurt people. He may not like Snape and Malfoy, but he was a part of stealing an innocent child and changing their identity, name and way of life and it was their child. He was partly to blame that Harry was abused for most of his life. He was also the blame that Harry became who he is today, the boy who lived.

Remus knew if everything revealed itself, he was either going to be tortured or killed.

He doesn't have the skill in charms that Lily had, but if he did he couldn't reapply the charms over Harry because the truth wanted to be told by Harry's own magic. Remus didn't even know how long it would take for his cub to change to his truth self.

He put the dinner plates and Chinese food down on the coffee table in the library when he decided that it was time to go looking for Harry after his brooding on this situation. He found his cub listening to music in the music room next door, Harry was going through Sirius's old vinyl record collection.

"You wouldn't believe me when I say that Sirius brought all of his collection to Hogwarts in his sixth year. He said something along the lines that muggle music helped him study. More like he was snogging everyone he could with the help of Fleetwood Mac and The Rolling Stones." Remus laughed, leaning against the door way with a sad smile on his face.

"Really? You would of thought that Sirius was born into the muggle world with all this, instead of being born into a horrid Pureblood one." Harry tapped his wand at the record player, the music of Detroit Rock City by Kiss stopping suddenly as Harry pocketed his wand.

"He wished he did Harry, but I remember him saying that he might of not met any of us, never becoming a wizard or a godfather to you. Never forget that he loved you dearly, he wished that certain things could of been different, but he wouldn't of changed himself in the end." Remus said sadly, his eyes softening as he looked at Harry.

"Come on cub, I bet your hungry." He watched as Harry rushed past him to the library, holding back his laughter that his cub was hungry for his favorite food. He followed him, closing the library door. He moved to sit on one of the been bags around the coffee table, Harry handing him his order of Cantonese style battered sweet and sour chicken with egg fried rice.

"What do you think your grades are then?" He asked, putting everything on his plate. He needed to eat a lot before tomorrow nights full moon for his strength. He started to eatm watching Harry, who was looking at him with a curiosity in his eyes.

"Well, because as I told you that I had personal tutors in Potions, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Divination and History because I have been taught inadequately over the years and that I needed to know more than most students. I obviously had to keep up 'appearances' in those classes so that Snape and his little Slytherin's thought I was an idiot and a total Gryffindor believer," Harry paused, putting his chopsticks into his beef curry and taking a juicy piece between the sticks. "Hopefully I have earned good marks. If I hadn't arranged this agreement with Dumbledore in the beginning of my third year, I could say that I would of probably failed most of my owls with everything that has happened." Harry admitted, taking a mouthful of egg fried rice with his spoon to cheat with.

Remus nodded, agreeing to what Harry had said. He only learnt when he started teaching in Harry's third year of the extra tuition because he became apart of it just for that year. Only he and Dumbledore knows of Harry's extra lessons, Sirius knew too of course.

"What Newt classes are you taking then cub?"

"Well... Depending on my grades with Wizarding and Muggle history, I am going to opt for the Wizarding Politics class and the Muggle Politics class," Harry paused, looking at Remus with a raised eyebrow. Remus gave the young man an interesting look to say the least. He wasn't expecting Harry to take those classes at all.

"Also International studies, Duelling, Potions, Charms, Transfiguration and Herbology. I know that Professors also offer a serious advanced course in their subject and only take on so many students. I would be willing to take Advanced Transfiguration, DADA depending on who is teaching this year and also Potions... But knowing Snape he will not take me on." Harry uttered a small dark laugh, he would be surprised if Snape let him even be in the sixth year class, let alone his advanced class. Harry stuffed the piece of beef into his mouth, moaning slightly at the taste.

"That's a lot to take on Harry, but if your willing to do all those subjects I will support you no matter what and there is no doubt at all that I would instantly except you onto my advanced glass for Defence Against the Dark Arts." Remus said proudly, letting his secret slip out to Harry. It felt like the right time to tell him.

Harry's eyes went wide, swallowing his noodles down quickly. "You mean your teaching again this year?"

"I can't keep away from Hogwarts I'm afraid." Remus chuckled into his food, stabbing a piece of coated chicken and put it into his mouth.

"Congratulations Remus, now I'm definitely taking both your classes. How many spaces do you have in the Advanced class?" Harry asked in curiosity.

"Only five, the advanced classes are only for those who want to earn a masters degree when leaving Hogwarts to it prepares you for apprenticeships and such. It's a very hard study class with practical experience. Professor McGonagal only takes four students and Professor Snape takes three." Remus heard the snort that Harry gave, probably to the mention of Snape's advanced class. He sighed, stabbing another piece of chicken and putting it into his mouth. He needed his strength for tomorrow nights full moon, which he was not looking forward too. It wasn't the transformation part, he was ready for that it was the fact that Malfoy and Snape were going to be in the same building as Harry.

"Is there going to be any staff changes this year? I heard that something happened to Professor Sprout's husband and that she will be teaching part time?" Harry asked with hint of curiosity in his voice.

"Well there is a few staff changes, obviously myself is teaching DADA. Wizarding Politics and International Studies is being taught by Lucius Malfoy," He paused, Harry freezing at the name, his beef falling off his chop sticks. "Muggle Politics I think is bring taught by Adam Gierzynski, he is someone who deals in both worlds. Keeping both up to date with what is happening. He was the one who told the Muggle government about Sirius's escape and creating a believable story for muggles to know about."

"I'm looking forward to meeting him, he has wrote a book that I have read. Good read too about certain muggle polices." Harry remembered the story on the news about Sirius's escape, his aunt going scared at the mans name, now he knew why she freaked out.

"You are correct about Professor Sprout, her husband works within the auror department and was asked to accompany a mission, unfortunately a nasty curse from a death eater hit him. It's going to take him a while to recover the feeling in his legs."

"Poor Professor Sprout," Harry said sadly. He didn't know the Professor that well, but he wished her husband to be well again soon in his thoughts.

"A man called Horace Slughorn will be teaching alongside Professor Sprout. Believe it or not he taught me Potions when I was a student, he was also the Head of Slytherin."

"He must be getting on then." Harry suddenly said, slapping his hand over his mouth at his rudeness. Remus spluttered a laugh out, suddenly guessing that what Harry was thinking.

"Do you want me to help clean up before I go to bed? Even though I have slept for 16 hours, I feel like I haven't." Harry asked, shoving all the rubbish and cartons into the Chinese bag.

"Go ahead up stairs Harry, I'll clear away. Before you go though, Snape and Malfoy will be relieving me at midday tomorrow so I can prepare for the full moon. They will be here for a couple of days I'm affraid to say, so just try to keep out of their way." Remus warned, getting up and wrapping his arms around the taller boy, he only had three inches on him now. He slightly relaxed as his bub put his arms around him, squeezing slightly.

"Good night," Harry said as he let go, waving a goodnight as he went out of the library. Remus sighed, sitting back down on the bean bag. Even though Lucius Malfoy recently turned spy for Albus, he still didn't trust the man. Not after what Harry told him about that little situation of freeing the house elf Dobby in his second year.

He just hoped Harry would be ok with them two for the next couple of days.

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