Epilogue : Headlines

Icy Star Abused? The full story inside!

For the last seven years, Icy Star has been household name, with her clean attitude, her behaviour and charity work. However, in an exclusive backstage interview, she was filmed being slapped, abused and tormented by her agent, Naraku Cusimano who has since been arrested for grievous bodily harm and rape.

Seath Homaru announces relationship with Rin Sukai AKA Icy Sky! We got the exclusive!

Former first class bachelor Seath Homaru has today announced that he is in a long term relationship with the Icy Sky who has since changed her name back to Rin Sukai, the singer who is in the victim of sexually domestic abusive at the hands of her former agent. Seath Homaru stated in an interview that; 'Rin is the greatest thing to ever happen to me. I only wish such horrid circumstances hadn't brought us together.'

Naraku Cusimano sentenced to 15 years imprisonment. Rin tells all.

For the last three weeks, Rin Sukai has been telling the jury at the district courts about the many things that her agent, Naraku, did to her ever since a young age. She stated that she became a singer following the death of her only family, her brother in Iraq over eight years ago. Naraku abused the rising star into performing sexual acts, dispute her being a minor and not giving consent. In the last five years, Naraku Cusimano has had several charges of assault filed against him but there has never been a victim brave enough to come forward.

Sentence was passed at 15 years. His victim gave a statement saying that; abuse can happen to anyone but today showed that they can't get away with it.

Rin Sukai sets up home for abuse victims.

Since her former agent was arrest for abusing her, Rin Sukai, previously known as Icy Sky, has dedicated herself to helping others who had been in her situation, using her position as a celebrity to show that anyone can be abused and anyone can be free of that abuse. Her home for abuse victims offers support, help and protection for any who need it.

Seath Homaru proposes to Rin Sukai at the Academy Awards!

After two years of dating, Seath Homaru finally popped the question to his long-time girlfriend after collecting his third Academy Award for the lead role of Elwin Black in the movie 'Arms Around You' to which Rin provided the soundtrack; 'Forever with my lord.'

During his acceptance speech, Seath thanked his many fans then thanked Rin for her support and cooking, joking that he'd put on three pounds since meeting her. As he went back to his seat, the star knelt before her, pulling out a proposal ring.

Wedding of the year! Seath Homaru and Rin tie the knot! Details inside.

The biggest event of the year has finally taken place! Rin and Seath Homaru had their wedding the hotel 'Crescent Hall' apparently the location where Seath asked his wife to be his fiancée two and a half years ago to be his girlfriend, during the time when Rin was still in hiding from the abuse of her agent, Naraku who is now serving a 15 year sentence for abuse. The wedding was attended by both members of the celebrity circle and those from Rin's shelter for domestic abuse victims, which is now opening its ninth branch.

Rin and Seath Homaru announce pregnancy.


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