It was a nice spring morning; the trees were blossoming, the sun was shining and the birds were chirping happily (until a distant explosion from somewhere deep in the grounds scared them off). The girls were beginning to wake up with the help of Polly's newly installed alarm system which was a rewired World War 2 air raid siren, some were groaning at the noise whilst the others began to curse Polly and her brilliant mind. Today marked the return of the event that had been abolished during Miss Fritton's first year as a student at St Trinians. Today was Parents Day.

Polly sat up in her bed and stretched out her limbs and muscles. She then reached out blindly for her glasses and adjusted them into a comfy position on her face. St Trinians had currently two plans in motion, one to clear Miss Fritton's and Kelly's names and one to rid them of Miss Dickinson. Polly hadn't realised it until she was about to drift into the land of dreams the previous night but today was going to be the start of Dickinson's downfall. The naïve teacher hadn't realised that she was going to ruin her own career. To make matters even worse for the English Teacher, Taylor would be re-entering the grounds under her disguise as Bianca's half-sister.

The Geek began to rise and gather her uniform and toiletries, on her way out of the dorm she flicked a switch and turned the alarm off.

Taylor rubbed her hands together in glee as she stepped out of her car and wondered further into the school grounds. She could see so many opportunities to cause mayhem and misery for her victims that she didn't know where to start. It would be another hour until her newly acquired sister Bianca to join her due to her being placed in charge of directing the parking along with Jess. Little did Miss Dickinson know that Bianca was hiding the cars away from plain sight to give the First Years the chance to steal parts to restock the garage.

The Chav began to roll up her sleeves as she glanced around at the sight before her. Different tents and stalls had been set up throughout all of the St Trinian grounds, she felt and looked like a child who couldn't decided what they wanted in their Pick 'N' Mix. Then she saw the perfect and most favourable opportunity to cause scandal. Adjusting her long blonde wig and placing her sunglasses over her eyes, Taylor strolled over to her best friends, Zoe and Andrea.

Taylor grinned when she had approached the tent that Andrea and her second had been assigned to, any opportunity to mess with her rivals was always one to be taken. She hadn't yet decided how to approach the challenge on hand, the Chav could steel anything for any shop for you if you had the right price. Taylor could even produce you a fake ID or forge fake visas for any illegal immigrants, the one thing Taylor wasn't experienced with was fixing raffles. She would need a right hand girl in for this challenge.

Kelly looked over at the state of her beloved school from her position in the highest look out box in the building's perimeters. St Trinians wasn't a place for adults to freely roam, it was a place for those who didn't belong. The grounds resembled a fair ground in Kelly's opinion, the hockey pitch had been replaced by a large stage with seating. Now she knew exactly how Harry Potter felt during the final stage of the Triwizard Tournament when they had removed his beloved Quidditch Pitch."Parents Day," she mentally scoffed. "What a load of bollocks!"

With the shake of her head, Kelly turned to climb down the ladder. Most parents would pull their daughters from St Trinians if they realised what was truly going on! Miss Dickinson hadn't thought about the damage she was doing to the school all in the name of showing off her own incompetence! It had taken them years to boost numbers and convince parents that the St Trinian reputation was only the product of the media's imagination, now all the hard work was being thrown away by an English teacher who hadn't a clue about what she was doing. Kelly sighed and shook her head, mentally planning her own revenge.

"Absolutely hideous, isn't it?" Polly sighed as she pushed her glasses up her nose. The Geek had been leaning against the back wall of the roof's small balcony area, watching her close friend analyse the littered ground below them.

"Fucking disgusting," Kelly spat as she sunk down into a nearby chair. "I thought I told you to look after this place?"

"I thought I told you to get out and abandon that painting?"

"Alright, point taken," Kelly grinned, holding her hands up in surrender. "Whose idea was it to invite Prince Harry?"

"Do you even have to ask?" Polly said, pushing up her glasses in irritation. "I wouldn't have thought he would even bother turning up!"

"I hope Chelsea realises that the girls do not take well to royalty, especially party princes."

"From what's showing up on the CCTV feed, Tania and Tara are currently collecting flour and eggs."

"That's my girls," Kelly chuckled to herself. "I've received an offer that I don't think I'm able to refuse, I need you to do me some research."

"And here I was thinking that you came back because you missed me," Polly muttered, earning an amused smirk from her true Head Girl.

"And I always thought that Geeks refused to acknowledge human emotions, I'm surprised you're not a computer," Kelly smirked. "Can you Google MI7 for me?"

"I don't use Google for research! That is the most inaccurate tool of the internet!" Polly exclaimed with a passion.

"Polly!" Kelly gasped mockingly. "You may hurt Google's feelings!"

"Google is an inanimate object, it is incapable of human emotions."

"It's not always inanimate, sometimes the Google logo moves on a special occasion," Kelly smirked. "Now I must dash, you have you're hands full here anyway with royalty, Taylor, Anouska and tomorrow's press. I can just imagine the headlines now! 'Prince Harry's Egg-traordinary Time!'"

I know, it's short and there's hardly anything on the actual Parent's Day but this conversation needed to happen and I felt like Kelly needed to be re-introduced. Just trust me on this one, all the antics will be revealed.

Review because "The Chav has primitive social manners and therefore cannot process a compliment without it being insulting." (That's from a possible Kelis sequel and Kel/Belle)