Hello everyone! I am here with my very first Rosario+Vampire fanfic. I honestly can't describe how excited I am. Rosario+Vampire just happens to be my favorite anime next to Inuyasha. I have to say that I am absolutely crazy about Tsukune and Moka! Especially Vampire Moka. This story will take place the day after the events in episode 13 of Rosario+Vampire Capu2(the end of the anime so far) I just loved it when Tsukune was bitten by Vampire Moka for the first time! I just thought it was SO cute the way she held him. And, OMG, when she winked at him! Ahem! Anyway, this is DEFINITELY going to be a MATURE rated story, just so you are all warned, due to explicit sexual material and some minor language. I will base everything off of what I have seen in the anime as I have only begun reading the manga. That being said, I hope you enjoy! :D

Disclaimer: Sadly, I do not own the super awesomeness that is Rosario+Vampire T.T

Summary: Her words continued to haunt him, and her every look seemed to almost paralyze him, but Tsukune couldn't help but feel that she was right: his time for indecision was coming to an end. Plagued by incessant dreams, Tsukune Aono feels his heart is growing close to an important decision. The question is: how will the rest of his friends take it? When all is said and done, will Tsukune be able to keep all his friendships intact? Or will he end up moving on without them?

Warnings: This chapter contains explicit sexual dreams and some minor language. Don't read if you can't handle

Also, Please Note: Inner Moka's dialogue will be in bold and italics ONLY when talking through the rosary.

Dreams, Changes, and a Vampire

Chapter 1 part 1: Once Bitten

Tsukune gave a pleasant sigh as he stretched his legs underneath his covers, the dim light of the lamp on the table beside his bed the only thing illuminating his room, as he lay on his left side facing the wall. Giving a small yawn, he smiled softly; he felt so warm!

Just as he was about to close his eyes, he quickly realized that he wasn't alone. He froze as a warmer, much softer, body pressed against his bare back. Pale, feminine arms gently wrapped themselves around his waist, causing the blanket to fall away. He bit his lip, blushing as he felt one of the arms shift, slowly sliding up to his chest to rest their hand over his heart.

Who was in his bed with him?! Most importantly, why were they naked?!

Tsukune felt his whole body heat up, and his heart began to pound as the arms gently tugged him back, drawing their bodies even closer and eliminating all space between them. The individual was obviously female; he could feel her soft breasts pressing against his bare back. He desperately tried to regain some sort of control as he squeezed his eyes shut. The last thing he needed right now was a nosebleed. He would've turned around, but the arm that was around his hips held him gently, yet firmly, in place.

If he wasn't so embarrassed and nervous, Tsukune might have smiled. Whoever the woman was, her heart was absolutely pounding; he could feel it against his back. She brought her lips to his ear then, breathing into it softly.

Tsukune felt a shiver run down his spine.

This seemed to please her as she hummed softly in reply, slowly dragging her lips downward to his tender neck and causing her soft hair to fall against his shoulder

Tsukune gasped. Her lips were so soft! All coherent thought seemed to leave him, his eyes glazing over as he felt her place a long, gentle kiss against his heated skin.

This seemed to excite her as she became even more passionate, placing slow, tender kisses all the way down his neck to his shoulder.

Tsukune couldn't take any more of this teasing. He hadn't quit blushing, and his heart felt like it was going to explode. He did the only thing that he could do; he whimpered for her.

This seemed to be exactly what she wanted as she closed her lips over the back of his neck, beginning to gently suckle the soft skin.

Tsukune instantly closed his eyes in pleasure. He knew he should stop her, but he just couldn't bring himself to. Truth be told, the sensation felt too good for him to stop her. Oddly enough, he couldn't even bring himself to worry about the fact that he couldn't remember what he had been doing before this.

He was brought out of his thoughts as the woman bit down gently, giving him a small love-bite and causing him to breathe a soft moan. Well, she had definitely succeeded in arousing him, if that was her plan.

This only seemed to excite her further as she continued her loving attentions to his neck, causing him to shudder as she bit down again. She began to trace her tongue along the place she had bitten, clearly working on leaving a mark.

Tsukune felt his body begin to tremble. Why wouldn't she quit teasing him? He tried to roll onto his back, only to have her tighten her hold around his waist and give a reprimanding bite to the right side of his neck.

He whimpered again; she was toying with him now. He gasped when she rewarded him with another love-bite, her fangs pressing against his shoulder lightly as she continued to lap gently at the mark she was leaving.


It was then that Tsukune noticed the rosary and leather collar that lay, discarded, on his nightstand. How had he not noticed that before? If the rosary was here, then…the person kissing his neck had to be…

"M-Moka?" Tsukune questioned, his voice quivering.

Obviously too busy to verbally answer, the only reply he got was a soft hum and another gentle bite.

Glancing out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of the silver hair that had draped over his shoulder and reached out to run his fingers through it.

Tsukune could hardly believe what he was feeling; Moka's true form kissing on him? It was all too much.

Angling his arm back, he gently wove his hand through her silky hair, gasping at the softness. She purred in satisfaction, causing him to smile.

Smiling softly, herself, the young vampire removed her hand from his chest and grabbed the hand that was in her hair, kissing it lightly before nudging it back to its former position.

Tsukune's whole face turned red as she bit him again, causing his arousal to throb with want. He couldn't help the yelp that escaped his throat when the hand that was resting at his hip slipped down to caress him; tentative at first, then more firmly as she began to squeeze lightly.

Tsukune let out a strangled moan, quivering in her arms. If Moka hadn't been holding onto him, he probably would've leapt straight off the bed.

Why wasn't he struggling more? Then again, why should he? It felt…so right…

He heard her chuckle lightly at his outburst, and he immediately blushed. Why was this Moka even touching him? And why were they BOTH naked? Had they…

Tsukune's eyes widened. Had he and Moka…DONE something? After all, his mind was a bit foggy at the moment. Not that he really minded giving up his virginity to Moka, heavens no, but it was kind of a shock.

Moka took a deep breath in a desperate attempt to regain control as she moved her hand back up to his hips. His scent was driving her absolutely wild with desire! If he kept those cute, little noises up, she wouldn't be able to control herself. She froze when she detected the scent of his blood. Raising her head from his neck for a moment, she noticed that he had apparently suffered a nosebleed. Snickering lightly, she lifted her hand from his chest once more and gently wiped away the blood from his nose with her right index finger, licking it clean before she placed her hand back over his heart.

Moka smiled. His heart was pounding, and his blood tasted so unusually sweet today. Unable to help herself anymore, she brought her mouth back down to his neck, slowly sinking her fangs into his tender flesh with a soft moan. Trembling as she tasted his blood on her tongue, she slowly began to suck on the wound, drawing in small sips of his precious, life-sustaining liquid.

Tsukune yelped at first, then groaned as he felt her begin to nurse the wound, lapping at it softly.

"Oh, Moka…," he moaned softly, shuddering as she gave his wound another slow lick.

Why was he so turned on by this? Shouldn't he be stopping her about now?

She returned his sentiment, his name a whispered rush of passion on her lips. She released him then, allowing him to roll onto his back as she moved to straddle him.

"M-Moka?" Tsukune whispered, eyes widening.

Was she gonna... ?

The vampire stared into his wide, brown eyes for a moment, her crimson eyes seeming to glow with unguarded passion and love.

Tsukune swallowed hard. He had never seen such a look in her eyes before; at least not with THIS Moka. His eyes crossed in pleasure as she shifted, aligning their hips. He gave an embarrassed squeak as he instantly felt her heat against him, causing him to quiver as his whole body began to blush.

Oh, God, she's really gonna…

His thoughts trailed off as she gently pressed her lips to his, being very mindful of her fangs as she began to slowly move her lips against his own in a soft, gentle kiss. He froze, giving a soft moan as he felt her begin to nip gently at his bottom lip. Trembling, he slowly wrapped his arms around her, holding her tightly.

Moka tilted her head slightly, deepening the kiss as she reached down and slowly guided him into her. Arching her back, she brought their bodies fully together with a soft, shuddering moan.

Tsukune felt all the air leave his lungs immediately. It felt so good! He knew that he definitely didn't have the willpower to stop her now. Shaking, he raised his hand to the back of her head and gently ran his fingers through her soft hair, hearing her sigh in pleasure against his lips. He gave a sharp gasp of ecstasy as he felt her slowly begin to move against him.

Moka took the opportunity to deepen the kiss even further, gently slipping her tongue into his mouth to caress his as she continued with her slow, almost torturous, movements.

Tsukune moaned as his eyes closed tightly in pleasure. No words could ever describe how good he felt at the moment. Unable to resist any longer, he felt her whole body shudder against him as he timidly began to move with her…

Tsukune groaned as a loud buzzing noise sounded in his ears, followed by a sharp, throbbing pain in the back of his head. Slowly opening his eyes, the teen was shocked to find himself on the floor of his dorm and fully dressed in his green pajamas, his alarm-clock blaring obnoxiously.

The teen shut his eyes with an agitated groan as the realization that it had all been just a dream finally sank in.

"Damn it!" he cursed as he disentangled himself from his sheets and stood up, slamming his hand down on the offending device and causing it to cease its awful noise.

Ever since he had sealed Moka's other half away again yesterday afternoon, the guilt had begun to set in. Sure, he was absolutely thrilled to see the Outer Moka again, but this nagging feeling of betrayal remained.

Had he ever once asked if Moka's inner self WANTED to be sealed away again? No!

Tsukune squeezed his eyes shut. What was wrong with him? Had he really fallen in love with Moka's inner self? The teen shook his head. That was the stupidest question he'd ever heard! Of course he loved her! She WAS the REAL Moka, after all.

Yawning, he stretched his arms over his head, blushing as he realized the physical state his dream had left him in.

Oh, great! I'll have to take a cold shower now…

Sighing in resignation, the poor teen slowly trudged to his bathroom. He was grateful that, this year, the dorms had their own individual bathrooms.

Unbuttoning his pajama shirt, Tsukune glanced in the mirror above his sink. Surprisingly, with all his close encounters with death in this school, his body held no scars. He stared more closely at his neck, even raising a hand to pull back the sides of his hair a bit. No, not one single scar was visible.

He chuckled a bit. Even with all the times she had drank his blood, not even Moka had ever left a scar on him. He slowly pressed his fingers against the right side of his neck and shivered lightly. The dream had felt so real. It was almost as if he could still feel her.

Closing his eyes, he smiled slightly. Moka's vampire form had never left any scars on him either; not even when she had given him her blood to save his life. Tsukune felt another shiver run down his spine. For being a vampire, she was actually quite gentle.

Maybe she really would be that…gentle and sweet…

Tsukune quickly shook his head, his cheeks heating up once more. What was he thinking?!

No way! She'd kill me if she ever knew I was thinking of her that way!

The teen shuddered. He definitely didn't want to be shown his place!

Sighing once again, the boy quickly peeled off his pajama pants and walked over to the bathtub to start the water. No need to take a completely cold shower, right?

Deciding on a warm shower instead, Tsukune stepped into the tub and closed the shower door behind him. He still had a good hour or so before class started, so he could at least take his time.

I…never really told the other Moka thank you in person for giving me her blood either…

The teen gave a dejected sigh. Sure, he had thanked Moka's outer form for saving his life, but he had never once thanked the Inner Moka for her sacrifice.

Tsukune smiled slightly. He'd have to correct that.

Emerald eyes flew open; a gasp leaving their owner's lips as she quickly sat up and reached for the can of tomato juice on the nightstand beside her bed. She quickly downed its contents as her heartbeat slowly returned to normal.

Moka Akashiya shuddered, blushing as she brushed her pink bangs out of her eyes. That had to have been the most erotic dream she had ever had in her life! As of late, the young vampire couldn't help but feel that her teenage hormones might be starting to get the best of her. Of course, it didn't help that she was well aware of her inner self's fantasies as well.

Moka's blush deepened. She almost felt sorry for her inner self. It appeared that she suffered at least ten times more than she did. At first, it hadn't been apparent to her, because she had kept tight control over them. It appeared, however, that ever since drinking Tsukune's blood directly yesterday afternoon before being sealed away again, she had lost a little of that control.

In a way, Moka knew that she shouldn't have been jealous of her inner self drinking Tsukune's blood. That had always been one of her inner self's fantasies, after all, to taste him directly.

The young vampire instantly felt a pang of guilt and bit her lip. After all, she got free access to Tsukune every day, while her inner self was lucky to see him for more than fifteen minutes at a time. Glancing down, she noticed the rosary glowing, yet her inner self was remaining strangely silent.

"You got a problem?"

Moka gasped at the sudden, familiar voice, and her blush deepened once again.

"N-no! I mean, I'm sorry…did I wake you?"

There was a silence, and Moka could almost sense embarrassment from her inner self.

"You seemed thirsty…I don't think you've ever drank one of those THAT fast…"

Moka blinked. Why did she deflect the question like that?

"W-well, you see, I just…," she began, only to trail off.

How was she supposed to explain such a thing to her inner self? How was she going to tell her that she could see every single fantasy she had ever had? Or did she already know?

"You just…?" the Inner Moka prompted further, amusement seeping into her normally cool tone.

The Outer Moka swallowed nervously, blushing once more. She could just imagine the amused smirk on her inner self's face.

"I just had a dream is all," she answered shyly, lightly pressing her index fingers together in nervous habit.

There was another moment of silence, and Moka instantly felt her body grow abnormally warm. Was her inner self blushing?

"About Tsukune?" she asked suddenly, snapping the Outer Moka from her thoughts.

Moka drew in a shaky breath.

"I-I didn't say that," she offered, blushing when she heard her inner self chuckle lightly.

"You didn't have to. Remember, I'm your other half…I may be asleep, but I am completely aware of EVERYTHING around me…including your emotions...and everything you emotions may trigger…"

Moka gasped. She knew! She knew everything! All her wishes, her desires, she knew them all!

"But-but you love him too! Don't tell me that you've never felt anything for him, because I know for a fact that you have!" she tried to justify, waving her arms frantically for emphasis.

There was a tense silence, and Moka felt an almost dizzying warmth sweep through her body once more. Taking a deep breath, she slowly continued.

"I need to know…why did you really give Tsukune our vampire blood? You were the one in control, you didn't have to…so why did you…?" she trailed off, tears welling up in her eyes.

Truth be told, she would always be grateful to her inner self for the sacrifice she had made that day. It was also concrete proof, in the Outer Moka's opinion, that the Inner Moka had deep feelings for the human boy. After all, there was hardly anything more precious to a vampire than their blood. For a vampire to give up their blood, the recipient would have to be VERY important them

"You already know the answer to that question…," the Inner Moka finally answered after a moment, a certain softness creeping into her tone, though she did her best to hide it.

"Don't do that!" the Outer Moka shouted, clamping a hand over her mouth afterwards.

She had never really yelled at her other self before, much less give her an order. There was a long pause, and Outer Moka was seriously considering retracting her statement.

"Do what?" her inner self finally replied, annoyance now prominent in her tone.

Outer Moka bit her lip lightly as she contemplated what to say next. Did she even want to continue this conversation? It was clearly evident that her inner self held deep affections for the boy as well, and getting her to confess them would only serve to make her jealous.

"Automatically assume that I know the answer. You're always telling me that I'll have to figure it out on my own, but I think you just say that in order to run away. You're afraid," she finally answered, glancing down sadly.

She knew exactly how her inner self felt. The fear of rejection did, in fact, pose a threat, and the thought of possibly losing Tsukune as a friend too was simply too much to bare. In all actuality, Moka wasn't sure if she could force herself to simply be a friend anymore.

The vampire sighed. That was another thing she and her inner self had in common. It was getting more difficult to resist the urges. Was it really too much to ask for a little time alone with him, so as to explore these new feelings?

Moka shook her head. That wouldn't necessarily help. It would only serve to fuel more desires.

"I fear nothing!" the Inner Moka declared suddenly, snapping the Outer Moka from her thoughts again.

The Outer Moka gave a sad smile. Poor Inner Moka! How horrible must it be to have to keep your emotions hidden in order to not seem weak?

"You're lying…I know you are. I've seen your fears-"

"Enough! You need to go to your classes…," the Inner Moka cut her off. Then, as quickly as she had started speaking, she was gone, the rosary ceasing its glowing.

Outer Moka sighed. She had clearly made her inner self angry, but she couldn't help it! Her inner self wasn't being honest! It was so obvious that she had fallen in love too.

The young vampire shook her head against the jealous thoughts that instantly swept through her. There was no need to be jealous of her inner self. Better her inner self than one of the other girls, right?

Giving another tired sigh, Moka stood up from her bed and put on her school uniform. At least she had plenty of time to get to class. Maybe she would even get to walk there with Tsukune! Well, Kurumu would probably be there too…

Moka frowned. It just wasn't fair.

It seemed like Kurumu was a one-way street anymore. She would allow herself all the alone-time in the world with Tsukune, yet none of the other girls were allowed so much as a second of unsupervised time with the boy.

The vampire smirked as a wonderfully devious idea popped into her head. Though normally against her sweet, outer self's nature, she could be quite crafty and plotting when the right situation came along. This…was one of those times.

If Kurumu wanted to play hardball, then Moka would simply toughen up her game. She would beat Kurumu to the punch today and defeat her at her own game.

Tsukune gave a tired yawn as he quickly packed his schoolbag and exited his dorm, closing the door behind him. He had taken almost four steps out of the boys' dorm building when he heard his name being called from off to his right.

Tsukune barely had time to blink as a pair of arms flung around his neck, instantly engulfing him in an affectionate hug.

"Good morning, Tsukune!" chirped an all-too-familiar voice.

Quickly regaining his balance, the boy glanced down and smiled as he was met with the familiar sight of bright, pink hair. He slowly returned her hug, gently wrapping his arms around her.

"G-good morning to you too, Moka," Tsukune greeted shyly, blushing as the young vampire hugged him more firmly.

Boys continued to exit the dorm building, walking around the couple: some glaring in envy and some rolling their eyes at the vampire's usual, dramatic show of affection.

Moka smiled, snuggling further into his chest. She had succeeded in being the first to greet Tsukune this morning. Of course, she had been waiting patiently outside the boys' dorm building for the past fifteen minutes or so.

I know I'm being selfish now…but…I don't care. Right now…I-

The young vampire's thoughts quickly screeched to a halt, her eyes closing in bliss as she drew in a deep breath of his sweet, warm scent.

"M-Moka?" Tsukune questioned hesitantly when the girl remained silent.

The vampire gave a soft sigh.

"Tsukune…you smell so good…," she murmured, her lips grazing the right side of his neck.

Tsukune's eyes widened slightly, feeling an involuntary shiver prickle down his spine.

"M-Moka, w-wait-," he trailed off, his words getting stuck in his throat as he felt her lips close over his skin.

Tsukune blushed, unconsciously holding her tighter as the tips of her smaller fangs pressed against his neck. He was shocked, however, when he never felt her pierce his skin. Blinking in surprise, he felt himself being jerked sideways to his left. Losing his balance, Tsukune let out a small yelp as his face was instantly pressed into a soft, cotton-like material. He felt his face heat up as he quickly took notice of the feminine curves being pressed against him, in particular the chest in which his face was currently buried.

Kurumu..., the teen identified as he began to struggle, only to have her tighten her hold on him.

"Knock it off, Moka! Don't you think that it's enough that you nearly sucked him dry yesterday?!" the succubus shouted accusingly.

The vampire glared menacingly, tears rapidly forming in her eyes. How dare she?! How dare that scrawny, little succubus act like the bond she shared with Tsukune was wrong in any way?!

Moka opened her mouth to retort, only to be cut off as a shard of ice went speeding past her cheek, making a solid connection with Kurumu's cheek instead.

"Like you're any better, you big-boobed bimbo," came a monotone voice.

Moka turned her attention to the right, where Mizore stood with her back to a tree as she sucked on her lollipop.

The snow-woman cast another glare in the succubus's direction.

"I've told you before; it'll be a cold day in hell before I let you sink your claws into him."

Tsukune took advantage of Kurumu's momentary distraction and managed to pry himself free.

"What did you say to me, you little snow-freak?!" Kurumu shouted, her fingernails forming into her claws.

"Oh, come on now, Kurumu, Mizore, cut it out," Tsukune tried, only to be cut off as small pair of arms flung around his neck from behind.

"Tsukune, good morning!" a high-pitched voice shouted, causing the boy to sigh in resignation.

Yukari… "Good morning, Yukari," Tsukune greeted the smiling individual clinging to his back.

Casting a rather sympathetic glance in Moka's direction, he was surprised when instead of stepping in and trying to stop the fight as she usually would, the vampire simply frowned and walked away.

"M-Moka, wait!" he called as he managed to pry Yukari off of him, gently setting the girl on her feet before moving to follow his pink-haired love-interest.

The girl in question didn't respond and continued her walk to class…alone.

This is getting ridiculous! the vampire thought in exasperation, a sour frown darkening her beautiful features as she practically stomped down the hall.

Onlookers quickly moved out of her way. Lower-leveled monsters though they were, they still knew better than to get in the way of an agitated vampire.

Moka sighed. Rumors of her true form had spread a little TOO well in this school. Honestly, she didn't really care for all the attention. To make matters worse, Kokoa's arrival hadn't helped things at all. The first-year vampire always seemed to be getting into something or other.

Moka rubbed her forehead to ease an on-coming headache. She still hadn't gotten through to Kokoa either. The red-head still seemed dead-set on removing her rosary for good.

The only good news was that summer break would be coming up soon, but that also meant finals…and possibly being separated from Tsukune…

Moka bit back a groan of agitation. Turning a corner sharply, the vampire made her way down the hall that would lead to her homeroom class. Stepping into Miss Nekonome's classroom, she quickly made her way to her seat and sat down with another sigh.

Somehow, she got the feeling that it was going to be a VERY long day…

Tsukune gave a tired sigh as he climbed the stairs that led to the school roof. It was only lunchtime, but the day had been a total nightmare so far!

First, he had gotten the terrible reminder that finals would be coming up in the next couple of weeks or so. As usual, he was horribly unprepared. Second, he hadn't really gotten to say two words to Moka all day. Third, Kurumu had been UNUSUALLY clingy all day, which was probably the cause of his second reason for the day being horrible.

Tsukune shook his head. He just didn't get it. Moka wasn't acting quite right today. Sure, she had wanted to suck his blood that morning, as was usual for the amorous vampire, but she still had yet to say a single word in argument against Kurumu.

Tsukune swallowed nervously. Was Moka angry with him? It would make sense, considering that she had gotten jealous over him allowing her inner self to suck his blood yesterday.

Sighing again, he pushed open the door and stepped out onto the school roof. The teen winced slightly as the bright sunshine invaded his eyes. A slight breeze picked up, ruffling his shaggy, brown hair.

Tsukune felt his breath catch in his throat as he caught sight of the rooftop's only other occupant. The young girl stood looking out over the railing, a can of tomato juice held in her left hand. Her long, pink hair danced slightly in the breeze as she observed the world below her.


Upon hearing the rooftop door slam, the girl in question turned to face him, and Tsukune gulped. It was easy to see why Moka Akashiya was thought of as the most beautiful girl in the whole school. Her slim form held all the right curves, she was smart, she was warm and caring, even to people she didn't know. Her sweet nature combined with her dazzling beauty made her a desire for at least 90 percent of the male student population. There was just no question about it; Moka Akashiya was a beautiful person inside and out.

Tsukune didn't miss the way her bright, emerald eyes seemed to light up as she caught sight of him, a blush rapidly filling his cheeks as her heated whisper of his name reached his ears.

"Hi, there, Moka," he whispered, his blush deepening as his eyes began to shine with contentment.

"Tsukune…," the vampire repeated softly, a blush rising on her cheeks as she held his gentle gaze.

Tsukune raised a hand behind his head in shy habit.

"You know, I sure missed you today," he murmured as he walked over to the railing to stand beside her.

Moka's eyes followed him intently.

"I missed you too…Tsukune…," the vampire murmured, flashing the boy a soft smile.

His scent was already starting to get to her, clouding her mind from all other rational thought as she unconsciously leaned closer to him. The vampire drew in a deep breath as she felt her heart begin to race, the realization that they were finally alone not being lost on her.

"You know, I actually thought you were mad at me," Tsukune chuckled lightly, giving the girl a relieved smile.

Moka's eyes widened slightly. Dropping her empty can of tomato juice, she quickly pulled the boy into a tight hug, much like she had done earlier that morning.

"Of course not, Tsukune! Why would I be angry with you?" the vampire reassured, gently combing her fingers through his somewhat unruly hair.

Tsukune blushed at her closeness, swallowing nervously as he slowly returned her embrace.

"I, uh, I don't know. It's just…well, this morning you seemed so upset, and I was afraid that it was something I did," he finally replied, biting his lip when he felt her warm breath against his neck.

Moka sighed in bliss, drawing in another deep breath of Tsukune's intoxicating scent.

"No...You haven't done anything wrong…Tsukune," the vampire finally whispered in an almost breathless tone, a blush rapidly filling her cheeks.

Tsukune swallowed nervously. He knew that tone all too well.


"Sorry, Tsukune, but I just…can't resist," she cut him off, her velvet-like lips brushing the right side of his neck ever so slightly as her eyes fluttered closed.

Tsukune gave a soft gasp, blushing as images of his dream swirled through his mind like a whirlwind.

What's the matter with me?! Gin's startin' to rub off on me, the teen thought as he squeezed his eyes shut, trying desperately to rid his mind of all perverse thoughts.

This turned out to be a lost cause as he felt her tiny fangs pierce his tender skin, causing him to give a faint squeak as his eyes snapped open.

Moka sighed in ecstasy, gently rubbing one hand up and down his back in slow, affectionate circles as she began to savor him. She lightly sucked on the wound, drawing in long, slow sips.

Tsukune's eyes widened briefly before slowly fluttering shut. Biting back a moan, a sharp hiss of pleasure escaped his lips as he reached a hand up and shakily combed his fingers through her soft hair.

The vampire gave a faint moan as she pressed herself even closer to him, her eyes opening briefly in mild shock. Something was definitely different today; she could taste it in his blood. He had never really held her when she drank his blood before either.

One thing was for certain; she was definitely hooked on him. Truth be told, Tsukune's was the only blood she drank now. She simply couldn't stand the transfusion packs any more.

After a few more slow sips, the vampire finally pulled back. She lightly traced her tongue over the wound so as to encourage it to cease its bleeding.

Tsukune gave a sharp gasp, his eyes flying open again. Was Moka actually licking him?!

"M-Moka…," he whispered breathlessly, a deep blush still staining his cheeks.

"Tsukune…I," the vampire in question trailed off.

Tsukune smiled. She was as breathless as he was. He gulped when the girl reached up and gently placed a hand on both sides of his face, softly running her thumbs along his cheekbones.

"Oh, Moka…," his whispered again, his eyes fluttering closed as he unconsciously began to lean into her touch.

"Tsukune…," the vampire whispered in reply, slowly drawing him closer as her own eyes closed in pure bliss.

Moka had no idea where the other girls were at that moment, but she couldn't care less. All that mattered to her at the moment was Tsukune. There was absolutely NOTHING that was going to ruin this moment.

Their lips were merely an inch apart when the school-bell chimed, signaling the end of lunch-period.

Moka pulled back with a rather defeated sigh. If it wasn't the other girls ruining their moments, it was something else.

"Well…we should probably head back, or we're gonna be late to class," she murmured, quickly grabbing his hand and beginning to drag him to the stairs.

Tsukune smiled slightly as they walked down the hall, his arm linked securely with hers. Maybe this day wouldn't be so bad, after all? He still hadn't gotten to tell Moka that he loved her, and he still had yet to actually kiss her, but that was ok. After all, there would be many more opportunities in the future.

Soon, Moka…soon I'll have the courage to say it…

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