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****-At Abigail's house-****

Abigail Kirkland-Bonnefoy was once again shuffling around getting ready. Today was a special day, today was her wedding anniversary. She was getting food ready for you guessed it another picnic. With the now moderate weather in London why not go out and enjoy it? Abigail stole a glance at her wedding ring. Her mind started to wander back to her wedding day.

It was a nice spring day in London. Not too cold not too warm. In a small church not too far from the heart of the city sat a young woman in a white ball gown wedding dress with peach colored beading at the top of the corset and end of the short sleeves that reached her elbow. The skirt of her dress was simple it wrapped snugly at her waist and fanned out at the hips. There were pleats in the skirt, with a rose embroidered design in each. She brushed out her short hair, doing her best to make it look nice. A knock at the door got her attention.

"Come in" Abigail said her voice shaking. Her older brothers Wynne, Paul, Patrick, and Fang came in. They were surprisingly calm when she told them she was getting married, to Francis no less. Well Wynne was pretty calm. Being the two closes in age they understood each other pretty well.

"Look a' that. Our we sister gettin' married!" Fang aka Scotland yelled, slinging his arm around her shoulders.

Ya lookin' wonderful sis." He added as an after thought. Patrick and Paul aka N. Ireland and Ireland were crying hysterically and going on about their baby finally growing up and leaving them for a monster. Wynne aka Wales just stood there with a smile.

"Thanks." Abigail responded. She stated fiddling her with her fingers. She was clearly nervous. There was no doubt in her mind that this was the right decision or that she was going to be happy married so why was she so nervous.

"Don't look so nervous." Wales said. He walked over to Abigail and grabbed her hand holding it gently. It's true that Abigail's brother liked to make fun of her and annoy her, but that didn't mean they don't love her. Wales grabbed the white veil sitting on the vanity table. He gently placed it in her hair, veil going over her face. She pulled her up from her seat and headed for the door. They quietly walked toward tall double doors. All four of her brother at her sides, bouquet of roses in had.

"Ya ready." Fang asked. He asked glancing over at Abigail. She gave a slight nod. Fang just smiled. The double doors opened and the music started playing. She started walking slowly down the aisle, Paul to her left Patrick to her right. Wynne and Fang were right behind the first three.. When she got down the aisle Fang turned her around and flipped over her veil. She hugged him. Paul kissed her left hand and Patrick her right hugged her and went to go join Fang in the pew. Wynne pulled her into a tight hug and kissed her forehead before joining his brothers. Abigail turned around to look at Francis for the first time. His eyes held a look of absolute adoration.

Abigail was pulled out of her daydream by the doorbell. She quickly went to the door quickly, but not before checking her reflection in a picture frame. She opened the door to find Francis in a headlock . . .

"Fang! Let him go!" She shouted. He down to his sister and promptly let her husband go. Picking up the things he dropped.

"What are you guys doing here!" she shouted. By 'you guys' she meant her brothers all four of them were there.

"We were gonna visit our dear sister, when we saw this pervert walking up to your door." Paul and Patrick said together.

"That pervert would be my husband; I would have hoped you would have a better memory then that." Abigail said pulling Francis inside, then trying to push the door closed. Her brothers just pushed back harder.

"Francis and I sorta had plans today!" She yelled still pushing at the door. She finally got it shut and locked the door. She breathed a sigh of relief.

"Joyeux anniversaire de mariage ma chère Abigail." Francis said, kissing Abigail on her forehead.

"Happy Anniversary Francis." She said smiling. The peace unfortunately did not last. The front door was knocked of its hinges. Fang tackled Francis while Paul and Patrick went on worrying over Abigail. Wynne just stood there sweat drop going down his head. Veins in Abigail's head started to pop until.

"Get Out! Get Out! Get Out! You're being nuisances. I HATE YOU! Get OUT!" She exploded. Everyone stopped arguing and looked at her.

****-To be continued-****

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Joyeux anniversaire de mariage ma chère= Happy marriage Anniversary my dear