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****-Back to Abigail's-****

"If that's how you feel the fine. Let's go guys." Fang said and stomped out the door. Slowly but surely the Ireland, North Ireland, and Wales followed. Abigail just look on disbelievingly, they usually don't give up that easily. This has got to be a joke was the one thought that passed through her mind. After a few minutes of staring at an open doorway it started sinking in.

"Good riddance." She huffed and turned to Francis. Francis still getting over some shock of what just happened looked at his dear wife.

"Are you ok Angleterre? Francis asked. It's not usual that Ecosse, Irlande, Irlande du Nord, et pays de Galles would give up so easily.

"I'm fine Francis let's just try to enjoy our day, okay?" She said giving him a smile. There day went on normally. Abigail called someone to fix the door, not the first time it's happened it seems. They decided to have the picnic in her garden instead, it was still good, and the garden was starting to come to life. They had smiles and laughs the entire day. Francis couldn't help but shake the feeling that something was off with his Angleterre. By the time the sun was setting the distress Abigail was feeling since the incident was showing on her face.

"Angleterre you're going to get wrinkles if you keep on frowning like that." Francis stated, though it was more of a scowl if anything. Abigail just looked at him with a blank face.

"Are you okay Abigail?" Francis asked concerned. Abigail would usually be telling him off by now.

"Why wouldn't I be frog? It's not like I'm worried about those gits anyway." She said turning her back to Francis. Francis smirked a bit.

"I did not mention your brother's ma chère. But I think you should talk to them." Francis said walking up behind Abigail, slipping his arms around her waist.

"Why would I need to talk to them, they'll get over it." Abigail huffed. To be frank, Abigail was a bit worried. Her brothers usually don't give up that easily nor did they ever take her seriously. The phone rang suddenly. Abigail unwrapped herself from Francis' embrace and stalked over to the phone.

"Hello Abigail speaking. Who is this?" Abigail asked. A familiar voice came over the other end of the phone.

"They're what!? Okay, I'll be right down!" She said and hung up angrily, going toward the hall closet to grab her coat and on the way out, car keys.

"What's wrong ma chère? Who was that?" Francis asked confused following Abigail.

"My brothers are at a bar drunk off their rockers! I'll be back Francis!" She yelled running out the door into her car and toward the UK siblings favorite pub. She ran in as soon as she parked to see Wynne passed out. Patrick and Paul singing and swaying like drunkards, which they were anyway. Fang was still at the counter downing shots of scotch like no tomorrow.

****-****Let's skip the bar fight . . . ****-****

****-****To Abigail's the next day****-****

In the living room, Abigail sat by the bedside of her oldest brother, Fang. The night before she tended to all of the wounds that her brothers had sustained from the, uhh, bar fight, they got into while she was trying to 'drag your damn drunkard ass's home'.

'Stupid gits, just had to go out and mope' Abigail thought.

"Arrrg." Came a groan from Fang. His eyes opened to see the semi-worried face of his dear little sister. He just groaned again and turned away from her, noting that he was on the familiar fabric that was her couch. Fang heard his sisters footsteps move away and come back a few moments later. He felt a tap at his shoulder.

"Here, this will help the headache." Abigail said, trying to hand her brother two pills and a glass of water.

"Thought you hated your ol' brother." He asked with a little bit of venom in his voice.

'Bloody wanker. Actin' like a big baby.' She thought a bit irritated

"You guys should know I didn't mean that. I was just irritated that you won't accept Francis, we've been married for at least two centuries." Abigail said sighing.

"I still don't think he's good enough for you." Though it was somewhat mumbled because his face was buried into a throw pillow.

"You were at the wedding! You even gave us your blessing!" She shouted.

"My mistake!" Fang yelled back finally getting up. He grabbed his head, obviously aching from the alcohol from last night. Abigail flinched back at his voice.

"Look. I don't know why you would ever have to be jealous of, but . . ."

"Who ever said I was jealous!" Fang interrupted. Fang promptly got whacked over the head.

"As I was saying, I think you're just being silly, because no matter what happens, I'll always be your little sister." She finished looking Fang in the eye.

"I love Francis, he's my husband, but I love you too, you're my brother and that'll never change." She gave Fang a smile hand forced the medicine and water into his hands. He took it without another word.

"Aww wasn't that sweet Patrick?" Paul asked toward his twin with a mocking voice.

"Ya real sweet!" Patrick agreed. Wynne was snickering in the background.

"Sod off you wankers!" Both Fang and Abigail said at the same time. Abigail then threw a book at both of their heads. She also threw a menacing glare at Wynne who stopped snickering immediately. She walked out and back in with more medicine and water.

****-****The end****-****

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