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Blondie: *nods*

As Blondie started to wake up he saw Tuco Asleep. Doing a small smile he placed his hand in his Hair "I missed you so much." he said. Tuco then smiled "im sorry about leaving you I just didn't want to see you get hurt I hope you can forgive me."

"Blondie I already forgave you about a month Ago." he says as he looks at Blondie

"I was about to come back for you but I knew you would hate me so I didn't." Blondie says looking away from tuco.

Tuco did a sad Smile "Blondie I could never Hate you." he says as he grabbed his hand Again. "I missed you to Blondie, More than you think" Blondie looked back at Tuco and looked into his eyes. He could tell he was telling the truth by his eyes and the sound of his voice. "After you left I searched for you everyday, I never gave up, At first I was upset and wanted to hurt you but After sometime it went away and I realized Honestly how much you mean to me. My Family is all gone except my brother but he wants nothing to do with me, all I have left in the world is you and I realized that the thought of you hurt Makes me upset. You're my only True friend I have. I love you so much and yes Love like in romantic. I cant bare to be without you." As tuco Fished talking Blondie was Speechless but then Smiled

"Tuco what you said is how I feel towards you. You are my only friend. Most of my Family is Dead except Ana and my other brother. I love you so much as well, and its Romantic love. All I think about half the time is you and if your ok." as Blondie Finished Tuco put his lips against Blondie's and kissed him.

He was a little startled by the kiss but kissed Back.

The kiss was passionate, loving ,and it felt like heaven

They did that for a long time and then Ana Opened the Door

" hey guys?….I'll come back later!" she says as she quickly leaves the room"

They Pull back.

"did you here that?" tuco ask Blondie

"yeah" he says. They both look around to see where the noise came from.

"don't see anything." blondie says quietly.

Tuco then smiled "I love you" he says

Blondie smiles back "I love you to" he replies.

Then they get back to what they where doing before Ana opened the door.

The End.

Me: well i hoped you liked the story and I am realy Sorry that Tuco and Blondie Are WAY out of charocter.

Tuco: i finally kissed blondie

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Blondie: *kisses tuco again*

Tuco: *kisses back*