Hello, I am Isabella Swan. A lot of people know who I am. What they don't know is that I am Katrina Petrova twin sister. My sister and I are identical and people mix us up. When Kat got pregnant with the baby, I told the father of the unborn child that Kat was pregnant. He ran away and left her. Father was mad at Kat and told me that I was the good child. After that he found me a husband that I was supposed to marry in two weeks. Kat had her kid two days before I would be married. Then Kat was banished and my father told me that my future husband and I were to raise the kid. I did not hear from Kat until two months later. She came to ask if I would like to spend the rest of my life with my sister. I told her I would because she is my twin. She turned me into a vampire. (End of the past)

(Present year: 2012) I came to this town, Forks, Washington, to be away from my dear twin. I knew every single one of her secret and she knew mine. Today, it was the true third year in this town. I was married to the most beautiful Cold One. He did not know about my true past. I had a child with him and her name was Renesmee Carlie Mason Cullen. Edward did have siblings like me, they are: Alice Cullen, Emmett Cullen, Rosalie Hale, and Jasper Hale. His vampire parents are Esme and Carlisle Cullen. Sometimes I wish I could tell the people I love that I am leaving. I just got word from my sister and she wants to meet up. I am going to bring Renesmee with my, but how can I leave Edward. How can I tell him that I was even older then Carlisle is? I am going to tell them in a family meeting today.

Once everyone was there, I started to talk. "As you know how much I love you guys, I have a secret." Edward had started to state, "Bella, love, you don't…." I stopped and said, " I do have a secret. And can you be quiet when I say it. I don't want anyone to interrupt me. Thank you. I am not the Isabella Swan that you thought I am. I am not a Swan at all. I am a Petrova." They all gasped. "My twin sister is Katrina Patova and she is a vampire. She turned me two months after she was turned." The Cullen's just stared at Bella in disbelief. "She was turned in 1492. Two months later she found me. I was married to this guy my father picked for me to continue the family with. She asked me if I wanted to be with her forever. I told her yes. I hated my husband, the only reason I stayed with him is because I had Kat's child or my niece. My father had died two days ago before Katrina came for me. We stayed together until 1864 when she went to Mystic Falls, Virginia. She fell in love with two boys their hoping I would fall in love too. I didn't, I left her after the townspeople started to talk about vampires. I haven't seen her since. I heard from her and from rumors that the vampires were 'dead' in Mystic Falls. They aren't they so you say in hibernation. Anyways she just returned to Mystic Falls and found her great-great-great- great-great-great-great-granddaughter. She is her doppelganger, wait change that our doppelganger. I think I forgot to tell you that we are identical to the dot. So that's I think everything." Bella finally finished and the Cullen's just didn't say anything. Then Edward said, "You're older than every one of us first off, but how come you had a heart beat and blood." "Easy, I am the other type of vampire." Bella answered him. Carlisle asked the next question, "How do you have a kid when you were a vampire" "I actually asked my sister about that and she was surprised. By the way Renesmee, she wants to meet you." Bella retorted.

Edward POV

What my love is a vampire? Has been a vampire longer then Carlisle. I heard legends of other vampires, but did not know they were true. What I really can't understand is that she left her husband and sister's baby to be a vampire. She said that she didn't love her husband, but to be already married is just surprised. Edward finally talked, "How did you become Isabella Swan?" Bella answered, "Oh. I actually was friends with her at summer camp. She was such an idiot. She died the next day, and I did not kill her. I got a witch to make me look like her. I was named at that time… give it a second." Edward was surprised that she did not know her name at that time. "I was Isabella Mason. To be truthful my really full name now is Isabella Rebecca Petrova Mason Miklaelson Pierce Cullen. I was married two other times. One with a guy named Kol, he disappeared on me. The second was Tom Pierce and my sister killed him and that was her cover story in Mystic Falls. I was mad at first then realized that I didn't really love him. Kol was a sweet guy. I never knew what really happen to him, but I realized after three years that he didn't love me, so I did not love him. That is how I became Isabella Swan." I couldn't think that she was not Isabella Swan. But she was the one that moved here and the one I fell in love with. I still couldn't believe that she didn't actually look like this. "What do you look like?" I asked her. "Brown hair about to the middle of the back, blue eyes (I am doing the books eyes) with little gold in them also they are a little purple, and I am about five nine." She answered. Before I could ask her anything else, she told us. "It has been nice. I will come back, but I need to take my daughter to go see my twin. Bah Bye." She left in a flash and we looked at where Renesmee was sitting and she was gone. All of the Cullen's looked around the area and it seemed as if they disappeared.