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Elena's POV

For some odd reason I wanted to take a break from Stefan. So now I am single again. I came to this tiny town Forks for its location. JK! JK! JK! It is just on the opposite side of the country. So here I am driving my French light green mustang. I rented a house of a "Swan". It is an okay house, but not like the one I am used to. It was just a place close enough to everywhere. I am almost there according to my GPS. As I pull into the driveway I see one car parked in the driveway. So, I thought it was the house keeper. I got my purse from my passenger side of the car and up it to get to the white envelope that has the key to the house. I got it and grab my purse and went to the door. It unlocked and I walked in. I heard someone sleeping upstairs. I check the time on my cell phone to see if it was late. It was just before five pm. Then I heard voices upstairs, they sounded like they were arguing about something. My phone buzzed and it was a texted from Damon.

Hey Lena! Where r u? You missed Stefan freaking out about something. It was probably about you, but it was funny. He throw all his diaries into the fireplace and watched them burn. Any ways, I want to see you soon. – Love your BFFLAI Damon!

Hey Dam! Sorry can't meet you soon. I am not even in Virginia anymore. Move on from me and find Caroline and tell her too finally to get with Klaus. – Lena!

Where r u then? I need to see my secret cuddle bud every day. – Love the other cuddle bud Damon.

Damon and I have been secretly dating behind Stefan's back. It started right after I became a vampire. I felt a lot more close to him than anyone else. I couldn't eat/drink anything. Damon told me I had to drink straight from the vein and I loved it. It also stayed down. (A/N: I love Delena so be prepared for that action.) Then they found out that I was sired to Damon. That was when I found out that I was Damon's true mate and I him. So we pretended that we broke the bond. It was really depressing that I had to lie to everyone, but in the end I loved Damon more. Stefan thought I only in "love" with Damon because of the bond, but it wasn't just that. Bonnie had also lost her powers for me. Her grandma died or whatever it is in the spirit world. Bonnie just wouldn't shut up about it and it got annoying real fast. So now I am free of all that. I started to walk up the stairs and stopped in the doorway and found that little witch. That little witch and sister to my favorite person, Bella.

Bella's POV

"Why, hello Katherine? I didn't know that you were in town. Can you believe that it 2012? I mean I can't remember anything, but what Edwin has told me?" I said to Katherine.

"Bella, what game are you playing at? I am not Katherine and you know that. And isn't it Edward not Edwin. What is your deal?" Katherine told me. What was she talking about? I knew that our brother's name is Edwin. She knew that too. Why does she think that I am lying to her? I always stuck by her side, well almost always.

"Dearest Sister what are you talking about? If father heard you now, he would think that you never loved your dear twin. Now why don't you come here and give your sister a hug on her sick bed." I said to her.

"On your sick bed, Bella. What are you talking about? Vampires don't get sick unless. Unless you were bitten by a werewolf. And I will never in a million years give my great-great-great-great- and whatever grand aunt a hug." She told me.

"You are not Katrina. Thank God, I hate her so much. I only play this act to make her think I am her sweet little sister. She kills everyone that I love. I mean I was sad every time. She just needed to find her true love. Maybe she will not be as mean then. Man, I hate being a freaking human. Everything is not as fast. Why did Edwin do this to me now? Why can't he just kill me as a vampire and be done with it?" I blabbed. "He doesn't realize the danger that everyone is in now."
"Wait, you are not a vampire. How? Can you tell me? I don't want to be a vampire. Never have and never will." She said excitedly. "By the way I am Elena, if you can't remember."

"Oh yeah, Elena. So, but my memory is really bad right now. I can only remember things from when I was human. So, if you can please leave I want to go to bed. Edwin and Mr. Cullen have been arguing on how they are going to deal with me. It gets really tiring and boring." I said as I was yawning. Elena looked at me in a funny way and I passed out.

Kol's POV

I went into the house after everyone left. Bella was still fast asleep in her old bed here at the Swan's residence. She looked so peaceful in her sleep. I packed her bags and wrote a note saying:

Dear Family,

I am sorry I had to leave like this. I feel that it is not right for me to be around vampires anymore. I hope that you respect my choice. Do not look for me because that means that you do not love me enough to respect me. I hope that all of you enjoy your immortal lives without me. I hope to never ever see you again. Again please do not look for me. If it would be so kind to ask, but also do not cry over me. I am just a human. I will hopefully die of natural causes and never turn into a vampire again. If anyone else comes looking for me contact this number 938-238-3854. (A/N: this is a fake number) It will lead to a cell of mine. Please if you call this number you will die. From what I do not know? Please just go live you lives without me.

Yours Truly,

Isabella Mason!

I thought that was a good letter. I grabbed Bella and put her in my car. We left Forks to go to Isle Esme. I hope that no one will realize that I put her there for safe keeping. That is when my phone rang.

"Kol's phone. Who is this?" I asked.

"Kol, what the hell have you done to my dear wife? I read the letter from 'Bella'. Did you write your own as well?" Edward said.

"Go to the book on the table side I left my letter there to explain this. So enjoy life without my wife and tell her brother that if he ever sees her again, he is dead. By the way you will meet your death soon too. I told you not to call this number. It will all be explained in that wonderful letter from me. See you never again." I hung up after that. We were just entering Mexico when I hung up. I just took a car to not let them find out where we were going to be. I then decided to get rid of all my credit cards and bank accounts. Then I changed it so no one else can ever get in it besides Bella and me.

Bella was starting to wake up now. As she opened her eyes she looked surprised to be in a car. "Where am I? Where is Edwin? Who are you? Do I even know you? Tell me quick." She asked. I noticed that she didn't have any vervain on.

So I decided to compel her again. "Bella, I am your true love. We just got married and are going on our honeymoon. You decided that you wanted to become a vampire. You don't know anything about your family, but just that they disowned you. You always listen to me. You are a princess to me and you love to shop all the time. And you never don't trust me or question me." I told Bella. She looked a lot more at home now. She looked over at me in a loving way. A way that she never looked at me that way before. I loved that look in her eyes. It was a true loving look from her and it made me simile on the inside so much I started to on the outside. It took about fifty-two more hours to get to Isle Esme. No one came for us and it was going to really happy.

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