In a way it made perfect sense to Tim… if he really, really, really thought about it. Tony had gotten Chip (Charles? Whatever his name was) sent to jail, virtually taking him away from his… what? Brother? Sister? Parent? McGee wasn't quite sure, but whoever it was wanted revenge, but why now? Why not go after Tony right after Chip was put in jail? Why not go the 'Chip' route and frame Tony for murder? What had changed?

That was what McGee had to find out. He tried to wrack his brain, figure out if he had read anything about Chip lately, but realized he hadn't exactly given Abby's ex-assistant much thought in the past few years. Hell, even Tony didn't seem to think about Chip, but that could easily be a ruse. McGee had noticed his brother kept too many things close to his chest, barely shared what he was really feeling, and it was only out of pure luck that McGee managed to get anything remotely personal out of the older man.

Tim struggled to his feet, slipping and sliding in the mud, and began pacing. If it was indeed Chip's brother (or relative) McGee had to hope the guy (girl, elder) wasn't as crazy as Chip. Though, the fact that they kidnapped him and threw him in a pit, during a rain storm, made McGee realize they were probably crazier than Chip.

He sighed, leaning against the wall, noticing for the first time that the water was slowly rising. The last time he had stood, it only came to the top of his foot, now it was creeping past his ankle. He just had to keep from panicking, remind himself that it wasn't that bad. The odds of it raining enough for this hole filling with water weren't very high… unless there was a river or lake nearby.

"Yeah, like that's helping," he muttered glancing up at the opening. He already tried calling for help and climbing out, both useless moves on his part, but there had to be something else he could do; something that could help him. He just had to figure it out.

He scanned the area but found nothing. He sighed again, having a feeling Tony, Gibbs, and Ziva would have already been out of this hole. Of course, Gibbs probably wouldn't even be thrown down here in the first place. He wouldn't be stupid enough to stop and help…

It came rushing back and McGee's eyes widened. He had stopped to help that kid, that boy, with his car. He was digging around in his trunk for his jack and had felt something stick into his neck. He had been injected with something, but what? And was it dangerous or just a harmless sedative?

Pushing those concerns back, he remembered the guy saying, "He took my brother. So, I'm taking his." Chip's brother; McGee had been nabbed by Chip's brother. It still didn't explain what exactly happened to result in his capture, but it was at least a lead; a lead that would be better suited for his rescue team and not him.

"Damn it," he whispered sliding to the ground again. He shivered, glancing up at the sky again, willing the rain to let up. It was a futile attempt, and with a third sigh McGee dragged himself to his feet and began searching the area again. He couldn't give up, Tony would never give up. He could do this; he had to do this.


"You want me to what?" Tony said slowly, through numb lips, slowing his pacing. What this guy was asking was impossible. Gibbs would definitely know something was up. "How do you expect me to do that?"

"You're an intelligent man, Agent DiNozzo. You'll think of something," the voice replied. "Just remember, I'll be listening, so don't try anything stupid."

"How do I know Tim's alive?" Tony demanded his pacing picking up again. "I'm not doing this-quitting-if he's already dead."

"You'll just have to take my word for it," the voice stated softly.

"Just let me talk to…"

"You have fifteen minutes, DiNozzo, or I kill him," the voice interrupted before going silent.

Tony wanted to argue, wanted to continue to demand to speak to his brother, but he knew it was futile, so he opted to check his watch and rush out of the building. Instead of running, he flagged down a cab.

The cabbie wrinkled his nose at the state of DiNozzo, but still allowed the agent into his cab. Tony rattled off the naval yard's address, barely feeling the cab begin to move as he tried desperately to think of a convincing cover story. The problem was there wasn't one Gibbs would believe. If he wanted to really and truly quit, he'd have to go to the source. He'd have to go to Vance.

The moment the cab pulled up to the naval yard, Tony got out of the car. He tossed a few bills through the window the cabbie had opened and headed towards the front entrance, checking his watch on the way. He still had ten minutes.

"Should I count down for you?" the voice asked nastily, but Tony ignored him as he stepped on the elevator that a probie had just stepped out of. For a split second, Tony was reminded of McGee, but he let the thought fade away as he hammered on the elevator button.

He surpassed the third floor, allowing the elevator to automatically take him to Vance's level. The moment the doors opened, Tony sprinted off the car, barely sparing a glance over the balcony, and towards the director's office. He tore the door open, ignored the secretary, and burst into Vance's office.

"Agent DiNozzo," Vance started looking up at Tony. "I know this case is close to home for you, and I still don't think you should be working it, but that doesn't give you the right…"

Tony pulled his badge from his belt, removed his gun from its holster, and slapped both on the director's desk. "I-I quit," he whispered and raced out of Leon's office before the director could say another word.

He rushed back into the elevator, vaguely aware of Ziva calling his name, and once again pounded on the button. The doors slide closed seconds before Gibbs could reach the top of the stairs. Tony leaned against the wall, breathing heavily, and bitterly said, "There it's done. What do you want me to do now?"


Gibbs watched Tony's form disappear behind the elevator doors. He almost moved towards the elevator, almost tracked where his SFA was going and followed him, but quickly changed routes and headed towards Leon's office.

He walked inside, ignored the receptionist, and stepped into Vance's open door. The first thing the ex-sniper noticed was the badge and gun sitting on the younger man's desk. Eyebrows furrowed, he glanced up at Leon.

"Don't look at me," he said raising his hands. "DiNozzo quit himself."

"What do you mean he quit?" Gibbs asked slowly, raising his eyebrows.

"He said he quit."

His gut churning, Gibbs turned and headed out of Vance's office. He rushed down the stairs, nearly running into Ziva at the bottom, and cut her off before she could say anything, "Keep searching for McGee."

"Where are you going?" she asked curiously, her eyebrows furrowing with worry.

Gibbs didn't respond. Instead he headed towards the elevator, pressing the button to call the car to him. If he were lucky, he'd be able to catch Tony in the parking lot. The ride down was way too long for his liking, and when the doors finally opened he raced out, despite his protesting knees, and crashed through the double doors and out, into the rain.

He looked around, noticing Tony's car still sitting in the parking lot, and hurriedly moved towards it. To his surprise, the tires were slashed. Gibbs immediately began searching the area, but was unable to find his SFA.

He pulled his cell phone from his pocket just as he raced towards his car, hitting send on a familiar name.

"What is going on?" Ziva demanded the moment she picked up.

"Track Tony's phone," Gibbs commanded ignoring her question.


"My gut," was all he said before getting in his car and hanging up.


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