1AN: Just a short poem about Usagi and Seiya :)

We're both far apart

Yet...it's like we're close

I don't know how it works

All I know is it just happens

I think of you day-to-day

I remember your touch

I remember your laugh

I remember how soft your skin was

I remember us

We had fun together

The day came then

We all said good-bye

It broke my heart,

did it break yours?

To this day...

I wonder, are you happy?

Are you being protected?

You know, I'd protect you through anything

I wish I could be there by your side

to keep you away from the horrors

to keep you away from the evil

I wish it could be the two of us

We deserve our only little world.

If such a world existed, we could be happy

but one doesn't and it hurts to know

but I have a feeling for you

do you have it for me?

I hope you are still full of joy

the next time I see you

I hope to see that smiling face.