Ten years later...

Watching her family play in the snow was something Katniss never dreamed she would get to see.

But eleven year old Keegan and nine year old Hadyn were pulling their father down in the Appalachian snow to wrestle with them.

After moving home to 12, her pregnancy with Hadyn had been easier than with Keegan, which Prim said was because being a boy. They had decided to go with the firey names, and after researching for a few months, had come to Hadyn. Katniss liked it, and Gale had hoped that their names would hold a remembrance of the rebellion, and the freedom their parents worked so hard for.

His sight had improved, but the doctors doubted he'd ever have his full vision back. He could see shadows and outlines, but he had never seen his son's face except by touch.

Panem was being led by some of the brightest minds in the country, and Haymitch Abernathy didn't fail at holding public office. He was only on the board of senators, but it was said that he'd stay there because he didn't want the Presidency. The president was a woman who had commanded troops in the war. Katniss didn't know her, but Haymitch trusted her, and that was enough for her. Johanna had found a place in politics too, and Haymitch had informed Katniss that it was mostly to cuss the people who were doing the country wrong.

Gale was intrigued by the limitation to his sight, it provided a challenge and even after all these years, he still loved a challenge. He was convinced he'd probably get most of his sight back, but only if he tried hard enough. He'd had Katniss read some books on the eyes out loud in the evenings, so she learned just as much about the world of eyesight as he did.

Prim and Rory came to visit often from their home in district 4. After visiting Annie and Finnick and their son for a few weeks, Prim had fallen in love with the landscape and had convinced her new husband Rory to move down there. Prim had taken over her mother's trade at the local hospital, and Rory had been involved in some of the fishing trade with Finnick. Katniss smiled as she remembered the hasty trip to district 4 to be with Prim when she had her new baby girl. But just as she had discovered during the war, Katniss wasn't fond of the ocean, and it had made her nervous to see a blind Gale swimming in it while they were there.

Even Katherine was getting most of her memory back. She didn't remember Katniss's or Prim's childhoods, but she did recognize the fact that she had daughters, and she regularly kept up with them. The last time Katniss had spoken to her, she had found someone else in the Capitol and had fallen in love. Katniss hadn't met the man yet, but she had promised to come out in a few months to see him.

The years had passed, largely uneventful to Katniss and her family, and she liked it that way. Her family was everything to her, and she had proved it by starting a rebellion for them. She and Gale had changed the face of Panem, providing the way for a whole new government.

And as Gale came into the house, red faced from the snow with Keegan on his back and Hadyn in his arms, she smiled with how lucky she was. And as Gale saw her outline and leaned in to kiss her, he whispered, "I love you." Katniss smiled and kissed him back, because she knew it was true.

That night, they put the children in their beds and sang them to sleep, as they had taken to doing every night. The familiar song was Keegan's favorite, and singing it brought back memories of Katniss's games for Gale, but it put both children to sleep every night, nonetheless.

Deep in the meadow, under the willow,
a bed of grass, a soft green pillow.
Lay down your head, and close your eyes,
and when they open, the sun will rise.

Here, it's safe, and here, it's warm,
here the daisies guard you from every harm.
Here your dreams are sweet, and tomorrow brings them true,

And as always, they look at each other and smile before whispering the last words,

Here is the place where i love you.