Kidd tapped his foot against the wooden floor nervously, running his tounge across his teeth as he stared at the other occupants of the cell. Little light filtered through from the lantern at the end of the corridor that faced there cell, leaving bright spots in their vision if they bothered to look too long.

It hadn't taken Kidd long to figure out that all the captured people within the cell were Supernovas. The eight of them were shackled, the sea stone cuffs a constant reminder that each of them were strong enough to hold their own, and each of them trapped. Beside him, Killer leant against the wall and watched each of the people carefully, tense as he surveyed them.

Jewelry Bonney was silent, idly spinning her green furazerka on one finger as she gazed into nothing. Capone was beside her, wiping at his face with a tissue he had in his top pocket, and glaring at Urouge who ignored him. Opposite them, the ex-admiral spoke quietly with the magician, the two of them covertly glancing around the cell once in a while whilst they listened.

Grounding his teeth together, Kidd shot a glare at Apoo, resisting the urge to smack the man into oblivion as he hummed some obscene song down his ear. The damn two armed monkey was the only person who dared to sit close to him besides Killer in the small space, and certainly showed no sign of moving.

And then there was Trafalga Law.

The pirate had been the last to be thrown in, and seemed to be the worst for wear as he licked the blood from his top lip with a frown. The man had been battered, his crew supposedly putting up a good fight as they tried to save their captain.

From the doorway of the corridor, there was a loud laugh, and each of the Supernova's turned to see a figure being dragged between an entourage of marines towards them. Behind them, Vice Admiral Garp grinned, watching as the man was thrown through the doorway into the cage without a thought, eliciting a grunt from the collapsed pirate.

Garp walked up to the cage with a grin, bending down to get closer to the captured man as he lay beside the bars.

"You were unlucky, kid. Any other day and I'm sure you would have pulled one. You'll be the perfect bait for that troublesome grandson of mine."

The man chuckled and pushed himself up onto his elbows. "Say what you like, old man, but you know as well as I do that he's one hell of a pirate."

Garp let out another bark of laughter, grinning as he rose to walk away. "Luffy's going to come for you Roronoa, even you can't prevent that."

The door slammed behind him, leaving the cage in the dark of a wavering candle, each of its occupants staring at Zoro unashamed.

He grimaced, ignoring them in favour of pushing himself further up till he could lean against the bars, pushing his shirt up to reveal a horrid gash that was bleeding sluggishly, the stitches hanging loose.

Zoro sighed loudly. "Chopper's going to kill me."

"What are you doing here?" Killer voiced finally.

The man sighed and narrowed his eyes at the man. "The same reason you are. What's it to you?"

Law grinned cheekily. "You've got guts, calling Garp out like that."

He shrugged. "Didn't say anything that wasn't true."

Apoo clicked his fingers. "You were talking about Straw Hat, weren't you?"

Zoro shot him a withering look. "Who else would Garp be after? Damn man's been on our trail since Water 7." He sighed and pulled at the cuffs on his wrists. "Though we thought we'd lost him at Thriller Bark."

The room was silent, before Zoro looked up sharply, blinking. "What?"

Bonney shook her head. "After the deal with the Tenryubito on the street, I thought you'd have found some sense."

"Evidently not, since he was then part of the attack against them again at the auction." Capone muttered, glancing round the room before crossing his arms with a jingle.

"So it's your fault we're stuck in this mess." Kidd clarified, eyes narrowing. "If we ever get out of this mess, I swear to God I'll gut you and your captain like a-"

Zoro cocked his head suddenly, before grinning. "Hate to interrupt, but I think things are just about to get interesting."


There was a crash and a shout, before footsteps began to thunder across the deck above. Zoro rose to his feet, leaning against the bars as he hing his arms through them grinning. Behind him, the supernova's watched, confused as above the sounds of a battle reached them.

Drake crossed his legs carefully. "What's going on, Roronoa?"

"Huh?" He looked over his shoulder at him, eyebrows raised. "Why, Luffy's busting me out of here? At least... No it is Luffy. Can hear him already."

They were quiet again as each of them strained to hear what the swordsman could, unable to over the loud sounds of gunfire.

Hawkins shook his head, eyes narrowed disbelieving. "The probability that this is Straw Hat. 98.2%"

All the prisoners looked up sharply to see Zoro shrug. "The Captain just doesn't know when to quit."

There was a thunderous crash, and a loud voice boomed through the space. "Zoro!"

The man grinned, about to shout back when Chopper roared after him. "You better not have taken those bandages off again!"

The man winced, running his hand through his hair before leaning back against the bars. "Damn medic, this isn't the time."

Nami kicked open the door at the end of the corridor with a grin, sprinting along it with the keys in hand.

"You got lost again, didn't you?"

Zoro scoffed, holding his arms out as she reached him. "I did not. You moved the boat."

"No Zoro, you got lost. And you took your bandages off- again." She grinned cheekily as the manacles gave a resounding click. "Choppers gonna' kill you!" She sung, moving the cell door.

Zoro huffed and followed her. "Yeah well, he was going to kill me anyway."

Nami hummed, before growling when none of the keys fit into the lock. Throwing them to the floor, she pulled two hair pins from her bra and set to work, ignoring Zoro's roll of the eyes.

There was a noise, and a bunch of hands appeared, passing some thing along the corridor as Nico Robin stepped into the doorway.

"They were not the right keys?"

Nami slammed the pick in with a grin, stepping back to allow the door to swing open. "They worked on the cuffs, but not the door."

Zoro stretched as he stepped out, grinning as the hands passed him his three swords. "Now thats better."

There was another crash, and Nami stumbled, the hands supporting her as the boat rocked madly.

"What the hell is he doing now?" She growled, before storming out the room. Robin let her pass, before gazing back into the cell.

"The Supernova's?"

Zoro slipped the three sheaths into his haramaki, glancing back at them as they moved out of the cell, Apoo being the first to reach the keys. "They are?" He shrugged. "If you say so. What's Luffy doing?"

She led the way out to the deck where the straw hat crew were fighting wildly against the marines. On top of the railings, Garp laughed loudly as he watched them, Luffy swinging round the main mast as it fell with a crash. Robin crossed her arms.

"Being Luffy."

Behind her, the seven captains and Killer stood, watching the fight with wide eyes. Nami grinned as her Lighting bolt struck, taking out the men she was fighting. She glanced over at Robin.

"Shall we get moving?"

"Lead the way Miss Navigator." The two took off, clearing a pathway towards the boat, heading round the fallen mast as they did so. Zoro grinned, pulling out his swords and diving into the fray, moving slowly towards his captain.

Kidd's shackles fell to the floor with a crash, and he rubbed his wrists as he watched. Franky dived past them with Usopp, the two of them looking back confused.

"Aren't they-"

Zoro barreled towards them, chased by Chopper, who screamed undulated.

"I thought I told you! And look what happens!"

Franky shook his head, moving out of the way as they passed. "To the ship?"

The man beside him nodded, leading the way wildly through the crowd, only stopping as they reached the railing, glancing back at the at the supernovas.

"Should we take them?"

Franky shrugged. "They're strong enough to take care of themselves."

Robin landed on the railing gently, calling out "Clutch!" as a group appeared from the back of the ship. "Franky san? Everything is ready. Maybe we should bring them."

Zoro looked over, hanging from the mast as he pulled the sail in, Chopper doing the same on the other side. "They look like shit. Someone ask Luffy."

Sanji rolled his eyes before calling out, the rest of the crew already on board as Franky sped to the helm.

"Oi! Captain! What to you want us to-"

"Set sail!" He cried, barely avoiding the cannon ball Garp threw at him. There was a chorus of assents, and Luffy stretched, arms encircling the supernova's as he reached for the ship.

"Coup de-"

The nine of them landed, sprawled across the deck with Luffy's arm still attached to them.


There was a second, where the eight supernova's frowned, before the force of the motion sent them reeling, Luffy's arm the only thing stopping them from flying away from the rising ship.

With a grin, the crew began to move, Chopper in his 'human' form dragging Zoro to the medical room he had, all the while grumbling about stressed injuries. Robin chuckled, moving towards Luffy as he glanced back at the dwindling ship.

"What next Captain?"

He shrugged, glancing at the horizon before calling out to Nami. "Is that storm still on its way?"

She nodded, frowning. "It'll hit us soon. No doubt. There's a small island not far from here where we can moor and decide what to do."

Nodding, the crew set about unfurling the sails the minute the boat touched the water. More than a little dazed, the supernovas stood, watching them carefully.

Urouge was the first to speak. "Sorry, storm?"

Nami looked over, frowning. "You're from Skypia, aren't you? You should be able to see the beginning of the cyclone that's coming."

He stared at her unabashed. "I can't see anything."

Nami raised an eyebrow, turning away as she replied. "Look harder then."

Usopp rolled the barrel past with the help of Robin, whistling cheerfully as he did. The supernovas turned to each other.

"They're crazy. Have to be." Kidd stated, arms crossed.

"I thought we'd guessed that when they took on the Celestial Dragons at the auction house." Law muttered, leaning against the railing.

Hawkins looked at them cooly. "They were the only ones who managed to get away from Kizaru and the Pacifistas."

Kidd shrugged. "So their strong and crazy. Doesn't change the fact that they're preparing for a storm that's not coming."

"I don't know." Drake murmured, looking at the sky. "Those clouds don't look good."

Each of the supernova's looked skyward, suddenly aware of the dark shade the day had taken. There was a minute, where they just looked, before the heavens opened and rain began to pour.

There was a shout from the front of the boat as the stopped, the anchor dropping as the swordsman and captain took to the sails, pulling them in with a practised ease. The island was long, full of trees that blocked their view of the marine ship they had sailed away from.

Luffy appeared next to them, sharing a look with Zoro who had dropped beside them.

"See you on there."

Law frowned. "What do you mean-"

The sudden hand around their waist, grabbing the group easily as the other connected to a tree on shore. Luffy grinned wildly.

"We're going on ahead."


Their screams ruined whatever protests they were going to try, leaving the swords man watching the plume of sand with a grin.

"Oh he's so dead."

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