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"359 on Heart Street…. This must be the right building…" Alice Liddell murmured. She had finally moved away from home to go to college. Her father knew the owner of the building and called in to ask a favor from his old friend. Although all the apartments in the building were taken he was able to convince one of the tenants to take on a roommate, he preferred to live alone. The building was small but each apartment took the whole floor. There were only 4 floors in the building. Her new home was on the second floor with a Dr. Julius Monrey. She sighed. Her father told her she had to go meet the owner of the building before she barged in on the doctor.

The owner of the building also owned an amusement park close by but he never moved out from the little apartment he always lived in. As soon as his park took off he decided to buy the building. Alice's dad always said he was a really friendly man. She entered the building and began to hike up the stairs. She turned the corner and ran into a man, she toppled over.

"S-sorry…" she mumbled scrambling to get up.

"It's quite alright." The man said. He offered his gloved hand to the girl and she took it. He helped her up as she looked, gawking at the man. His hair was white like that of an old man but he appeared only to be 23. He had big, round glasses which covered his red eyes. He wore a suit and a bright red tie. "the name is Peter, Peter White." He smiled at her.

"H-hello Peter. I'm Alice Liddell. I will be moving in with Dr. Monrey."

"Oh. You will be his new roommate? I wonder how he would ever tolerate-…" he paused to think. "Eh. Never mind that. I'm running late and can't chat. See you around." He said before heading down the stairs.

'Is it just me or did he rhyme…?' She shook the thought and continued up the stairs to the top floor. She then gently tapped on the door.

"Boris!" She could hear someone yell. "Get the door."

"Yeah, yeah, old man." He mumbled as this Boris fellow opened the door. He looked like a punk dressed in black and pink with so many chains. Even his hair was pink and brushed forward into his face. His eyes were yellow. He seemed to be about 17. "Can I help you?" He asked.

"I… eh…. Is….erm… Mr. Mary Gowland here?" she asked, tentatively.

"Hey old man! There is a pretty lady here for you!" Boris yelled into the next room.

"Hm?" a man looked around the corner to see Alice. He had brownish red hair that was short on top but a long braid could be found in the back. His face was covered in short hairs and glasses were perched on the bridge of his nose. Teal eyes twinkled behind the glass when he saw her. "Alice Liddell I'm assuming." he smiled. "You have your mothers face but your fathers eyes." He beamed.

"R-really?" she asked nervously.

"Yup. So…." She fidgeted awkwardly under the gaze of both the men. "Why don't you come in and have a seat. We can talk about your living arrangements then." He said, welcoming her into his home. As she walked in she could tell he liked bright colors… And music. A grand piano was snuggly fit into his living room right behind a couch that faced the television. "Please, sit." He said as he ushered her to the couch. She sat and fidgeted again. Mr. Gowland was smiling at her and Boris was standing in the corner staring at her.

"So. You will be living with Julius Monrey. It took a lot of convincing but I finally got him to agree to let you stay there. He isn't in much as he is a doctor so I really don't think he will see that much of you anyway." He shrugged. "Your dad is paying for you to live here so you don't need to pay for that. I think the only issue would be parking…" he mumbled.

"I-eh… Parking won't be an issue. I don't have a car." She replied.

"Well that is good." He said, smiling again. "But… how will you get to your classes?" he asked.

"Oh. Most my classes are close by but if I can't walk it then I always have my bus pass." She looked away nervously, pretending to look at his house. Her eyes stopped at the piano.

"Do you like my piano?"

"Oh, er… Daddy used to have me take lessons." She could feel the heat rising in her cheeks.

"Maybe you could play a song for me some time." He chuckled. "Anyway I should probably tell you about the rest of the tenants. This top floor is my home. I live here with this useless man, Boris Airay."

"It's a pleasure." Boris purred making Alice blush more.

"The floor under us is occupied by 3 people. Vivaldi, Ace, and Peter White." Alice perked up at the sound of Peter's name. "What?" He asked.

"Oh, eh. I met Peter in the hall just now." She answered.

"Hm…. Well the floor under that, the second floor, is where you will be staying with Julius. The first floor is the current residence for a man named Blood Dupre and his lackeys Elliot March and twins Dee and Dum. I suggest you stay away from them. Not the best sort of crowd… But they do pay well for rent." Suddenly Alice's cell phone begins to go off.

"Yes, daddy?" she asked as she held the phone up to her ear. A brief silence.

"I just met him. He is right here. Do you want to talk to him?" Silence "He would like to speak with you, Mr. Gowland…" She muttered, holding the phone out to him.

"Hey." He said into the phone. "Yes, she made it here fine….. Her things? …. Oh ok. I have just the person." He nodded. "Yes, I will take very good care of her… Ok. Talk to you later." He said as he hung up handing the phone back to Alice. "He wants you to call him back when you meet Julius. Boris."

"Yeah old man?" he asked.

"I need you to stay here with Alice tomorrow. Her things will be arriving and I want you here to help her get the stuff to her room." He turned back to Alice. "Now. Shall I show you to your room?" He asked holding out his hand. She gladly took it as he pulled her up out of the couch. He then took her down the stairs to the second floor. He fished through his pockets to get his large set of keys. Searching through them he finally found the right one and opened the door. "Julius?!" he called out.

"Hm?" someone responded from another room.

"Oh good, you're here. Alice is here." Gowland said as he went into a room. Alice cautiously followed the man into an office space with a large desk. A man with long dark blue hair sat behind the desk with glasses sitting on the tip of his nose. He looked at Alice with his blue, almost gray, eyes. He seemed to be about 28 years old.

"H-hello." She said. He just grumbled in response. He appeared to be fixing a small pocket watch.

"She will need the spare key for the apartment." Gowland said. Julius huffed as he put the clock down on his desk and opened a desk drawer. He pulled out a small key and slid it across the table. Alice then took the key and held it in her hand.

"Don't lose it…" Julius muttered. Alice nodded

"Well. I leave it to you two to settle things. See ya later." Gowland said as he walked out the door. Alice stood there awkwardly as Julius worked on the clock. Finally Julius sighed and put down his tools and the clock and removed the glasses from his face. He looked at the girl standing before him.

"Well…?" he asked.

"Erm…. Daddy wanted to talk to you." She said as she reached for her phone. She dialed him back and he picked up. "Hey, daddy… Yeah. Julius is here… Ok." She said as she began to hand the phone to Julius. He stopped and looked at it for a brief moment before taking it from her.

"Yeah…?" He grumbled. "Yeah…. Uh huh….. Yeah…. Yeah... No problem." He said handing the phone back to Alice.

"Daddy? … Ok…. Yeah daddy, I love you. Bye." She hung up.

"You will be sleeping on the couch for tonight. Hopefully your things will be in tomorrow because I know the couch can be quite uncomfortable." He said as he got up. He then went down a hall way and found the linens closet and pulled out two sheets, a blanket, a pillow, and a pillow case. He then walked out and dumped all the stuff on the couch. "You can make it yourself, right?" he asked. Alice nodded in response. "Now. Some ground rules. No parties, no loud music, and be home by 10." He said as he turned to leave.

"Dr. Monrey?" she asked. He turned to look at her. "Thank you for letting me stay here…." She mumbled. He nodded and entered his office again, closing the door behind him.

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