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Chapter 2: The Sky.

Shrouded Glade was never the best of places. Too small to accept all the applicants that gain entrance to the school. And to busy with rumours of the grand mage, to care for what it actually happening on their door step, considering the recent spread of the area of where the animals of Misty Mountain dwell. I left the safe house, considering what if anything could be considered safe after the message of the letter. I ran back to Lakeshore, putting on a cowl and kerchief I had scavenged from what was left at the safe house.

I ran up to Charlie, tossing a few coins his way, and saddled my horse, Blaze, up for riding while he tossed his fiery mane to and fro. He was what was named a "Nightmare" horse, a rare breed from Black Forest that was sometimes found in Blackspore. I hopped onto him and clicked my heels into his side, sending him off into the direction of Shrouded Glade. As I rode past the robgoblin camp, I noticed the clouds beyond the trees over shrouded glade; they were an unearthly purple colour, seeming to cover the entire sky above Shrouded Glade, I clicked my heels into Blaze again. Feeling this sudden urge that there was something there, something dragging me to that place. I burst through the tunnel, the roots barely touching my head as i rode past and through the opening. Blaze grinded to a halt just outside the tunnel, rearing up once he had stopped. It was at that moment i noticed it. The carnage that lay over the grounds, the spectral fires giving off their black and purple smoke, the barricades made of scrap metal and pieces of wood blocking off the bridges. But as i absorbed all the chaos in, I only really saw the sky, the spiral of white cloud, and the powerful dark chaotic lighting it brought down.