"Hey Mel! Do you have plans for later?" Joe asked.

"No why?" She asked with a smug smile on her face.

She couldn't help, but wonder what Joe's plans were for the evening,and why he was asking her if she had any. She had to admit that lately she had been noticing things about Joe she never noticed before...things she liked.

"Well," Joe continued "I was in the grocery store this morning, and I ran into one of my good friends."

Mel had a questioning look on her face, "Go one Longo."

Joe chuckled. "Anyway, he won an all expence paid dinner for two. It is for tonight and he can't go, so he gave the tickets to me."

Mel was smiling. "Wow! I love her smile. Wait! No! I don't love anything about Mel. Sure I like her smile and the way she looks at Lennox and Ryder with pride and the way she sips... Oh did she just say something?"

"Joe? Longo? Did you hear me?" Mel said, wondering what Joe could possibly be thinking about.

"Oh sorry. What?" Joe said awkawardly hoping Mel didn't notice the way he was looking at her.

"I said...Are you asking me to go with you?" Mel said with a smurk on her face.

"Well it's a very nice place. I looked it up and there is a fancy dinner menu and dancing." Joe said

"And?" Mel asked waiting for him to officially ask her.

"Burke, would you like to join me? I have no one else to go with." Joe said smiling at Mel.

"Actually, I think that would be nice, but next time just get to the point." She said jokingly.

"Oh, so you want there to be a next time Burke?" Joe said sarcastically in that tone that always started their little quibbles.

"Dream on Longo." Mel said ending their conversation.

"Why was Joe looking at me that way before." Mel thought. "I am actually pretty excited for tonight maybe finally I will have some alone time with... stop thinking that way Burke." She reminded herself, "I don't like Joe that way he is just my nanny."

"AUNT MEL!" Lennox yelled down the stairs.

Mel rushed up the stairs to see what Lennox needed. Joe followed behind.

"Lennox are you ok?" Joe asked, with a worried and conserned tone.

"That's one thing I love about...like about Joe" thought Mel. "I love... like how he always seems so concerned about the kids and sometimes even me. He is always there when they...and i... need him. I am too, but sometimes they need a father figure, and Joe is as closest it gets for them."

"Yeah. I'm fine" Lennox laughed. "I just didn't want to walk downstairs to ask you if Ryder and I could go to a party tonight."

"Actually, your aunt and I are going out tonight," Joe said, looking at Mel while trying to hide his smile. "and you won't have a ride home."

"Why are Joe and Aunt Mel going out together? They don't even like each other!" Ryder thought.

"OMG!" Lennox thought to herself."Finally, Aunt Mel and Joe are going out on a date! I knew Joe loved Aunt Mel even if he didn't yet. I could tell by the way he looked at her, and as for Aunt Mel...the way her eyes light up when Joe starts one of their quibbles makes me think that she feels the same." She smiled at Aunt Mel accusingly.

"Well Joe," Lennox began. "Ryder and I both have friends going, and I'm sure their parents wouldn't mind picking us up. Maybe we could even stay over."

"I will go find out!" Ryder said.

"Alright, thats a good idea." Aunt Mel said smiling at Lennox.


"Aunt Mel! Our friends parents said that will be fine that they will pick us up and we can stay at their house!" Ryder yelled down the stairs.

"Ok! What time do you need to leave?" Joe yelled to the kids

"The party is just down the road, we are going to leave at eight and walk" Lennox said.

"Alright well we are leaving at six." Joe said trying to hide his growing excitement.

"Finally I will have some time with Mel!" Joe gave up on trying to convince himself that he was not excited. "I have to admit, Mel is a beautiful, strong, and wonderful women, and even though she is my boss she and her neice and nephew have become my family and I am happy they are in my life." Joe thought.

Mel went into her room to get ready and Lennox followed her. "Oh no! Lennox is going to start questioning me now." Thought Mel.

"Ok, Aunt Mel. I know you and Joe have feelings for eachother so you can stop trying to hide it from me." Lennox admitted.

"I don't have feelings for Longo! He is annoying, rude, bald, funny, gorgeous, smart..."

"Oh shit!" Mel thought. I just said that out loud, and now Lennox is looking at me like she just saw us kiss or something.

"OMG! Aunt Mel! I knew it!" Lennox said excitingly "tonight you just go and have Joe to yourself! Don't worry about anything. You guys just go and
have fun. Then when you come home the two of you will have the house to yourself!"

"Easy there Lennox!" Mel said blushing. "I doubt anything will happen tonight. It's just the two of us going out."

"Ok Aunt Mel whatever you say." Lennox said sarcastically winking at her aunt.

"Well, Lennox I am going to get ready. I have to find something to wear. He said it was pretty fancy." Mel said smiling.

Mel picks out a pale blue fitted evening gown that sets of her blue eyes. She curls her hair and picks out her best jewlery and shoes.

Joe decides on a gray suit with a plae blue shirt. Lennox picks out a white tie to go with it.

Mel walks slowly down the stair in her heals. She is a little nervous, but also excited.

Joe putting on his tie, hears a soft clicking sound coming down the stairs. He knows this sound all too well, and as he smiles he turns around to see Mel descending down the stairs.

"Wow Burke, I have to admit you look good!" Joe says with a little more vulnerbility than he would like.

"Not so bad yourself Longo!" said Mel blushing. "Do you need help tying that tie?""

"Sure." said Joe smiling

Mel begins tying the tie with skill. When she was finished she tightened the knot up by he neck, and she ended up staring right into his , she blushed and looked down at her feet.

"Thanks, Mel." Joe said softly and blushing himself.

Finally, after saying goodbye to Lennox and Ryder, they left. When they got to the car Joe opened and closed the door for Mel. He may not be proud of being with Tiffany, but she did teach him how to treat a woman. In the car Mel could already feel the tension of the feelings that they were both trying to hide.

"Mel," Joe began "do you how happy I am that you are going with me tonight?"

"Really Longo?" Mel said blushing

"Of course! Honestly there is no one else I thought of asking." Joe said kindly.

"If I had the dinner I could think of loads of men to invite before you!" Mel said playfully.

"Thanks Mel." Joe said pretending to sound hurt.

"Just kidding Joe, that was actually sort of sweet!" Mel said happily.

"Here we are Burkey." Joe said while getting out of the car to her door for her.

When Mel and Joe got to the dinner they ordered their food and drinks of they were waiting for their food they decided to dance. It was a slow song and there were few people on the dance floor. Joe grabbed Mel's hand and led her to the dance floor. He put his hand around her waist, and she followed, melting into his strong arms.

OMG! Mel though. His hands feel so strong around me and yet so gentle and tender. Mel felt electricity run through her body as they slowly moved around the dance floor. Mel looked into Joe's eyes and blushed. He was already looking down at her.

Wow! Joe thought. She looks so beautiful and caring. Soon without thinking Joe began to lean forward towards Mel, staring at her lips the whole time. Yes! Joe thought. Mel was leaning in too.

"TABLE 18!" YOUR FOOD IS READY!" yelled the waiter, breaking the moment.

The two didn't kiss they both realized that the moment was over, so they went to get their food.

Damnit!The one moment I had with Mel was gone before I even kissed her! Joe thought, taking a long sip of his wine.

"Why? Why did that have to happen?! I've been wanting this since the night at the apartment!" Thought Mel, also taking a long and smooth sip of her wine.

They had a nice conversation, but it wasn't what either of them wanted to talk about. After they finished eating, they went to the car and as always Joe opened the door for Mel, One the way home Mel and Joe were both thinking. It was quite. When they finally reached the house, in what seemed like forever they both went inside and plopped on the couch.

"Longo," Mel said softly while turning on some slow music. "would you like to dance with me?"

"Y-yes...yeah I would love to dance with you Burke." Joe answered taking Mel into his arms.

Mel rested her head on his shoulder, right in the crook of his neck. It was like two puzzle pieces. A perfect fit.

"Mel?" Joe said.

"Yeah?" Mel said dreamily lifting hr head from his shoulder.

He didn't have to say anything more. All he had to do was lean in. Soon their lips were brushing against each other and their passion increased. Neither of them tried to pull away and their hands were free to go where ever they wanted. The kiss lasted for a while, but it seemed so short, and they knew this kiss would not be the last.

"Joe, I'm tired." Mel whispered against Joe's lips.

"Ok Burke, go to bed." Joe said.

Mel grabbed his hand and lead him up the stair behind her. "Wait here." she said. When she entered the room she changed into a silky night gown. It was not revealing, but it was enough to make his imagination run wild. She opened the door and lead Joe into the bedroom. "Here" she said taking off his jacket, tie and shirt, leaving his muscular body shirtkess in front of her. She got under the covers and patted the bed beside her.

Joe thought about how wrong this could be for only a second. He gave Mel a questioning look. He had to admit he would love to lay
with her, but he didn't think she wanted things to get 'wild'.

He was right Mel didn't want anything more, but she did want a muscular, warm, sexy body in bed next to her for just one night.

"Don't be scared Longo!" Mel said seductively.

"Why not, Burke?" Joe said teasingly.

Joe crawled into bed next to Mel. They kissed for a brief second, and then Mel rested her head on Joe's chest as fell asleep to the beating of his heart. He watched her dream and then fell asleep himself.


Lennox and Ryder get home early while Mel and Joe are still asleep. Lennox walks upstairs to find Mel asleep in Joe's arms...

I will continue writing if you guys like this story! Please leave ideas and comments :) i really hope you enjoyed it!