"After all of that, she just left me here?" Joe thought. It's not that I don't understand, because I do. It's just I don't think I can ignore my feelings, but I will try. She needs me to try. They need me to try." Joe convinced himself, while still standing in shock in the living room.

"I'm a terrible person!" Mel thought while coping with her glass of wine. "I can't believe I did that. I just left him there...speechless. I need to go apol..." Her thought was interupted by the sound of Joe ascending up the stairs.

"Mel?" Joe called.

"Come in." Mel said sadly.

"Mel, I completely understand why we can't be together. Don't feel bad or worry about me. You don't need it Burke." Joe said.

"I'll never worry about you Longo." Mel said playfully.

"Ok, well I brought you something heavier." Joe said pointing at her wine bottle.

"Thanks, I could use it." Mel laughed.

"I know." Joe said setting down the bottle and slowly leaving the room.

"Joe!" Ryder yelled up the stairs.

"Coming Ryder!" Joe yelled. "Yeah?" he asked.

"Is everything ok?" Ryder asked.

"Yeah, it is." Joe said with a half-hearted smile.

"Well, I was just wondering if you could make some dinner. I'm hungry." Ryder admitted.

"You just went out for icecream!" Joe said.

"So?" Ryder asked confused.

"Ok Kid, I'll get right on that." Said Joe chuckling.


"Hey Mel, going out?" Joe asked seeing Mel dressed in that same blue dress from their outing.

"Yeah." Mel said awkwardly.

"Oh no!" Mel thought. "He looks so sad! Why did I have to wear this dress?"

"Have fun Mel, but not too much fun!" Joe winked and chuckled.

"I guess he's fine." Mel thought happily. "Maybe things will be back to normal soon."

"I will. You won't need to worry about that." Mel winked back.


"Hi, Mark." Mel said fliratiously.

Mark was a guy who showed intrest a while ago. Mel worked with him on a community project and he thought she was the most beautiful, smart women he had ever met.

"He's so is tall at six foot three with short, dark hair and green eyes. Nothing compared to Joe's deep dark, brown eyes. Oh no! I am not going to think about Joe... Mark was also athletic,but not even close to as built as... NO!" Mel thought.

"Hey beautiful." Mark said flahing her his fantastic smile.

Mel smiled at Mark. "You're so sweet Mark!"

Mark grabbed Mel's hand. While Mel awkwardly smiled.

"May I take your order?" the waiter asked politely.

The two ate and drank. Then they decided to dance. While dancing, Mark leaned in to kiss Mel, but when he did Mel backed away.

"Are you ok?" Mark asked.

"Yeah, can you take me home?" Mel asked trying to look sick.

"I guess." Mark said sadly

The ride home was quiet. Mel was deep in thought and Mark knew that's all she wanted to do. Think.

"Why do I feel like I'm cheating on Joe?" Mel thought frusterated. "We are not in a relationship!" Mel thought and then it hit her. "I guess in my head we are, because in reality, I want to be. I can't ignore the feelings. It's just too painful!" Mel finally admitted to herself.

Mark got out of the car and opened the door for her. He walked her to the porch, but scensed something was wrong. Still he wrapped his arms around her in a hug, and soon found her lips. He began kissing her. Mel pushed him off in tears.

"I can't!" Mel said frusterated. "I'm so sorry. I know you love me, but I just can't love you! I'm so sorry." Mel cried.

"I know. You are in love with someone else." Mark admitted. He leaned down and kissed her once on the cheek. Then, he left.

Joe opened the door as soon as Mark pulled out of the driveway. He saw Mel sitting on the porch swing in tears. It broke his heart.

"Mel." said Joe worried, while handing her a glass of wine.

Mel pushed it away.

"She never says no to wine, especially in this state." thought Joe setting the wine glass down on the porch.

He reached down and wiped her tears with his hand.

Mel leaned into his chest. She didn't say a word, instead she cried into his shoulder.

Joe put his arm around Mel, and began rocking her. He didn't say anything.

A few minutes later they both went inside, and acted like nothing ever happened. Neither of them spoke. It was just too be continued.

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