The Time Traveller.

Chapter One: The Astronomy Tower

Sitting at the high Table you would find a scowling professor Snape glaring at a group of giggling Hufflepuffs causing them to recoil and stem their laughter. Finding professor snape in a sour mood wasn't unusual, but even with his loveless life and the month of love freshly upon them, many people thought he was angrier than usual. He acted during his potions class with such viciousness that he caused many first years to cry and melt their cauldrons. Not even the most foolish couples or pranksters would stay out after curfew during his paroles, and those who were caught were sent to filch more the most severe punishment available.

This, too many couples dismay caused a strain through their relationships and even more unusual towards the professor's behavior yet, was his cruelty towards his own house. No Slytherin was safe from Snape's wrath. If they were caught out after curfew it was detention with filch, Did poorly in class, more detention. It was getting so bad that Draco was determined to send a willing prostitute into Snape's bed. The last student to give themselves up for the cause didn't think of doing that twice.

Even worse than Snape's male-Pmsing would be Hermione granger, Bookworm and shoo-in for valedictorian deciding to get unexpectedly hot during her sixth year at Hogwarts. During Hermione's stay at the Burrow with Ginny, they both bonded over the feeling of not getting the man who they loved. They read lousy magazines, they shared tips, and they even gave each other make-overs. This was the first summer ever Hermione didn't bury herself in her school work. One day before It was time for the girls to go back, Hermione and Ginny found a place called venerae's vixen's , a secret place that could only be found if you had contacts. Ginny and Hermione had a field day buying the most modest lingerie and undergarments they could find, they also bought slightly risqué thigh highs to put one with their skirts, and when they went to madam malkins, the duet asked if she could slightly modify their robes and outfits, making the tops tighter, the skirts shorter and the robes more formfitting.

All in all, the two girls were causing quite a strain in most of the male population's pants. All but the ones they wished to snag. Harry and Ron as usual were still the best friends they always were, Harry only restrained himself because Ginny was his best mates sister, But Ron was entirely oblivious towards Hermione Advances. No matter what she did, His head was only filled with dreams of Quidditch and hot babes. He only had eyes for those who would give him fame, choosing slutty Lavender opposed to Beautiful Hermione. Even harry saw how beautiful his best friend was turning out to be, but didn't think to enlighten his dunderhead of a best mate.


Hermione was at the Gryffindor common room celebrating with the other delighted Gryffindor's at their success in beating the Ravenclaw Quidditch team.

Everything was going great until one of the Hermione was forced to watch Ron snog Lavender in the centre of the common room. 'It looks, like he's eating her face' she thought disgusted. As she tried to move out of the way, until Cormac Mclaggen decided against that.

"Where are you going love?" He breathed onto her face, the stench of firewhisky present.

"Anywhere but here Mclaggen, I'd like to leave."

"Ah, ah, ah, not so fast kitten. How about you and me head upstairs, or even to the prefect's bathroom." He slurred, trying to sound seductive.

Hermione knew she was trapped, Mclaggen was stronger than her. And the way he positioned her arms above her head prevented her from using her wand. "Leave me alone. I don't want anything from you."

At this, Cormac's face turned into one of rage. "I'm not letting you get away from me kitten. You know that it's me you're wearing those close for. It's me you wish would strip you of your clothes. I'm the one you want to impress, and baby. I'm impressed. You're just a little pleasure whore who wants to get fucked just like the little slut you are." Cormac then let go of her arms and drew her in for a kiss, It was hard and uncomfortable until Hermione bit on his tongue drawing blood.

"Mmph!" Cormac cried as he slapped her across the face. At this, the party did decide to stop. You could hear a pin drop, Or in this case, the slap resound. Hermione was furious. "I will not, Nor will I ever be your slut Mclaggen." She all but screamed, and left. All the faces in the room could only look accusingly at Mclaggen, whose tongue was still bleeding profusely.


Professor Snape was quietly patrolling down the hall, though he knew it was a lost cause, He'd scared al the lovers away, and He found it relaxing. Lately Professor Snape had been walking around trying to clear his mind, especially of her. He'd put away all his memories of her into his pensive trying to clear his mind, but lately the memories have been coming back. 'If only I knew what started it.' He started thinking over everything he remembered when a sobbing sound stopped his train of thought. 'Looks like this cat has caught a mouse.' Only he didn't know this mouse had frizzy brown hair and was named Hermione.

He walked out onto the astronomy tower to find a ready to commit suicide Hermione hanging from the rails. He knew he needed to take action.

"And what this time has made the little Gryffindor princess cry for mommy now." This startled Hermione and caused her to lose some of her grip.

"Professor Snape. What are you doing here?" This caused his eyebrow to rise. "Shouldn't I be asking you that? What ever happened to Gryffindor courage Miss Granger? Taking the easy way out now?" This shocked Hermione.

"It seems to be the only way to stop what I feel inside." Hermione said. "And what is that pray tell?" Snape asked sarcastically. This of course opened a flood gate of tears.

"I'm practically selling my body trying to get the one man I love to try to notice me, I do everything for him. I do his work, I bail him out, I listen to him, I watch all his game, I try to make him feel loved, and I'm always there for him! But all he seems interested in is Quidditch and Slutty Lavender! He never notices me!" She screamed

"I'm always there for him and instead of him noticing me, all I get are drunk wizards seeming to want to take advantage of me! And he was there when I almost got taken advantaged of and all he did was staring. No 'Hermione are you all right? Oh Mione don't worry we'll get him.' Nothing! And to make matters worse, I'm practically homeless. I have no family now. I have nobody who loves me. So why continue existing? I'm just a waste of space, An ugly waste of space." But she couldn't be farther than the truth. Even with puffy eyes and a splotchy face, she looked beautiful in the moonlight; Though Snape could never tell her that.

"Then jump, If you are sure nobody loves you, Jump. Although, you would prove yourself a waste of so called Gryffindor courage, and would waste a slightly brilliant mind. I guess Draco would suffice. But miss granger, why do this and waste a young life. Merlin knows that Potter and Weasley would die without you saving their worthless arses. you would waste my time, and many others if you did commit suicide. Filch wouldn't clean your mess properly, and your burial would be a sloppy mess. And what would be the point of you loving him and wasting time and money if you give up. I always thought you had at least an ounce of knowledge, nobody else would have survived my potions class for six years, and to be administered into the slug club one must be at least beneficial to the minority of society."

Hermione turned and suddenly smiled. "You think I'm smart and great at potions?" She said with a new fire lit in her eyes. Snape snapped himself out of staring into her molten chocolaty eyes.

"I do believe I did not say that." He said with what could only be described as slight amusement. This lit up a new light in Hermione's eyes. "But you're not denying it?" At this snape could only smirk. "No I'm not denying this. Now you have only two decisions. Jump and die known as the cowardly princess of Gryffindor. Or, you go back to your common room, report your terrorizer's heinous crime and continue living your worthless life." Hermione was taken aback by the harsh tone in the professor's voice and was about to turn around when a lone Owl startled her causing her to let go.

Professor Snape ran to the edge of the balcony in hopes of grabbing her but was too late, forced to watch her fall from the balcony gracefully, like a fallen Angel. She was falling towards her doom and gracefully spinning and tumbling like this was what she was born to do as a fallen angel. The fall was agonizingly long when she finally landed on the ground, but there was no blood. There was no sickening thud; Hermione disappeared in a cloud of golden dust glittering as if they didn't know what they had just done.

"So this is how it happened." Snape muttered as he ran to the headmaster to inform him of what happened.