Chapter Seven: The first day of class.

Hermione woke up from her peacefully deep sleep, her limbs stretching like that of a cat, who just woke up from his nape beside the fireplace. "Crookshanks." Hermione gasped, noticing the absence of her furry feline. "Oh Crooks, what will I do without you?" Hermione pouted, missing her furry friend. If there was anyone who could help get through a tough time, it was a peculiar squashed faced, bottle tailed, ginger haired cat. She didn't know what she would do, Crooks was always there for her, from comforting her when Ron and Harry turned their backs on her, to doubling as a pillow or a blanket on those cold winter nights. Crooks was there when the Gryffindor Trio found out about peter and Sirius, and if it wasn't for him, they wouldn't have figured it out so soon.

Hermione sat on the edge of her bed sulking about her missing cat when she heard a knock at the door.

"Who is it?" Hermione asked.

"It's me." Called out the familiar voice of Arlette.

Arlette opened the door and poked her fiery head through.

"You know Hermione, You only have five minutes to get ready for class." Arlette said, sending a drowsy Hermione in to hard drive.

"Five Minutes!" Hermione screeched.

"Just five minutes?" Hermione shouted, her voice distorted by her tooth brush.

"Why didn't you wake me up earlier?" She asked Arlette angrily.

"Hold your horses, I was just joking, You have twenty five minutes, left. But I dare say after your theatrics you don't even need that long. Now call me after you're dressed, I have a surprise." Arlette said, slipping herself through the small crack in the door.

"I'm going to kill her!" Hermione shouted in frustration.

"Not unless you can catch me!" She heard Arlette reply from next door.

Hermione rolled her eyes and sat down on her bed, wiping of her drool mixed with toothpaste that found its way on her pajama shirt.

"Well, there's my daily shot of adrenaline." Hermione grumbled, along with her stomach.

"Don't worry tummy, We're getting food soon. I just have to get dressed and find Arlette." She said to her roaring abdomen.

Hermione got up off of her bed and started going through her drawers, Merlin knows what the elves thought when they went through her clothes.

Hermione opened the first drawer and found all of her underwear and bras, sitting proudly like jewels. She stared at all of the lace detailed bras and under wears, their jewel toned colours shining brightly.

When she said she was happy to get a chance to go shopping, she didn't mean that happy. She only needed a few bras and a lot of under wear. It's not like she was on a mission to trap all of the male population of Hogwarts, all though, Maybe finding love would help her get over ron. "If I were to guess, he probably told harry that I'm in the library crying my eyes out and that I'll be out any time soon with my bloody cat crookshanks and continue snogging Lav Lav" Hermione said shrewdly.

"Well then, I'll show him I don't need him. I'm a beautiful young lady and I can have any man I want. I am strong and independent and smart. I don't need Ron, it's Ron who needs me. And now I'm gone. He can have bloody Lavender, And I hope he gets his heart hurt when he realizes what a slag she is!" Hermione shouted in anger, Tears streaming down her face.

She grabbed a set of red and black underwear and set off to put them on. She then opened the next drawer and found all of her socks and stockings, and grabbed white set of knee high socks. She then grabbed her grey pleated school skirt, which she noticed was a bit shorter than usual, and her white dress shirt, Which due to Arlette's getting carried away, accentuated her small curves and growing breasts perfectly. She pull on her grey sweater vest which had a deep plunging v neck. And last but not least her tie, pin, and shoes.

Hermione positioned her tie to hang the right way, between the crevasse in the middle of her chest, and decided to go with flats that had a slight heel, She stood in front of a full sized mirror and stared at the beautiful girl, no, woman who stood in her spot. Her beauty only marred by her frown. She heard a knock at the door and stared at the fiery head of Arlette through the mirror.

"Look at you, My little sis all grown up. Come here, you look beautiful, why are you frowning?" Arlette asked, walking over to her sister.

Hermione stared at Arlette, she was a natural beauty, she didn't need deep plunging v-necks and short skirts to get all the guys, she already has half the population at Hogwarts drooling over her. Hermione felt like a home-made clay mug some four year old made for fathers day, compared to the statue of liberty, who stood strong and beautiful, greeting many faces each day.

"I don't feel beautiful, that's all. It's like it's all pretend, That this is all a mask. I'm not a beautiful person." Hermione said sadly.

"Don't say that Hermione, you are beautiful, you just hid behind baggy clothes and frizzy hair, and you rathered the company of books than a male. Those boys were just intimidated by you, afraid they'll seem stupid compared to your intelligence. If you showed boys your more interested in you, and that you're not a uptight bookworm, they'll show their interest in you. Plus, what boy hasn't had the sexy Librarian fantasy." Arlette said comforting the little braniac.

"Now come on, were going to be late for breakfast. Now here." Arlette said, giving Hermione a silver ring.

"As long as we both wear this ring, we can contact each other if we are ever in danger, or just plain bored and lonely." She intructed, showing Hermione her own silver ring.

"How does it work?" Hermione asked, swirling around the ring.

"Well, assuming you are in danger, you have to contact me, once I acknowledge you, our minds can be connected, and then you can tell me whats wrong. Dumbledore and I made them, he originally had them made for aurors, but people didn't take to kindly about getting their minds probed by others." Arlette said nonchalantly.

Hermione nodded and hoped that Arlette wasn't perverted, or had any fantasies including herself.

"I don't, I just hope you." Arlette said, opening Hermione's door.

"Hey, guys!" Said the bright bubbly voice of Alice. "Going to breakfast?" She asked the sisters, while a shy brunette tagged alongside her.

"Yep, you guys coming?" Hermione asked.

"Well, I know I am." Lily said gratefully as she stepped out of her dorm.

"Oh, Arlette and Hermione, This is Marleene Mckinnon, We told you about her last night." Alice said, pushing the shy girl infront of her.

Hermione remembered her face from the photo of the Order of the Phoenix.

"That girl right there is Marleene Mckinnon, shy girl she was, until she joined the order of the phoenix that is. She was one of the best, a dear friend to us all. Especially to Lily. I remembered her crying all night when she heard about her death. Her whole family was killed brutally by death eaters. Lily couldn't cope with the sadness and James worried for her, that was until a dear friend of hers stepped in." She remembered Sirius saying to her at Grimmauld Place. That was until Molly and Remus shushed him.

"Hello Marleene, I'm Arlette and this is Hermione. You wouldn't mind it If I called you mars would you?" Arlette said warmly.

"Oh no, not at all. It's a pleasure to meet you both." She said timidly, shaking the two sisters hand.

"Don't worry Marleene, I won't bite, I can't say the same for Mione though, She's starving." Arlette said, getting laughs from the gang of girls.

Hermione noticed Lily's change of expression, from friendly and warm, to despondent and cold staring at something behind them all.

Hermione turned around and saw two girls saunter their way over. If that's how you would describe someone teetering on the sky high heels.

'They must be may and sicily.' Hermione thought.

The rest of the girls turned around and stared at the two girls.

"Girls, Meet May and Sicily." Lily sneered at the two girls.

Hermione stared at the two girls One had bleached blonde hair while the other had die damaged black hair. They both wore the same outfit, which was comprised of a few strips of material and their smudged make-up made them look like twin racoons.

"I'm May." Said the raven haired one.

"And I'm Sicily." Said the blonde.

"You two must be the foreigners Dumbledore seemed to have let in. Well, here's something you should know,

We run the school.

We are the popular girls who get all the guys around here.

And you see that handsome boy downstairs, Sirius, He's mine." Sicily said, her terrible breath choking the girls.

"Listen, racoon breath." Hermione started.

"We don't take orders from you." Arlette added

" Sirius is a person and therefore cannot be owned."

"He's our friend, one we care about and we'll do everything in our power to get him away from you."

"And you probably get all the guys because they know you're an easy lay. It's like everyone's chip has already been in your dip." They said together.

"And we have the same rights as you now that we're here. We might be from a different place but guess what? Men like exotic women even better compared to road kill. And that we can pack a punch in. Now run along, with your little friend, and don't you dare ever come back. Vous Petites salopes!" The girls said in unison.

All of the girls were in shock, their mouths agape similar to those of a fish. May looked toward Sicily for guidance. 'It seems as if, sicily is the alpha in this pack.' Hermione thought. May ran down the stairs, surprising everyone that she could do that in those killer heels, while Sicily ran after her only friend.

"You just did the most awesome thing ever!" Marleene shouted. "Ever since my first year, they always tormented me!" She said, hugging the two sisters.

"It was nothing really, let's go eat our well deserved breakfast." Hermione said, smiling to herself.

"Well, we better hurry, if we get there in time, we'll have fifteen minutes to eat." Lily said.

"Well what are we waiting for?" Alice said, "For Snape to wash his hair?" Alice said, laughing along with the rest of the girls. Hermione noticed a slight grimace on Lily's face at the mention of this.

"Guys, behave. He does wash his hair, it's just so soft and shiny that it seems greasy." Lily said guiltily.

"Well, Sorry Lils, but come on! We better hurry if we want our breakfast." Alice said apologetically.


James, Sirius, Remus and Peter sat at the great hall waiting for the girls to arrive. "Where are they?" James asked, checking his watch and the great hall's clock to see if he's ahead.

"Maybe their having a lesbian Orgy." Sirius said snickering, when remus whacked him over the head with his history of magic book.

"OW Moony? What was that for?" Sirius said, rubbing the now forming bump on his head.

"That's for being so perverted and insulting the girls." He said, turning back to his previous page.

"Maybe their having a pillow fight!" Peter said, receiving strange looks from the rest of the gang.

"What? I like some of the pajamas girls wear, but I like it better when they wear none." Peter said, gaining another one of Remus's whacks.

"Ow! What was that for?"Peter said.

"That's for being such a weirdo." Remus said with a smirk on his face.

" So James, which sister is hotter? I know you'll say Arlette because she looks like a certain flower right?" Sirius said, raising his eyebrow.

"Well, they are both pretty, but I already like a certain Flower. Why don't you go out with Arlette instead. Or maybe even Hermione, she's beautiful too." James said, wolfing down the rest of his waffles and sausages.

"Nobody will touch either one of them." Remus said, while he continued reading his book.

"Ah, you shaggy old dog, you like one of them right? Is it Hermione? She looks like a bookworm, like you." Sirius guessed.

"Actually Sirius, I think he likes Arlette, he was practically drooling over her hand last night. What does she smell like Moony?" James asked.

"She smells so good. Like French vanilla, and burning logs during Christmas, and she has this peculiar scent. I can't put my finger on it." Remus gushed like a school girl.

"Are you sure it isn't…?" Sirius asked.

"No, no definitely not that, I would smell the, you know, blood. But she smells kind of, musky, in a good way. Like nature of sorts, but it's like nothing I've smelled before." Remus said with a faraway look in his eye.

"I think Moony's in love!" Sirius said, loudly, getting strange looks from people at his table.

"Not so loud Padfoot. It's his first crush, We have to find a way hook them up together." James whispered to his bud.

"No, no hooking up. She wouldn't like me. Last night was only friendliness, for god's sake, she must be disgusted, I practically drooled on her and I'm pretty sure I licked her hand." Remus said disgusted with himself.

"She isn't disgusted with you Remus, she likes you, that is the first time a girl hasn't practically fallen for my charms. I'm still limping from last night. What did she taste like anyways?" Sirius asked out of curiosity.

"Like heaven, Heaven and goodness. I'm surprised Moony isn't trying to kill her by now, I can still taste her on my tongue, it's like I'm afraid if I eat something, and I'll tarnish her taste." Remus said sheepishly.

"You are in love. Listen moony, ask her out on the first Hogsmeade trip, Take her to Madame Puddifoots." James advised his friend.

"No! Not there, take her to the shrieking shack, the view from there is marvelous, you can see Hogwarts from there." Sirius said.

"Well, that's great and all, but I'm not going to date her." Remus said irritated.

"And why bloody not?" James asked.

"Because of my 'furry little problem' guys. She'll be disgusted, afraid that I'll turn into a werewolf every night, and tear her to shreds. Besides, she deserves better. She doesn't deserve second best. I wouldn't be able to provide much for her. She shouldn't accept second best, she deserves the world." Remus said melancholy.

"Woah padfoot, he really is falling hard for her." James whispered.

"I know prongs, I just wish we could help." Sirius replied.

"Hey, guys, Arlette is the tall red head right? Because there she is with the rest of the girls." Peter said, finally adding some input into the conversation.

Sirius, James and last but not least Remus turned their heads, along with the rest of the males in the school and watched while the girls sauntered their way over to the Gryffindor table.

"See her beauty, her confidence, her everything. She doesn't deserve to be tarnished by me." Remus said in awe to his two best friends.

"Shut up Moony, you love her and that's it." James and Sirius said watching the girls agonizingly slow saunter.

The girls finally arrived and stood in front of the three gaping boys.

"Good morning boys." They all said in unison.

"Good…Morning girls." James, Sirius, Remus, Peter and a few other boys said weakly.

"Mind if we take a seat?" Arlette said awkwardly when none of the boys moved.

All the boys scrambled to make room for them instantly. Lily sat between James and Sirius, while Arlette sat between Sirius and Remus. Across from them, Alice, Hermione and Marleene squished themselves between frank and peter.

"You guys have just enough time to eat a bit of breakfast before McGonagall gives out our schedules." James said.

"Well, let's get cracking." Alice quipped, scooping up some bacon and eggs.

Hermione and Arlette along with Lily had similar tastes and scoop some sausages and bacon with their fried eggs.

"Carnivores, Eh?" Sirius said winking.

"Well, meat contains protein, and protein is what gets your brain going. Which is important every day. Without, you wouldn't do well In class and wouldn't have fuel for the day." Hermione said absentmindedly while spreading some marmalade on toast, impressing everyone with her vast amount of knowledge.

"Even this early in the morning, she's extremely you pass me the pumpkin juice please?" Arlette asked Peter, whom sat beside the pumpkin juice.

Remus dove quick into action and grabbed the pumpkin juice from some other students hand, leaving their cup and mouths dry and disappointed.

"Here you go, lo-lette." Remus stuttered, pouring pumpkin juice into her goblet.

"Thank you Remus, But I think that little third year would appreciate it back." Arlette said with a smile.

Remus smiled sheepishly and returned the juice to the disgruntled boy, who snatched it back greedily.

What Remus failed to ignore was a shared look between James and Sirius.

"So, what classes are you guys in?" Arlette asked.

"Well, I'm in everything except for care of magical creatures and Divination." Lily said.

"Same here." Said Alice and Marleene.

"Well, Me and Sirius and Peter are in everything except for history of magic, Ancient runes and Arithmancy." James said.

"I'm in everything except for divination." Remus said proudly.

"Same with me and Arlette Remus, looks like we'll see eachother in each class, I know I would never be able to stand divination, It's not even a real science. It's just foolish codswallop." Hermione said sniffing disdainfully. It was the only class she couldn't get an O on.

"Well, Here Come's McGonagall." Lily said, looking at the old matronly witch as she made her way through the rows of students.

"Your schedules, Mr. Pettigrew, potter, black, lupin and longbottom. And your schedules Miss. Adenes, Evans, Fortescue, and Mckinnon." She said as she passed them their schedules.

Hermione opened her schedule carefully, trying not to get orange marmalade all over it. "What do we have first Mione?" Arlette asked.

"Well, we have potions first with…Professor slughorn." She said slowly.

'Slughorn! I should of known, he said he taught Harry's mum. He'll remember me in the future.' She thought frantically, her mind racing millions of miles per second.

"Hermione." She heard someone whisper.

"Hermione." Hermione looked around her, looking for the culprit, when she remembered the ring.

"Arlette?" she asked in her mind.

"What's wrong Mione? Is something different from what it was in the future? I'll have to tell Dumbledore." Arlette said frantically, What could this mean for her plans?

"No, the problem is that it is going like it should be. The time line at least. I forgot about one of my future teachers. I mean, most of them are my teachers in the future, save for one student. But Slughorn is known to use his students for his own benefit. If he remembers me in the future, there's no telling what he'd do with his knowledge." Hermione said worriedly.

"Is that all? Hermione, That's nothing. Dumbledore will just have to deal with it later. There's two wizards nobody wants to ever anger. Voldemort and Dumbledore. Voldemort may threaten you with death, but Dumbledore is the only one that know what is worse than death for everyone." Arlette said calmly.

"Now hurry up, we have to go soon." Arlette said, noticing that most of the students were getting up to leave.

"Where are you two going?" Sirius and James said.

"To class." The girls bluntly said.

"Not today you are. We're gonna show you the ropes." Sirius said mischievously.

"No you are not. Not on their first day of class at least. Wait until the weekend Padfoot and prongs. It's only tomorrow." Remus said.

"Moony, you always ruin the fun, I bet they don't want to go to class, do you girls?" Sirius asked.

"Actually, we do want to go to class. We don't want to get detention on our first day of school." Arlette and Hermione said.

"Ha." Remus said smugly.

"Now come on, we'll show you how to get to the dungeons." Remus said, leading the way.


"So, on your very first day of school, you convinced peeves the ghost to fill the great hall with pumpkin juice?" Hermione asked, clutching her stomach as she laughed.

"Yep, Our very first prank on our very first day. You should have seen the faces on the teachers." James boasted, puffing out his chest and ruffling his hair.

"They had detention every day for weeks. I've never seen filch so happy, and the great hall smelled like pumpkins for months." Lily said unimpressed.

"Well, Here we are, the dreaded dungeons of Hogwarts. Here is where all the freaks go at night." Sirius said. "Beware the snivellosaurus snape. He attacks you with his greasy hair doom!" Sirius joked.

"Don't be so mean. He's my friend." Lily admonished.

"Your boyfriend?" Peter teased.

"That's just gross, peter. You're going down a peg." James said.

Hermione and Arlette continued walking behind the gang, staring at all of the paintings on the wall. Some of them were normal paintings of wizards while others were paintings of gruesome deaths and torture. They almost arrived at the potions class room when suddenly, a ghost appeared.

"And you are?" He asked dully, his face covered in a mask of boredom. Hermione stared at the silver blood stains adorning his clothing.

"Hello Bloody Baron, I heard earlier that peeves was annoying the house elves." Lily said, only stuttering minutely.

"I'll get rid of that joke of a ghost if it's the last thing I do!" The Bloody Baron said angrily. "Give professor Slughorn My remarks." He said irritated before setting of on his quest for the poltergeist.

"That was the Slytherin ghost, Nasty piece of work he is, Nobody knows how he got all that blood on him, we only know he committed suicide. Anyways, here's the potions class room." Sirius said, opening the class room door.

Hermione looked around in awe. It looked so much different now than it did in her time. Gone were the dark and dreary colours, now it was a hodge podge collage of different colours, choosing slytherin green as it's main color. Gone were the disgusting bottles of pickled animals, now there were neat little jars of multi-coloured potions. And the biggest difference of all was the lack of a tall and brooding Severus Snape, Instead there was a short and fat, smiling professor slughorn in his place.

"Hullo, hullo, welcome back fifth years, or should I say sixth years to my potions class." SlugHorn said, His walrus-tusk like mustache twitching with his every word.

Slughorn looked at the faces of his sixth year Gryffindor and Slytherin potions class. His eyes went directly to Lily Evans and Severus Snape. After combing through the faces of his students, he noticed two odd faces out.

'This must be my new students.' Slughorn thought to himself, his mind racing with thoughts of how he'd use them for himself.

"Ah, you two must be Arlette and Hermione Adene. A pleasure to meet you both, My name is Horace Slughorn, And I'm the head of Slytherin as well as the potions master. Tell us about yourselves." Slughorn ordered, his eyes wide and shining.

Hermione and Arlette stared awkwardly at eachother. Was this a joke?

"Don't be shy, girls, we won't bite." Slughorn encouraged.

Arlette gave Hermione an imperceptible nod and started.

"I'm Arlette Adene." She said.

"And I'm Hermione Adene." Hermione followed.

"We are fraternal twins, I look like my father,

"I look like my mother,

"We were born in Paris, France on September Ninteenth.

"Arlette was the first one out, She's two minutes older than me.

"And we transferred here to respect our dead mother's wishes." Arlette finished of sadly. Hermione followed Arlettes actions and decided to bring it one step further and weep a tear.

"Oh, well ladies. You'll find that here at Hogwarts, we'll become your new family. But thank you for sharing your stories." Slughorn said sympathetically.

Hermione looked at Arlette and was greeted by a discreet thumbs up. 'Good job squirt' Arlette mouthed before looking towards Professor Slughorn.

"Today, ladies and gentlemen, we are going to discuss one of the biggest projects you'll receive, that will help you guys towards your N.E.W.T s next year. This project will last the whole year, all though that is not all we will do in class. Next semester, after February, will be when you start the brewing process. From now until then, I will select each partner by using the Sorting hat, and you shall discuss what potion you will create. There are three things required.

One, it must be original or at least a better version of an outdated potion.

Two, both students must add their own input, and must state what parts they did, for if you do not, when I grade it, you both might end up getting grades they don't deserve.

way or form. So no prank potions any of you." Professor slughorn said, staring at a certain four students.

"Now, everyone write their names down on a scrap of parchment." Slughorn said, while venturing into his office for the sorting hat and a spare stool.

Hermione opened up her rucksack and took out her inkwell, her feather pen, and a piece of paper, and wrote her name down in her neat scrawl.

Hermione Granger

"Who do you think you'll be partnered with?" Arlette asked Hermione.

"Honestly, I don't know. As long as it isn't a Slytherin I guess." Hermione said, Look at the most probable pairings.

James and Sirius definitely and Possibly Lily and Alice, they seemed close. Hermione then thought of something odd.

'Wait, Lily is friends with Snape, Professor Snape. And Harry said Professor Snape and James hated each other. Did they fight over lily? Which would explain Snape's hatred of Harry, He was the spawn of the woman Snape was friends with, and James took her away.' Hermione felt as if a light bulb actually lit above her head. She looked like it too.

"So that's why Snape hates Harry. It was so obvious, how didn't I know this earlier?" She whispered to herself.

Hermione's musings was interrupted when a rather large belly appeared in front of her. 'You'd think for a man his size, his footsteps would be even louder.' Hermione thought.

"Your parchment please." Slughorn asked, holding an over turned sorting hat. Hermione dropped her piece of parchment into the hat carefully, trying not to let it slip through the holes.

Slughorn waddled his way up to the front of the class and sat the hat back on it's stool.

Everyone waited impatiently for it to call out their names. Hermione looked around the class room, Some friends had their fingers crossed hoping they'd be paired together. James and Sirius were confident they would be paired, Alice and Frank were holding hands. Remus was staring Longingly at Arlette and a certain raven haired boy was staring longingly at Lily. Hermione could tell by the way his hair curtained his face, and how it shined with its grease that the boy was the young Professor Snape.

The sorting hat coughed, miniscule bits of paper fluttering out like confetti at a party. Hermione listened intently.

"James Potter and Sirius Black." The hat called.

Frank Longbottom and Alice Fortescue,

Thorfinn Rowle and Augustus Rookwood,

Vulcan Mulciber and Scot Macfusty,

Marleene Mckinnon and Lily Evans,

Argus Pyrite and Theodore Nott,

Peter Pettigrew and Amycus Carrow,

Alecto Carrow and Rodolphus Lestrange,

Bellatrix Black and Bartemius Crouch Jr.,

Remus Lupin and Arlette Adene

Hermione granger and Severus Snape." That hat shouted out, sorting all the students into pairs.

'Severus Snape, I'm paired with Severus Snape? Great. Just my luck.' Hermione thought sourly. Although she had defended him in her previous years, and the man tried to save her life, she really didn't feel like meeting the man face to face. Not now, not ever.

"Well, Now that you all are sorted, I suggest you all find your partners and brainstorm." Slughorn said happily, keeping an eye on Lily, Snape and the Adene twins.

Hermione looked at Arlette who seemed happy to be paired up with Remus. 'Help me.' She mouthed to her sister.

'You're on your own.' Arlette mouthed back as she grabbed her bag full of books.

Hermione looked towards Snape, who sat hunched over his book, his greasy hair shrouding his face. Hermione took a deep breath and gathered up her courage, taking long confident strides towards the brooding boy.

Hermione sat down awkwardly and started fiddling with her stuff, placing her book at parallel to the edges of the desk, her inkwell exactly four inches away from the edge of the desk, Her two quills perfectly angled, and her seat in a comfortable position. If a hard piece of wood could be comfortable. Hermione started fidgeting, maybe if she angled her bum directly into the groove of the seat, it would feel better. She continued her seated dance in her chair until Severus Snape started to glare at her.

"You do know, there are certain spells that could help your predicament. I'm very confident in my knowledge to say that they are called cushioning spells." Snape sneered.

"Thank, you." Hermione said awkwardly, mentally hitting herself for not thinking of that.

Hermione was bored, Apparently Snape had lost his voice at the last minute, and hadn't felt like writing to her a plea for help.

Mione glanced around the room, staring at the happy, or happier than she was, faces of her friends. Arlette and Remus sat close together brainstorming for Ideas on their potion, and she could tell by the way Remus was glowing, he was in love.

'Oh love, it seemed like everyone had found you except me.' Hermione thought. 'Just look at them', Peter and Marleene must have had something on the go, she saw their disappointed faces at not being paired together, and Mary to Hermione's knowledge at least had an infatuation on Sirius by the way she was giving him looks. Alice and Frank are definitely in love, they have to be in order to make Neville, and soon enough, James and Lily will fall in love too.

'Harry. Sweet Harry. You never knew your parents, and now, your best friend is stuck in the past with them.' Hermione thought stricken with guilt and sadness for her friend. Hermione remembered the scrap book full of memories Harry held on to dearly. Photos of a family that can't be together now. Hermione knew she couldn't change their death, she had to keep it as it was, but maybe she could make an even better scrap book for Harry, one full of even happier memories of their family. She could even write notes or logs about her adventures with James and Sirius, She'd do that for her best friend. The only one who'd stuck with her till the very end.

Hermione glanced back at Snape who still seem to prefer his book's company than hers. She noticed he was doing odd things, writing down notes in his book, scratching out whole paragraphs and rewriting it.

Hermione cleared her throat.

"Ahem." She coughed, hoping to gain Snape's attention. Hermione noticed that Snape hadn't moved or said something to show his acknowledgement. If anything, his nose came even closer to the book.

"Ahem." She tried again, a bit louder.

"Ahem." She tried, hoping to gain some attention, a nod at the least.

Snape put his quill down and turned slowly towards the girl who dared disturb him.

"What?" He said, his upper lip curling in disgust and anger.

"Well, if you were paying attention to professor Slughorn at all, you would of heard the walrus say that this is supposed to be a partnership. Not one bored girl and an ignorant arse." Hermione said, sticking her nose in the air.

"Well, then, if you are so keen on getting this project started, what is your suggestion?" He asked coldly, sitting up straight and knitting his long fingers together.

"Well, if we were to do something obvious, we could work on a better healing potion, one that could cure patients even faster and better, or do multiple jobs at once, so instead of having to drink more than one potion, they can drink one and be done." Hermione said Smugly.

"And how is this beneficial to the wizarding world?" Snape said, arching one of his eyebrows.

"Well, it would be a lot easier for mediwitches to brew. Instead of having to brew more than one potion, she'd only have to brew one and get it over with." Hermione said as if it was obvious.

"Plus, don't forget how convenient it would be, having to use just one potion to regrow bones and fuse muscle and skin to their original state. It would be an added bonus if that same potion could also replenish your blood." Hermione added.

"You do know you cannot just simply mix those together and call it a day, Miss Adene. You are ignoring Golpallot's third law. If we are to create an antidote, we'll need to blend each separate antidote together along with poisons. So if your potion will heal broken bones, we'll need to brew a bone breaking poison, and so on for each different injuries it would heal." Snape said, as if the answer was clear as day.

"So then, what will our potion heal?" Hermione asked, smiling slightly to herself, it was like she tamed a wild lion. Although that didn't mean she didn't come out scarred.

"I suggest we do the basics, Broken bones, massive blood loss, paralysis and sliced muscle and skin." Snape said, his mind racing with all the potions he'd have to brew.

"Well, Snape, we have a deal?" Hermione said, offering her hand.

"I begrudgingly accept you deal, but only because this will count for a large part of our final marks." Snape said, his lips curling while his large hand engulfed her small one and shook it.

Hermione swore she could feel something akin to electricity spark between them. She reveled in the feeling of the current racing up and down her arms, humming almost as if it was content. She could feel his rough calloused hand and it moved against her soft smooth ones, the grooves in their hands creating friction.

"I'll talk to you next class then." Hermione said awkwardly, quickly releasing his large warm hand when she realised she was letting her mind wander.

"Till then." He said quietly abandoning the classroom when the bell rang.

"That was interesting." Hermione whispered to herself as she grabbed her books.

"What is?" Arlette asked, sneaking up on Hermione from behind.

"Nothing Arlette, Nothing. Let's go to history of magic." Hermione said, dragging her sister along.


"Since we're knew here, we have to be a bit late, so let's take a detour." Arlette said dragging Hermione into Moaning Myrtle's bathroom. 'Uh oh.' Hermione thought as she remembered her experiences in this room.

"We're only going here for a minute, I have to use the loo." Arlette said opening one of the stalls.

"Arlette no!" Hermione warned but she was too late, Arlette already had opened moaning myrtle's stall.

Arlette shut the door as quickly as she could, but the damage was already done, Moaning Myrtle started to wail.

"Oh, don't cry! Don't cry Myrtle, I never meant to disturb you." Arlette apologized frantically, but nothing she could say would make the wailing stop.

The silver girl stopped her sobbing and started sniffing, her silvery snot running down her nose. Myrtle stared deeply into Arlette's eyes, Silver met pale blue.

"You." She hiccupped. "You were there." Myrtle said angrily. "You were there when I saw them, when I saw the." The ghost started, but couldn't finish as Arlette quickly shot a spell at her and flushed her down her own toilet. You could hear Myrtle's screams from miles away, as she landed in the toilet bowl with a huge splash, the water almost drenching the two girls.

"What did you do?" Hermione asked, shocked. She'd never heard of magic being used on ghosts.

"A spell Dumbledore taught me. Each ghost has a single artifact they are binded to. This just sends them there. I'll teach it to you later. Now peeves has just tricked us and gave us wrong directions to History of Magic, and we spent the last couple of minutes running around the school looking the class room." Arlette said, speedily walking off.

Hermione stared at the toilet Myrtle had just gone to. She could hear strange gurgling sounds that sounded as if she was being drowned. Hermione's mind raced to a few seconds ago when Myrtle was accusing Arlette. Acussing her of what? Myrtle was murdered years ago, Arlette wouldn't have been alive by then. There was just a few things that didn't clue up.

"Hermione, the headmaster just told us the proper way to get here, hurry up." She heard Arlette call out from outside the bathroom door.

Hermione glanced one more time towards the toilet and set off, following behind Arlette.


"Let's discuss operation Moonlit love." Sirius said as he, James and Peter sat beside the lake. Since they dropped History of magic, the boys had a free period all to themselves.

"What about Fiery Hot lovin' Instead?" Peter asked.

"Or, we could just call it operation Get Remus and Arlette together?" James offered bluntly.

"No, Moonlit love sounds romantic." Sirius disagreed.

"It doesn't matter what we call it, we just need to hook the two of them up." James said.

"Isn't it too early for them to start dating? I mean, they probably won't last, it could be Moony's hormones kicking into hard drive, it is close to the full moon." Peter said, shocking the other two boys with his surprising moment of smartness.

"Fine, we'll make sure they get hooked by Christmas. I can just tell that they'll end up together, somehow. I just want to make sure Moony doesn't get hurt. It's his first major crush, to my knowledge his only crush. It would crush his heart if things don't go well." James said a bit sadly, remembering his own crushed heart when Lily said no. But James was determined, He'll get her to go out with him just once, if it's the last thing he did.

"For now, let's just sit back and relax." Sirius said, leaning against the willow by the lake. The scene was a beautiful one, one that deserved to be painted. Under a green canopy sat three friends in rest, while the sun started to sink towards the valley in the sky. The sky started to turn light purple, streaked with scribbles of fire red and deep ocean blue. The lake shimmered like a thousand blue jewels as it took on some of the sky's purple hues. The scene truly did deserve to be painted.