The Lives We Changed

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In a different dimension, the band of young heroes never met. Some never existed, other lost their lives .Here they are children the league failed; the children the league were never able to save. There mentors' lives were never changed for the better.

Superboy never existed.

M'gann never came to earth.

Wally was killed by his father after years of abuse that never ended.

Artemis couldn't handle the life her family forced her into.

Robin fell along with the rest of his family.

Kaldur was shunned and killed because of his father's actions.

Roy died with his father in the forest fire that took his life.

A large unknown energy mass was drawing the attention of the Justice League's orbiting satellite. Martian Manhunter was on monitor duty when a large energy mass caught the attention of satellite's sensors. Fearing it could be another alien invasion, he called an emergency meeting at the watchtower.

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern: Hal Jordan, Green Arrow, Flash, Hawkman, Hawkwoman, Zatara, Aquaman, and Black Canary were all present and seated at the Watchtower's main conference room. Martian Manhunter stood at the end of the long conference table and showed them the screen where the energy mass appeared to be getting larger.

On the screen, the energy ball slowly grew in size. Off to the side stood and elderly old man dressed in white. His hands casted out toward the energy ball. The old man stared into the growing ball; a milky glaze hovered over his eyes, indicating he was in a trans.

"The energy here gives off an odd energy level I have never encountered. Very powerful but not harmful in any way I have examined it so far. I have run a facial scan on the old man and he does not exist in any data banks, but I'm assuming he has something to do with the energy." The Martian quickly informed his fellow leaguers.

Standing up, Batman walked over to the screen for a closer examination. "The energy level is unbelievably powerful, but as J'onn said, it doesn't seem to be dangerous. It is confirmed that it's not the same energy as a boom tube."

"If what you both confirmed is right, the energy is extremely powerful, we should close off any access to that power. What will happen if someone with the wrong mind finds out about that power?" Superman asked, receiving nods and murmurs from the other leaguers.

Looking towards their main strategist and leader for further instructions, Batman finally spoke after a few minutes pondering different scenarios inside his head.

"My company has developed a special fabric able to refract light, making whatever is behind it to seem invisible. I will have Fox design a larger scale structure to hide whatever that thing is. It will take a few days though." Nods and yeses from other leaguers confirmed that the plan will go through.

"Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, and I will go down to inspect the energy. Anyone else who wants to stick around will be back up if something happens." Batman said in his usual monotone but commanding voice.

"WAIT!" Zatara called out jumping up from his chair, all eyes looked to the magician. "The energy has traces of magic in it. But it's odd, there is something else being used with it."

"If this has magic in it, should we call Dr. Fate?" asked Wonder Woman.

"Ughh…. Guys?" Flash said.

"No I don't believe we should, even if it is magic based he won't be much help." Green Arrow added in.

"Hey! Listen!"(Navi reference from Zelda) Flash said again waving his arms. No one seemed to pay attention.

"Do you think you can find out what's being used with the magic?" asked Aquaman.


Looking to the screen in horror, Superman sees Luthor saying something to Wotan.

"J'onn beam us down now!" Superman says anger clear in his voice.

Nodding in response, the Martian beams Superman, Batman, Flash, and Black Canary down to where Luthor and Wotan are.


As the heroes walked into an old factory, they were very surprised that there were 7 children standing in front of Luthor and Wotan.

Looking more closely the children were wearing similar clothing to them.

A young teen with fire red hair sticking out at odd angles wore a one piece jumpsuit that covered the top half of his face, goggles over where his eyes are, with the top half of his suit yellow and bottom half red. He had the Flash's famous logo on the center of his suit, the only difference was the bolt is red.

Next to him was a tall ebony with the piercing ice blue eyes wore a familiar black shirt, adorned with Superman's symbol, but the familiar "S" shield was all red. His shirt was tucked into plain jeans, the bottoms tucked into combat boots. He had no mask on, but what shocked all the leaguers is that the ebony looked like a younger version of Superman.

A green skinned girl with medium red hair was next to the younger version of Superman. She had a on a white shirt with a red x crossing it. A blue cape, skirt, gloves, and boots completed her outfit. Her eyes glowed green as she floated a foot into the air.

Two archers stood side by side. The tall red head with short hair had on a sleeveless shirt that was red and black. His pants were black with a few strap on pockets that were grey. A red arrow was knocked and ready on his bow. He had on a domino mask and his eyes were small focused slits.

The other archer was a female, clad in various shades of green. Her top was cut off at the belly showing off her mid rift, a light green arrow pointed up to her face along with the suit. It up to her face exposing her mouth, ears, grey eyes and long puffy beautiful blond hair that came down to her lower back. Her pants were similar to the other archer, they were dark green, and she held a compound bow in one hand and 2 knock out arrows in the other.

A young male with dark skin, and blond shaved hair stood to the side of them. His shirt was red and sleeveless, his pants were a dark blue. He had gills on his neck and webbed hands and feet. In his hands he had two sticks that glowed light blue that were the shape of swords.

The smallest one, a very young teen with black hair that fell over his masked covered eyes. He had a black cape with a yellow underbelly that fell over his shoulders , red tunic with black sleeves a small yellow "R" with a black ring around it covered is left breast, his pants were black with a red stripe that came down to mid-calf. A yellow utility belt was around his small waist. He had on black gloves with grey plating and black split toed boots on. He had a glare that rivaled Batman's, and with it came three batarangs in one hand, and an escrima stick in the other.

Carefully observing the children, Batman notice they had on collars. Whispering Batman said, "Those children are being mind-controlled. Keep them busy while I figure out how to turn of the collars."


"Are you guys seeing this? They're mine-controlling kids now? That's a new low, even for villains." Said Flash in a disapproving voice into his head set.

"Shut it Barry, those kids have on uniforms. Do you think they could be dangerous? 'cause the little one with the Bat's glare is seriously creeping me out." Said Green Arrow.

"They came from the energy mass. The energy was a large portal from a faraway dimension." Zatara said. "How much magic it took to create a portal to and from another dimension to transport 7 people is beyond enough energy Wotan has. I have no idea where he even got that much power."


"Uhhhh … do these kids seem familiar to anyone else?" Flash asked staring at the red head with his altered logo on it. "I swear I know him but in a way I'll regret it."

"Yes, the smallest one is familiar to me also." Batman said.

The young ones in uniforms got into fighting stances when Luthor snapped his fingers. "Heroes. You would be surprised how hard it was for me and other colleagues to take these kids down. They are truly worthy for someone like me to pay attention to."

"TAKE THEM DOWN!" Savage said as he pointed a finger to the heroes.

The archers where the first to attack, sending down smoke arrows where they stood for cover as the green girl disappeared. The boy with superman's shirt and the boy with gills both punched superman into the wall breaking it.

During the first attacks Flash didn't expect the boy with his logo to superspeed over to him and throw superspeeded punches at him. Taking off the two speedsters began a game of cat and mouse, shy of the speed of light.

Batman threw four batarangs at the small ebony running at him. The boy corkscrewed effortlessly through the projectiles and threw a powerful kick at him pushing him back.

Batman grabbed the boy's cape and threw him towards a wall, but said boy used the momentum of the throw to the wall to push off of it, do a quintuple flip (Yeah, I don't think Robin can actually do this but in here he's a kick ass acrobat, and he can do a quintuple flip if he wants to) and knocked Black Canary down before she could take out the archers with a sonic scream.

When Black Canary hit the grown, the boy let loose a hair raising creepy cackle, cartwheeling away he dissipated into what seemed like thin air.

"What the hell? Did he just?... That's just really creepy." Flash had to comment.

Batman threw an exploding batarang where to boy use to be, the flash the batarang lit up the area where it was thrown.

"Ya missed me!" he said in a teasing tone, letting loose another cackle that echoed off every surface of the factory.

"Damn, I can't hear his heartbeat or pinpoint where he is. It's like he pulled a Batman and vanished." Superman voiced earning a glare from the Dark Knight.

"I think we're gonna need backup" Black Canary said pulling herself off the floor. "They obviously have powers and are trained."

With that in mind J'onn sent Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and the Hawks down to the small battle where the other heroes where being overrun by super powered kids.

"I can't believe I'm saying this but the Justice League was being overrun by children form another dimension. No one will believe this." Green Lantern said while flying after the Martian girl.

Hawkman was helping Superman take down the mind controlled Superboy. Batman threw Kryptonite at the two Kryptonians and they both fell to the ground. Hawkman punched Superboy unconscious when Batman put the Kryptonite away.

"Hmm. So he is Kryptonian." Batman mentally noted.

"Hey Boy Scout looks like you're not the last of your planet after all." Flash said with a smile.

Superman stared at the young unconscious Kryptonian in front of him in awe. How is this possible? Where was he? Who are his parents? Are there more? Why does he look exactly like me only younger? many more questions buzzing around in his mind. He couldn't take his eyes away from Superboy.

"Superman, while he's unconscious take off the collar." Wonder Woman said.

Breaking off the collar from Superboy and throwing it to the side, he carefully picked the boy up and brought him to safety.

"WW take him to the Watchtower for medical help." Superman said handing Superboy over to WW.

"J'onn two to the Tower." And the two were off.

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