The Lives We Changed

Chapter 16

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|4:04 AM

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"Lady Shiva," Robin whispered before he fell unconscious. Lady Shiva carefully picked him and set his head on her lap.

The woman in green had Robin's head resting on her lap as she stroked his soft ebony hair. She peered into his unconscious face and just for a little moment of time, she let her guard down, but only for a moment.

So young, and yet, so full of potential, She thought and looked at his horrid excuse for teammates. They will only cloud what you can become my little bird.

Very few people have the pleasure of knowing her personally, and for this young teen, the pleasure of knowing that she will protect you. I failed you before, but I shall not fail you again. I failed your parents and my sister, but I will not fail you again. I will not fail you, my nephew.

|March 20, 1996

The Grayson family was gathered in a small hospital in Romania when Sandra Wu-San was contacted that her sister Mary, was having contractions. Luckily she was able to get a ride to the area that her sister was in just in time for the birth of her nephew.

After hours of excruciating pain, small cries could be heard from a healthy, but small, baby boy. Mary and John had already decided on a name for the child before he was born, Richard, named after John's brother, Richard.

Richard Grayson. A fitting name, she thought testing the name out that night right before she contacted William Cobb, informing him of his great-grandson's birth.

"In a few years my dear, he will join with the circus. Haly will show us what he can do. His parents know of the destiny one of the crop children of the Haly's Circus will have. After all, a new era is at the dawn. A new era, a new Talon."

Lady Shiva knew that her sister, Mary wanted more than one child, she wanted 3 young, smiling faces. But she knew that this was the generation that was to be tested on who will become a new legend; One child that was to be ripped out of a happy and cheerful life to be broken, molded and reformed, and eventually, un-dead. When Richard starts to grow teeth, he will be taken to a 'dentist' to be given the crest of an owl.


|4:44 AM

The heroes of Earth have been trapped from their own base, with no contact inside. Those who were up in the space station have been unresponsive at the time as the heroes try to figure out what happened.

"I can't hack my way in." Batman growled. His own system and he can't hack it. "Someone must be up there to be jamming any signals too; I can't get any visual or audio either."

"I think it could be one of those kids, probably that Robin kid." Guy snitched. "I don't trust them, I mean really, those kids are dead here or don't exist and next thing you know, they appear, say they're alive, and you trust them enough to stay in the Watchtower?"

"Hey I don't care if they're evil or not! That's my nephew we're talking about up there! He's been dead here since he own damn father killed him. He's alive and I'm trying to make things right." Barry yelled.

"Barry you know that Wally can't stay here. He's got his own world to save, and own Flash to run beside." Black Canary tried to comfort.

"Well, what if they can't get back to their dimension?" Oliver tried to counter, sure he'd say that he's fine with the kids leaving, but he knows that he wants them to stay.

"They can't stay." Aquaman stated. Obviously his hatred for Kaldur and his father showing. "I know that their mentors are looking for them and that they are better off in their own world."

"Well I know that our Batman wouldn't adopt a kid." Wonder Woman said, "If we do meet our versions of their mentors I want to talk to their Batman. I think it would be interesting seeing a fatherly side to Bruce."

"I don't have one. And those kids are going back to their world. Now, can we focus on the matter at hand that we can't get into our own base?" the Dark Knight snapped.

"You're going to have to fly up there and see what's happening and fix it." He said to Superman, Hawks, and Green Lanterns. "Clear a path and I'll take one of my planes up there as well to restart the computers."


|5:02 AM

Sportsmaster and Huntress quickly disposed and captured the Superboy, and now place an inhibitor collar on the clone. "Well that was easy. I was hoping that a Kryptonian would put up more of a fight than that." He activated a beacon and a crimson portal opened up and the two threw the clone inside.

"We still have 28 minutes until we have to go. I say we look for Jade." She began walking to the containment cells and pulled out a cross bow.

"She turned herself in to the League, you know." He spit "She wasn't captured."

"I know" Huntress whispered. "But Lawrence, Jade is our last daughter. I'm not going to let her go that easy." She said as she began walking down the hall. At the end was another control panel where she put a code breaker on it. The door opened and the two went inside, looking for their last daughter.

Jade was inside her cell, smiling into space.

Artemis is alive. She smiled contently at the thought. But what if she does have to go back to her own dimension? Her smile melted away, replaced by a dark scowl. She made a promise to herself there, already her mind was mending itself back to normal.

Artemis will stay here, I will make sure of it.