Title: Not Done Yet

Warnings: Spoilers for Raven Rise

Disclaimer: I don't own Pendragon.

Characters & Pairings: Bobby. I guess. That's it. Whatever.

AN: Double update, yayyy! (*dork*) I'm really proud of this one, so enjoy and let me know what you think! I REALLY HOPE SOMEONE IS ACTUALLY READING THIS!

"I took one last look around at my friends. The Travelers. Each one of them gave me the same, silent response. They nodded with confidence. I walked to my uncle and declared, 'I say...we are so not done yet.'"
-Raven Rise, D.J. Machale

Do you remember, years ago,
When days crept by peaceful and slow?
And we, we ruled the Avenue,
And when we'd smile, it was true.

We sat on the roof and watched the stars,
And talked for hours 'bout nothing at all,
But then our worlds came crashing down,
And now we've finally hit the ground.

Tell me, do any of you recall
The times when we were standing tall?
Do you remember your past life,
Before we gained a Traveler's strife?

But now we're standing side by side,
Searching for light in each other's eyes,
And in Solara's fading grace,
What can you see when you look at my face?

Determination, strength and hope,
They'll try to break us, but we'll cope.
Call on the Acolytes, faithful and true,
I'm not done yet, are you?