Broh Week 2012

Day 3

Prompt: Devotion

Rating: K

A/N: Short, but sweet! I'd also like to announce that my tumblr url has been changed to zutarasbedsheets. Follow me on there for updates, sneak peaks, random stuff, and feel free to ask questions!

"It'll be difficult…. impossible." The general shakes his head, much to the earthbender's disappointment. "You'll have to think of something else."

Bolin mirrors the general's movements. "It can't be that hard!"

Iroh raises an eyebrow. "Flowers to the middle of the sea, Bo?"

"Yeah!" Bolin's chirp is enthusastic naivete. "We can find a way to do it."

The general inclines his head; but decides to humor him. "What kind of messenger hawk would deliver flowers to the middle of the sea without destroying them?"

Bolin squares his jaw, determinedly. "I'll figure it out."

A chuckle escapes Iroh's lips before he presses them to Bolin's forehead. "A letter will be enough."

When he pulls away, Bolin's emerald irises are inexplicably sad. "I'll miss you."

Iroh responds with another kiss, this time to the earthbender's chapped lips. "I'll miss you, too."

Iroh is surprised when, on his second day of travel, a crewman delivers a bouquet of roses shaped into a heart; but not as surprised as Bolin, who awakes to an arrangement of fire lillies on his doorstep.