Prompt: Oblivious

Bolin lifted the glass bottle to his lips; with a wince, he swallowed another mouthful of firewhiskey, which burned a trail down his throat. He usually wasn't one to resort to intoxicants, but tonight was a night of firsts.

He usually prided himself on his charm; during his pro-bending days, the ladies would swarm him, which would always greatly irritate Mako. Even after pro-bending, Bolin had lucky touch when it came to the ladies.

It seemed, though, that his magnetism didn't extend to men.

General Iroh- the man with the paradoxically stoic face and burning eyes- was utterly oblivious to Bolin's charm. Bolin had tried everything; wit, conversation, connection, casual fun, cheesy pick-up lines, not-so-accidental brush-ups. Nothing worked. In truth, the entire week blurred together in a series of pathetic attempts to capture General Iroh's attention.

Bolin heaved a sigh and brought the bottle to his lips.

A few minutes later, he heard familiar footsteps behind him; he didn't turn as the general seated himself beside him.

Bolin could feel the general's eyes on the bottle in his hands. He expected an admonishment; instead, Iroh only said, "Rough night?"

The earthbender chuckled wryly. "Yeah."

"Want to play some Pai Sho?"

Bolin found the invitation ironic; he was usually the one to ask to play the game he didn't even like, all for the sake of spending some time with the man he adored.

"I don't really feel like-"

His words were swallowed by Iroh's mouth as it crashed to his.

Bolin's eyes flew open, startled; then slipped closed contentedly as he melted into the man's expert kiss. When he pulled away, both of them were breathing hard.

Bolin spoke first. "I thought-"

"I know."

"So you-"

"Of course I did." Iroh smiled. "What do you think I am, blind?"