Hello Fellow FanFiction People GGxZeus here. Now I'm sure by my name you can I guess I love Greek Mythology which is very true. Now this is my second try at Naruto FanFiction because I strayed really far from the standard material and made an overpowered well Team Seven in general. This time around I will be trying to relate more to the canon material. Now I'm sorry if I seem kind of slow or unknowledgeable to some areas like how I don't know if canon means original storyline or not. Now my entire goal of this FanFiction is to create a subplot to Naruto that I found lacking. There won't always be such out of control battles but also some stealth missions. Also I will be using information released in the later chapters earlier on like Naruto's Heritage and his release still also some others that would spoil the manga.

Naruto will have a harem style relationship with women due to him having fangirls. He wont be just Ino or Hinata or Sakura. It will be a struggle to decide not just one sided love. This isn't meant to be simple for our lovable Knucklehead.

This story will consist of acts within the storyline and many bumps, twists and turns. The female interests within the storyline are Sakura, Temari, Ino, Tenten, Hinata, Koyuki, Yugari, Tsunade, Hana, Karin, Mei, Rin and Shizune. Now I'm sure you guys are shocked by that amount of females but you have to remember the depth of relationships in the Naruto Universe and also remember I will be modifying Naruto in his early years. No he won't magically get the Rinnegan or get some super secret kyuubi doujutsu or Kenkai Genkai. I dislike Naruto being super powered so early on in these fan fictions. But yes okay guys I hope you enjoy this FanFiction :D and send me some reviews to let me know your opinions and just let me know what you think.

Naruto: The Demon of the Past and Hero of Tomorrow

Naruto was currently watching all the kids playing tag in the field while he had to sit from far away. "Why don't they just let me play? Why can't I just have some fun with them? It's not like they have proper numbers or even enough people for a fun game. Everyone just hates me no matter what" Naruto stood up and turned to walk in the streets while everyone sent him dirty looks. "Those same eyes, always with those same hateful eyes". Naruto felt his eyes welling up and saw that the man that was glaring at Naruto was starting to smile at Naruto's upset features. Naruto just started to run away from the glaring man up the street and felt the tears falling down his face.

Naruto finally stopped running and was at his comfy spot on top of the fourths Hokage's head. He sat there for a while waiting for the person who would no doubt be showing up soon to see if Naruto is alright. "Naruto I heard from the ANBU that you were upset and ran away from some villagers. I hope you know it will be better okay".

Naruto's sobs were echoing through his chest as he sat looking across Konoha."Well what can I do to be happy anymore Old Man. I'm always sad because of how people treat me and I'm tired of all this pain".

Sarutobi just sighed and looked at the poor boy crying on his father's visage. Sarutobi walked forward and crouched at Naruto's side and patted his shoulder. "There is a way to meet some people your age and to help get some friends. You can try to be a ninja and perform missions for Konoha."

Naruto stopped sobbing as Sarutobi spoke and looked to him when he finished. "Well why can't I have your job as well as helping people and sitting in your desk, blowing out smoke."

Sarutobi chuckled at Naruto's idea. "To have my job Naruto, which is being the Hokage, you must be the strongest in the Leaf and be recognized by all people in the Leaf as the strongest. You must show your greatness as a ninja and show the virtues of a Hero to become a Hokage."

Naruto smiled and stood up to now have a view of the first three Hokages. "Well Old Man I will definitely become the Hokage and have everyone in the village praise and love me for I will be great. BELIEVE IT".

Sarutobi just turned his back to the boy and smiled as he walked away. "Ohh Naruto what will we ever do with you?"

Naruto was currently pacing in his house at a frantic pace. "How to become a ninja there has to be a way to allow people to join right." Naruto was pacing when he heard a knock on his door. "Who is it? "Naruto walked toward the door to answer. "The Hokage sent me to deliver you a letter".

Naruto opened the door to see a tall man with shaggy grey hair and his leaf headband covering his eye and a facemask covering up to his nose leaving very little of his face to be seen. "Here is your letter…" Naruto snatched the letter from the man and slammed the door behind him.

The tall man smiled and turned to walk away. "He is like a mini Minato with his golden hair and like a mini Kushinia with his attitude".

Meanwhile Naruto was skimming through the letter he realized what the Old Man truly wanted. "So a competition of skill in front of the entire ninja council to watch the ceremony. The old man even circled the part about the festival being a talent scout for youth kids, that cheeky old man." Naruto smiled as he picked up his wallet and walked out of his house into Konoha to get the equipment for his performance


"Ladies and gentleman here comes another contestant who will be performing this evening, Naruto Uzumaki!' The usual applause for the youths was meet with eerie silence and hushed whispers realizing the demon boy was trying to show his stuff. Naruto dragged out some dummies with targets on them onto the stage and placed five targets scattered along the stage, arranged on different level boxes. "I can do this cause I need to show them how good I am and how I will be the next Hokage." The announcer looked at Naruto`s setup and waited for his nod to show he was ready.

"Okay Naruto let's see what you can do". Naruto grimly nodded and pulled out what seemed like two handfuls of kunai and jumped into the air and did a backflip side twist to land facing the audience again in a crouched position. As Naruto was flipping he let loose fifteen kunai, with three landing in the dead centre bulls eye of each target dummy. The crowd was awestruck with the ability of Naruto and his weapons. The first to clap was the Hokage with a large grin and from the back of the auditorium where no one could see was Jirayia with a grin to match the Hokages. The crowd soon followed and Naruto pranced away in glee with the applause following him.

Naruto was smiling happily as he walked to get some ramen as a reward when he saw some local bullies running away from an alleyway. Naruto was worried something bad had happened so he walked down the alley to investigate to find a small girl with pink hair sitting with a girl with blonde hair. The girl with pink hair was bruised and bleeding from her nose while the blonde girl was patting her shoulder. Naruto was about to ask what was wrong when the blonde haired girl spotted her and stood to face her.

"Hey freak you stay away from us. You have caused enough trouble and we don't need anymore." Naruto was sure he had never met either one of them before so he didn't understand what he did wrong.

"But what did I do, I just came to help". The girl laughed in Naruto's face and pointed to the pink haired girl.

"She had enough of your help in case you haven't noticed. She wouldn't have even got hurt if it weren't for you. She simply said you showed some skill with kunai and those boys came and beat her up for praising you. You are just a freak and should leave us alone".

The blonde haired girl reached down and picked up a rock and threw it at Naruto hitting him in the forehead making him bleed. Naruto felt his eyes burning and started to shake " I'm sorry pink girl but I hope I can help."

The pink haired girls head snapped to face Naruto and gave him the same glaring eyes and shouted at him "Go away you FREAK!" Naruto felt his eyes burning and felt tears falling down his cheeks. Naruto turned to run away so no one else could throw a rock at him or shout at him with mean words.

It had been a week since the incident with the two girls and Naruto was still holed up inside his room. He heard a knock at his door and decided to go answer. He opened the door to see both the grey haired man and the Hokage. Naruto nodded to the two and left the door open to allow the men to enter. He sat on the couch and waited for them to join him in the living room.

Hokage smiled at Naruto and nodded for the ANBU bodyguard to inspect the premise for enemies then leave for them to start talking. Sarutobi sighed and looked down at the fussy little boy and pulled out his pipe. "You know Naruto you impressed a lot of people with that little display of yours. Enough so that you are now allowed to enter the ninja academy which is lucky cause your currently at the average for rookies. So I am here to inform you are allowed to begin…" Sarutobi was blocked out by Naruto cheering at the top of his lungs and jumping around his apartment with little care for the destruction he was causing. Sarutobi smiled and simply nodded to the ANBU and they left Naruto's home and started on their journey back to the tower.

"Hokage-sama, are you positive that it is wise to allow Naruto to join the academy. He will be scorned for what he is or what people guess he is". Hokage sighed and look in Kakashi's eye "Naruto will endure it all for he now has a goal that will go with him til he completes or til he dies. He wishes to become the Hokage". Kakashi shook his head and continued walking allowing him time to think

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