I do not own G-Force. What more needs to be said? I do own the concept of the agency they are in throughout this story. It is called S.I.P. (Super Inter-dimensional Police), and they are the best agents in the rodent division. The only characters I might own are any minor rodent characters, like a squirrel or a ferret or something. Maybe even another guinea pig. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Morning at the Warehouse

Darwin's POV…

I was walking around one morning at our warehouse training site, feeling proud to have so many trainees. Several different kinds of rodents, including hamsters, ferrets, squirrels, chipmunks, mice, and other guinea pigs had joined since we defeated the mechanical monster created by Saberling (well, legally owned by Saberling anyways). That was when the team only consisted of me, Juarez, Blaster, and my supposed brother, Hurley. Hurley was actually becoming a better agent by the day. I was proud of him. Speckles hadn't been released from jail yet. He still had to disable a lot more Saberling mechanical menaces. Who knew appliances could be so evil?

"Morning, Darwin," my favorite gray guinea pig, Juarez greeted me as she passed me.

"Morning, Juarez," I responded. "How are things?"

"Busy. Who would've thought so many rodents would want to become secret agents?" she asked rhetorically. Her exotic accent was really hot. Secretly, I was in love with her. I don't know how I managed to hide it the past few years. Her bright blue eyes were like the purest lakes.

"I sure didn't," I responded quickly, yet calmly. Huh. I guess that's how I managed to hide my feelings. She was just as good at hiding her feelings, and if not, she was better. She claimed to like either me or Blaster, but wouldn't reveal which one of us. At one point, Blaster assumed she liked neither of us.

"I wonder if Ben and Marcie did. The more the merrier, I guess," Juarez shrugged.

"That's probably what they thought," I smiled and assumed.

"Maybe," she said. "I have to go teach a karate class. Let's talk later, okay?"

"Sure," I nodded. I mentally cursed myself for not making the move when I had the chance. I loved her. Naturally, I kept these thoughts in my head, just as I always did. I couldn't think straight. Ugh, I was so frustrated with myself. I looked towards the area where Blaster was teaching. He was teaching some ferrets and chipmunks how to use a rifle, rodent sized, of course. Now that I think about it, the only rodent we didn't have with us was probably the capybara. Compared to the rest of us, those things are huge.

Blaster was my friend, but whenever my feelings for Juarez were on the line, he was my rival. I had no idea what would happen if—heaven forbid—he'd offer to get the door for her. That'd be a fiasco, no doubt. Why was I so love struck? I wanted to be with Juarez.

"Darwin!" I heard Marcie's voice from behind me. I turned around and looked up to see her.

"Hey, Marcie. What's up?" I asked.

"Ben wants to see you," she reported to me.

Ten minutes later, I was in Ben's office and the look on his face was grim. He asked, "How are you this fine morning, Darwin?"

"I'm doing well, but if this morning is so fine, why do you look so stressed? And don't sugarcoat it. You only have that look on your face when something is wrong," I asked.

"I'm glad you asked. I'll get right to the point. There's a new threat. They are cunning, ruthless, and dangerous."

"Who are they?"

"They are an evil organization called the Vipers. So far, they have been laying low. But they have been active. Our top stealth chipmunks came and reported that they even have a base here in L.A. What's worse is that they operate with both humans and snakes."

"Snakes, huh?" I asked in wonder. "Interesting."

"We know little else about them. But they are undoubtedly a threat that cannot go unnoticed. While trying to steal government files, they suddenly sipped away as if their connection dropped dead right when they were caught red-handed."

"How do you know it wasn't some crazy guy in his basement?" I asked. It was a reasonable question. You'd be surprised how often it happens.

"Because before they escaped, they left an insignia shaped like a snake head and left the word 'Vipers' underneath it," Ben explained.

"I thought S.I.P. wasn't with the government," I pointed out.

"It isn't, but they've been doing this to all the major countries in the world," Ben replied. "It always ended the same way. Before about ten or twenty years ago, S.I.P. was short for 'Super International Police', so we feel obligated to answer the call. Because you are the leader of the G-Force, I felt you should be the first one told."

"What else do we know about the Vipers?" I asked.

"Not much. We know that they have many different species of snake within their organization. This is one of their commanders," he stated and showed me a picture. It was a bald man with amber eyes. He wore a maroon ascot, had not facial hair, and I thought I saw fangs peeking out from underneath his upper lip. "This is James Anaconda. One of the mice retrieved this photo. Mooch took the liberty of doing a few more head shots of him."

"He doesn't look friendly," I commented.

"He isn't. There's even a rumor going around that he was involved with the Kennedy assassination," Ben informed me, "among other assassinations. Yet he's always legally untouched. They always seem to let him off the hook. He somehow makes it seem like he did nothing wrong, that he's a simple resident whose time was wasted in court. This is your mist dangerous foe yet, Darwin. I need you to understand that."

"I understand," I nodded confidently. I felt like I did. But how could the Vipers be defeated? Who were they capable of hurting? Ben had given me something to think about. Talking to Juarez always made me feel better about these kinds of things. I went to find her. Finally, she had finished her karate class. I went over to talk to her after she gave advice to a young squirrel. "Hey, Juarez. You got a sec?"

"Sure, Darwin. We did say we would talk later," Juarez pointed out. "What's up?"

"Well, I just finished talking to Ben. He told me we have a new threat to deal with, and it's more dangerous than anything we've ever faced."

"What? Who?"

"Some organization called the Vipers. Ben said that some of our stealthiest chipmunks reported that they have a base somewhere in L.A."

"I remember those chipmunks. The poor things looked terribly injured."

"So, now, I have a lot on my mind," I finished.

"That's natural, given that you are the leader of the G-Force," she assured me. She gave me a smile, not a sly one, but a sympathetic one. I smiled back at her. Something about her, probably everything, made me feel better whenever I was feeling down.

"Thanks, Juarez," I thanked her for talking to me.

"Anytime, Darwin," she replied.