Sorry about taking so long to update. This is the last chapter of the story, so I hope you like it. I know it may seem kind of rushed, and sometimes my works get to be too quick, but you have to admit, this is one of the longest G-Force stories out there. Thank you for reading.

Chapter 8: Finishing the Job

Juarez's POV…

I woke up to find Darwin still sleeping. I was the one with the injury, yet he was more exhausted. Huh. I don't blame him. I tried to stand on my hind legs, but that was no good. I sharply inhaled out of pain. Pain. That horrid feeling surged throughout my right foot. It felt awful. My head still spun from getting knocked around so hard the day before. I wanted to cry, but I hated crying. I already let it happen once. No. Not again. I just sighed and sat there, waiting for Darwin to wake up. My stomach lurched. I peeked out the bush we sheltered ourselves in and saw it was twilight. Ugh! I felt so sick and sore. I tried to go back to sleep, but I could not. No matter how hard I tried. I noticed Darwin stir in his sleep. He greeted me, "Morning, Juarez."

"More or less," I shrugged. I explained to him the twilight. He simply replied that morning would come around shortly anyway. He had a point. He always had a point. It was admirable. But it didn't ease the pain in my head. "Ay!"

"What?" Darwin asked, showing concern.

"Nothing serious. Just a horrid headache," I reassured. I held my head with one paw and then noticed something was different. "Where is my earring?"

"It must have fallen out," Darwin hypothesized. I sighed, too sore to worry about it. He then said to me, "We can find you a new one later. We have a job to do now. Marred or not, we have to stop Anaconda. That was the mission. You know how I always see a mission through."

"I do," I nodded. Another one of the admirable things about him. Another thing to go on the endless list. He stood up and I crawled over to him. "Let's do this."

"Do you want me to carry you?" he looked down at me and asked. I shook my head. Then, he offered, "Piggyback?" Eh. Piggyback seemed like the better option. I'd be less of a nuisance. I climbed onto his back and wrapped my arms around his neck. All he needed was a little rest, because he bolted out from underneath that bush like a rocket. "Don't let go," he would say to me occasionally.

"Trust me, I never planned on it," I claimed tiredly. My eye lids felt heavy, but I had to stay awake. Darwin just ran and ran. Eventually, we reached Anaconda's mansion. Darwin crawled underneath the fence, and then pulled me in. "This is the place?"

"Yep," Darwin nodded. He dragged me into a gutter pipe where we could hide. "I don't know where Blaster and Hurley are, or the other rodents, but we have to finish this mission. I'll go in. You stay here and—"

"Oh, no. You didn't carry me who knows how many blocks just to leave me in a gutter! I am going with you!" I insisted. I wanted to be in on the action, and even more so…I wanted to be with him.

"Okay," Darwin sighed and gave up, knowing I wouldn't. "How will you be able to get around?" I pulled out my grappling hook and showed it to them. He smiled at my cleverness, or maybe he thought it was cute that I came up with the idea. Either way, it didn't matter now. "Let's roll."

And so, we used the gutter to climb, and then swung into the mansion via a conveniently opened window. Darwin landed on his feet when he went in, and I came tumbling after. He got down real low and moved stealthily, and I tried to follow him the best I could. Then, I spotted it. I spotted an air vent. I whispered, "Darwin." He turned to me, and I pointed to the vent. He smiled at me and used his grappling hook to climb up the wall. He unscrewed the grating over the vent and went in. I used my grappling hook and went up after him. Once again, he walked; I crawled. Every now and then, he'd place some kind of device on the vent wall. "What are those?"

"Blaster's explosives," he answered. "And I have plenty of them."

Rather than answering, I clutched my stomach, feeling it lurch again. Maybe I was just hungry. No. That wasn't it. Everything was still spinning. I was falling, but I placed my paws on the wall of the vent just in time to catch myself. I must have been exhausted. Darwin looked at me with concerned eyes. I just nodded reassuringly and limped along the metal vent wall. It made me feel more useful than crawling. He offered to carry me, and I refused. We exited the vent and fell into a room. Darwin left behind a few explosives, and we moved onward. I was still leaning on the wall as I limped. Crawling made me feel so helpless. We got to a huge room filled with computers. Darwin did the predictable, set bombs all over. I found this understandable. It was the best way to get rid of Anaconda's doomsday plans. Then, my vision went blurry. I could feel myself falling, but something caught me.

"Easy, Juarez," I heard Darwin's voice. I was just so dizzy. Why did I keep having these dizzy spells? Then, I realized that I must have been suffering some kind of trauma. Because every time I had a dizzy spell, it felt like I was in my RDV when I was attacked. The spinning…I remember that the gyroscopic functions of my RDV…yes! When they cracked my RDV, it caused some sort of movement malfunction. I crashed into one of their wheels and blacked out. I remembered. I remembered that when I woke up, Darwin was there. I guess my mind just hasn't recovered from it. Either that or I was completely delirious. I was betting on delirious. I heard Darwin say, "You don't look well. Maybe we should stop and rest."

"Only after we get out of here," I urge him. I smiled. When everything came into focus, I assured him, "I'm fine."

"You're getting a piggyback ride," he smiled at me. He turned around, bent over, and said, "Climb on." And so I did. It felt good; having my gray fur brush on his reddish orange fur. We began to make our escape when Darwin stopped. "Juarez, whatever you do, don't let go."

"Why?" I asked. Then, I saw several snakes encircle us. They hissed at us. Fear and anger welled up in my body. How did they know we were here? I must have given us away. I mentally cursed myself.

"Juarez, hold on tight. I have an incredibly stupid idea," I heard Darwin mutter to me. He held up a small device, a detonator. He swiftly pressed the single button on the detonator, and several explosions went off. The shockwave of one explosion was so powerful it hurled me off of Darwin's back. I passed out. When I came to, I was surrounded by a pile of ash and dead snakes. My fur was singed. I looked in all directions, but I couldn't find Darwin anywhere. I felt like crying. I would have, too, if I didn't see something move out the corner of my eye. Something emerged from the ashes. It was…Darwin. I crawled over to him and hugged his furry, singed body. He chuckled, "Miss me already?"

"I am so glad you're alive!" I wept with joy. He stroked my fur, and then waved a gold object in front of my face. "My earring! You found it?"

"Yep," he nodded. I put the earring in my ear.


"No problem, Juarez."

"Whoa! What happened here?!" we heard a voice call out. Blaster's voice. He raced his RDV over to where we were. "There was an explosion without me? You blew the place up without me?!" At hearing this, Darwin and I burst into laughter. I wasn't exactly sure why, but I decided not to question it, but to enjoy it. I tried to stand, but winced in pain and fell over. Darwin helped me up and told me to lean on him.

"How did we survive, Darwin?" I asked him.

"Well, right when the snakes lunged at us, I ducked and used them as a shield. Some went after you, too, therefore shielding your body," he explained. It was crazy, yet logical.

We went back to the warehouse and gave Ben and Marcie a full report. I received a big hug from the little squirrel, Monica, upon returning. She was a sweet squirrel. When we got to my room, Darwin and I sat down on my bed and gazed into each other's eyes. We kissed and held it for as long as we could. That night was sparkling, and I wouldn't let it go. I was wonderstruck. I even blushed under my fur. I would spend forever in Darwin's arms if I could. I didn't have to wonder. He knew that I was enchanted to meet him. He was mine, and I was his.

Once again, thank you all for reading this.