Chapter 17: The Daily Life of Soul Eater Evans

The doorbell rang as I made a hasty sprint towards the door. "Good afternoon, Soul!" Maka greeted me with a bright smile while I motion her inside. "What's the occasion today?"

"You'll see. It's gonna be on the tv." I led her inside and Wes waves to her from the kitchen.

"Well, if it isn't our lovely young lady who comes to visit us often," he smiles and looks up from his sink filled with dirty dishes and soapy water. "You seem earlier than usual."

"Soul told me that today's gonna be a special day. There's a news reporter who's finally doing a segment about Soul's case," she says proudly. "And that I helped in solving it."

"Sure as hell you did," I say and guide her to our living room. Another knock rang out against the door, but harder than you'd expect an average knock to be. "Hold on one sec." I make another trip to the door.

"YOUR GOD HAS ARRIVED!" A loud-mouthed spiky blue haired boy stomps through the door upon opening it.

"Geez," I sigh. "Hurry up, it's gonna start soon." Making sure I gather everyone up in the living room, I sit them down on the couch and switch on the tv.

So, I suppose you wanna know what's going on here. I also suppose you wanna hear some happy endings, or why in the hell BlackStar would be at my house. I guess I should start with the first option.

First off, it ain't actually my house. Wes welcomed me back into his own abode after he discovered I had cleared my name, and not to mention, had been living in a closet for the past month. Plus, I didn't have anywhere else to go, and it'd be awhile until I could buy a house on my own. I shared half of the inheritance money that my parents granted me, so we're both happy people. There's his happy ending.

"Can we get some popcorn here?" BlackStar demands. "I'm starving."

"I'm way ahead of you," Wes called from the kitchen, popping a popcorn bag in the microwave.

BlackStar was released on the account of good behavior (though if you ask me, he's still a jackass) after the judge took a look at this record and thought about trying to rehabilitate him by getting him out into the world again (mostly because he's a jackass and the guards were suffering from massive headaches everyday). He was released two months after the whole incident with Landau occurred, which was a week ago, therefore releasing him into society so he could weak havoc with his not-so-godly stature. I have no idea where he's living, though. He just told me he didn't need to sleep since he was so mighty.

So yes, this is two months later worth of recovering, waiting, and recuperation. Don't worry, you didn't miss much; it was just me moving into my brother's house and getting enrolled in a school (certainly not Maka's, seeing that I was considerably stupid). Trying to get my life back on track by walking in the streets normally and not having to hide or duck behind a garbage can was fine, too.

"All done! Maka, can you pass me a bowl here?"

"Oh, don't worry. I'll get the popcorn myself. You can go sit down if you want."

About Maka.

She, strangely, learned to find comfort within me, and usually treks up to my house every weekend or so, even though I've never admitted to anyone about liking her because Soul Eater Evans didn't relish the idea that he had a weakness for girls - more specifically, girls with ash-blonde pigtails and mossy green eyes shielded by glasses who carried books wherever she went.

Of course, we had to explain the whole situation to her father when he got back from his trip ("You hid WHAT in your closet?!"), to his dismay. It took quite a while to convince him that I wouldn't try to murder his daughter just for the shits and giggles.

"Hurry up guys," I say, reserving a seat for Maka on the couch. "It's on in five."

"I'll get the mugs," Wes says, rushing back into the kitchen with the small clatter of glass as he poured the drinks.

It's almost as if we're sitting down for a family movie night. Though, I know it'd never be the same without my mother and father. I'm only glad that I had someone else to fill the void. There's my happy ending.

"Let's sit down here," I say, the new report beginning its opening theme music while Wes passed out the mugs and Maka trotted in with popcorn.

"Shh! Guys, it's about to start!" BlackStar hisses at us, pouncing over the back of the couch and landing on his spot with superb accuracy. I pat the seat where he left just enough room for Maka to squeeze her skinny little butt (yes, I admit, I was staring) in with a giant bowl of popcorn, but she refuses. She just settles on my lap instead, granting me a soft smile while she did.

"I thought you weren't a romantic," I smirk.

"I said a dash of romance, Soul," she says, her tempting lips edging dangerously closer to mine.

"I hope you guys aren't gonna kiss again," BlackStar grumbles.

"Shut up, Star."

"Hey! It's about to start soon!" Wes walks in with a tray full of mugs and shuts off the light.

The program begins:

'Tonight's Dateline Special: The Victim of Innocence.'

Then, the announcer with his ever-serious face shows up:

'Today, we will follow the story of a young man, Seth Evans, who now calls himself "Soul Eater," and a daring young miss named Maka Albarn - she perks her head up proudly at the sound of her name - and how their intertwined fate led to the solving of a heinous crime. Yes, you all may already know his story of how the young heir was framed for his parents' murder, and how he had been wrongfully sent to jail for a crime he never committed, but now you will hear a completely different side to that story. Some may see him as just plain lucky. Some may see him as a determined young man. But some see him as a victim of his own innocence...'

"Where's the part where I show up?" BlackStar loudly demands, interrupting the program.

"Well, we're never gonna hear it if you keep shouting!" Maka chastises after him.

"Alright, alright, everybody just calm down for a second..." My brother says.

"The God demands to be seen!"

"Shut up already!"


I just sit there quietly.

This is the daily life of Soul Eater Evans - it ain't too bad, right? I'd put up with the slight bickering and banter sometimes and the constant nagging of Maka trying to make me study. At least it's some sort of normalcy. At least it's better than my past lives. Although I'd gotten quite used to the excitement of running around and hiding in garbage cans and making my bed in a small claustrophobia-inducing closet. But, oh well.

I guess it'll just have to do.

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