Sailor Solar System: Hello and welcome to I Dare You! I am reviving the old I Dare You that was on the Nick site. So give it up for our cast!

Sokka: Great! Back in the show.

Aang: Hopefully it isn't as bad this time.

Katara: I hope so.

Zuko: What else do I need? A bird to poop on me?

Toph: This better have better payment cause the Cabbage Merchant paid us in crayons!

Sailor Solar System: You get paid in Urinal Cakes.

Everyone except Sokka: WHAT?! EWWWWWW!

Sokka: Can I eat them?

Sailor Solar System: It looks like Sokka is daring himself to eat 5 Urinal Cakes! Aang go get them from the men's bathroom.

Aang: Okay... *Cringes and goes get them from the urinals and gives them to Sokka*

Sokka: *Starts eating them and finishes in 5 minutes*

Everyone but Sokka: EWWWWWW!

Zuko: *snickers* If Sokka was gross enough to eat those then I dare him to wash HIS HANDS in a URINAL!

Sokka: Okay. *Washes hands in a urinal*

Everyone but Sokka: EWWWWW!

Aang: Leave it to Sokka to embarrass himself.

Sailor Solar System:: That's the end of this episode! Please leave suggestions and review!