*A woman with short purple hair and a black cloak enters and has a heaping pile of dares {Reid}*

Sailor Solar System: Thank you. Woah! This is a lot of dares... Wait a minute. What have I said about rolling the camera too early?! *Shuts camera off*

Five minutes later...

{Due to the number of Dares, some are not going to played}

Sailor Solar System: Welcome to I Dare You! The show were things never make sense! We have a heaping pile of Dares so let's hop to it!

*The woman from earlier sits in a seat in the front smirking*

Sailor Solar System: As you can see we have a guest here to watch {Reid Phantom was the first to answer correctly the trivial last episode and won} the dare kick off. Okay first dare, Sokka must give Toph a foot rub.

Sokka and Toph: WHAT?!

Toph: I am not letting Snoozles touch my feet!

Sokka: I heard the last person to touch them got sent to the hospital!

Sailor Solar System: Pay checks...

Toph: No!

*Five minutes later...*

*Toph is gagged and tied up to a chair with Sokka giving the foot rub. Toph is squirming. Once Toph manages to get out, Sokka is launched and lands on the guy who got hit with the old looking boomerang last chapter {will be ? until I feel like revealing}*

?: Ouch!

Sokka: Sorry! Toph launched me!

?: Since when do people fall out of the sky?

Sokka: Yea whatever.

Toph: Get down here Snoozles and bring your clueless friend with you!


Sailor Solar System: Next on our dare, Katara will have a belch off with Suki.

Reid: *Under breath* This should be interesting...

Katara and Suki: No way!

Katara: Let Sokka handle the belch offs.

Sokka: Sorry Katara but me and my new friend are talking about you!

Katara: SOKKA! *Waterbends and freezes Sokka to the ceiling with his new friend* Don't ever do that again!

Sokka and ?: WOMAN!

*Katara growls*

Katara: Do you want me to freeze your mouths shut?

*The two boys shake their heads*

Sailor Solar System: Just do the dare.

Katara and Suki: Fine...

*Suki drinks some soda that Sailor Solar System give her and does a standard burp*

*Katara bends her soda enough and drinks it, she then bends it inside her stomach and makes a bigger burp*


Sokka: She Waterbended her *gulp* insides!

?: Nasty! I rather eat the animated food that I saw some girl being chased by!

Sailor Solar System: Our next dare is For Aang to have nothing but cactus juice.

Sokka: Can he share with me and my friend?

Sailor Solar System: Fine! Get the cactus juice truck!

*A truck that reads Cactus Juice Inc. rolls in*

Sailor Solar System: Lock the three of them in there!

*Sokka, Aang, and Sokka's friend are thrown in*

*A week later they come out*

Sokka: Hello Suki... *Looks at ?*


Aang: Your friend has two heads.

*Reid disappears in a puff of smoke smirking*

Sokka: Where did the dark lady go?

Sailor Solar System: That's it for I Dare You! I am not sure how he {Sokka's friend} got here but he might stick around as our personal butt monkey! {As in fall victim of the dare if it goes horribly wrong}