Sailor Solar System: Welcome to I Dare You! We have a dare from it makes sense in context. She/he dares Toph to do her own make up!

Toph: Oh I am not doing make up! Sugar Queen still owes me from the last time!

Sailor Solar System: Pay checks...

Toph: FINE! Bring in the crumby make up!

*Zuko hands her the make up.*

Toph starts doing her make up. She scribbles eyeliner on her cheeks, uses lipstick which gives the clown effect, she coughs when using the blush, and splashes her face with glitter. When she is done she looks like she stepped out of the wild. Everyone tries not to laugh.

Toph: It's that bad is it?

Sokka: It is.

Everyone: SOKKA!

Sailor Solar System: That's it for I dare you and here is your pay cheek Toph.

Toph opens it and is chased by the same weenies that Zuko was chased by in the last episode.