Emma, Cleo, and Sophie discussed a plan. While back in the lab, Freedman was doing some more tests...

"I've just finished the scale quadrant analyzes. Now I need you to get the van so the FBI can get Cleo and Emma."

Freedman's worker nodded and left the room, a few minutes later he came back with a report saying the FBI has left.

Will's Shed...

"Got it." Cleo asked.

"Got it!" Sophie responded.

"You can go, we'll come by later tonight."

Sophie nodded and left the shed. Cleo and Emma softly watched TV.

When night fall hit. Cleo and Emma peered through the door and ran to the address that Sophie sent them a few hours ago. When they got there they walked through the automatic doors and crawled by the check-in desk.

"Who's there?" The women called.

Bella lowered her voice in a deep tone and pretended to be someone in another room. "You probably imagined something."

"Your right Bob!"

"Bob?" Bella whispered to herself. She then chuckled at how good impressionist she was.

"Hurry up, Bella!" Cleo called.

Bella crawled faster and caught up to Cleo

Sophie said she found the mermaid lab and was going onto step G of the plan. Cleo and Bella found the room were the boys were at and helped them escape.

"What are you guys doing here!" Will jumped.

"SSHH! We're here to save you." Cleo warmly smiled.

"Go back home." Zane whispered. "It's not safe here."

"Of course not!" Emma rolled her eyes.

"Seriously, you have to trust me, NOW GO!"

Emma still didn't believe Zane but not too long after did he have to prove it. Carl came in the room and the girls were under the tablecloth table.

"Hi..." Will started awkwardly. "What are you doing here?"

"I thought I heard some other voices." His head turned left and right. "Girl voices."

"Oh you heard." Will frowned. "I mean... You heard! We were just-practicing girl voices. Right Zane?"

"Um, ya right."

"Can I hear it?" Carl asked.

"Sure..." Zane said awkwardly. "Hi! I'm Zane." he pitched his voice.

"And I'm Will!"

Their were a few moments of silence until Carl finally broke it with his unstoppable laughter. When he stopped he applauded and left the room.

"That was close!" Will relieved. "Come on out girls. Carl's gone."

Emma crawled out under the table and immediately asked who Carl is.

"He works with Dr. Freedman, a marine biologist that's got the FBI involved."

"What!" Cleo jumped. Then rubbing her head from hitting the table, "How did that happen?"

"I don't know but she's not a nice biologist, that's for sure!"

"Guys!" Emma whispered. "We have to get out of here, Sophie just texted me the room number. We have to help her. NOW COME ON!"

They all snuck into room 107 and help Sophie get the girls out of the tank.

Zane got up and carried Rikki and Will carried Bella. Cleo and Emma got two laundry bins, they had a tan-yellow cloth to it and wheels on the bottom for moving. Once they put them in each one they all started piling clothes on them and then got into janitor outfits they got in a costume shop before they came. They bought some extras for Zane and Will and in minutes time they were all dressed. Cleo even bought mustaches for the boys and hats white hats for everyone. Cleo and Bella put their hair up in ponytails and tucked in in their hats. Once they got out they started whistling rolling the bins. Luckily the lady at the front desk didn't ask any questions and let them pass through.

They just casually walked out, and then ran with the bins all the way home! Or at least Will and Sophie's home. Once they got their they locked the doors, shut the windows, and got the gigantic pile of clothes off Rikki and Bella.

"Thanks." Rikki said wiping the scraps of clothes off her pants.

Cleo gave her a hug, "Anytime. Trust me! I don't think you staying in their is apart of our 'do not expose our secret' package we made."

"guys?" Rikki asked. "What are we going to do? They will find us again and Dr. Freedman comes back to the lab at seven."

Sophie went up and explained the plan. "...It's midnight right now and the first step is waiting."

They all waited, and talked, and waited some more. By the time time it was five-thirty they walked over to the nearest news station.

Sophie spoke to the anchor...

"We must go on your show." Sophie insisted.

"I'm sorry but you can't... but one of our talk shows in our corporation is the two doors to the left. You can talk to her and see."

Sophie thanked the anchor and did as he told. She knocked on the door and a lady in a bright red dress with golden long hair, a bright smile on her face appeared and she spoke like she never have spoken before! She had some light to her voice, she made Sophie feel welcome. The lady greeted her and invited in her room, they sat on the couch and Sophie spoke her mind.

"I was wondering if some of my friends and I can go on your talk show..." She went on and on, talking about them being mermaids and how this might save them. The whole time the lady never drifted away, she was fascinated by her story. When Sophie was done the lady let it sink in and responded. Sophie left the room but got her name before she left.

"The name is Cindy, from Chattin' with Cindy. That's the talk show you're talking about."

Sophie waved and walked over to the lobby where the rest of the gang was.

"What did he say?" Will asked.

"He said no. But I went to another lady that is on a talk show... and she said yes!"

They all cheered and jumped, hugging each another.

"Now we have to get ready!"

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