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Kingdom Hearts.

The pinnacle of Organization XIII's mountainous list of accomplishments.

The other accomplishments?

Nothing else. At least, that's what it was for most members of the Organization. They believed, as soon as they get their hearts back after forming Kingdom Hearts, they would be satisfied completely, free to be Somebodies.

But there were others that had other goals.

Marluxia...his goals were obvious. Overthrow Xenmas and take over the Organization, mainly, with the side goal of completely bending Sora to his will, with the 'help' of Namine. seemed obvious he wanted to be friends with Axel again. But after seeing the Flurry of Dancing Flames hang out so much with Roxas and Xion lately, he wasn't so sure about that ever happening.

Roxas and Xion. The two newest members of the Organization obviously still wanted to hang out with Axel every day at Twilight Town's clock tower after their missions were done, eating sea-salt ice cream and laughing and chatting together.

But what about Demyx?

He was convinced that all of them had hearts. He could still 'feel' in some way. The others had rejected his theories, calling them useless. He didn't care about what they said despite this. If he could 'feel,' he should still have a heart, and that's what he thought.

He got along decently well with Zexion and Xigbar, so he didn't have to worry about friendships hanging by the seams like Axel had to worry about Saix.

So what was his goal?

Maybe it was to fill the world with music, with the help of his Dancers and trusty sitar, Arpeggio.

Maybe it was to truly convince everyone that they had hearts.

Maybe it was make sure he didn't have to do any work.

No one really knows.

But from the way he would try to cheer up the other Organization members when they seemed 'sad' by singing songs to them and playing on his sitar rather loudly, or just trying to chat with them, maybe that was his way to convince everyone in the Organization that they had feelings and therefore had hearts.

Who knows?

No one...except Demyx.

No one will ever find out, thanks to a Keyblade Wielder destroying him and the entire Organization.

But maybe someone can, even though he's gone.

First, though, they're going to have to pick up all the pieces he left behind.