AN-Here it goes!

Chapter 1-Revalations

"… To bring new life into the world, Eh?" Master Thomas said to his companion, Master Mikhail. They were in HQ, watching down at the city below them. It had been a few weeks since Ouroboros had been destroyed.

"In the last mission report…Albert said some rather outrageous things." Mikhail replied.

"Mikhail… Do you think it's presumptuous for us to give birth to new life?" Thomas asked.

"How absurd… Thomas, you couldn't possibly hold fast to such foolish imaginings." Mikhail replied once again. Mikhail was beginning to worry. He had sensed something was wrong the minute Thomas and him started talking.

"There are laws giving equality to humans and reploids, correct?" Thomas asked, his voice getting angrier. This really made Mikhail worry. "Don't you remember? Those were passed because Albert and I agreed on them." His voice was very angry now.

"W-what are you saying?" Mikhail asked, sounding scared.

"Give Humans robotic bodies, and give Reploids mortality. So, were do you think the human bodies for the reploids are?" Thomas asked accusingly. "What do you think happened to the original reploid data from before we gave them mortality?" Suddenly, the four Megaman, Sianarq, Aleous, Atlas, and Thetis, appeared around Thomas, in their megamerged forms.

"Thomas… You…!" Mikhail says, pointing at Thomas, scared to his bones.

"Albert was wrong, so I helped the hunters. But I do think he was right about one thing." The Megaman started to close in on Mikhail, reading their weapons.

"This world needs to be reset."

AN-Ok, this is already in the game actually, but the new stuff will come next chapter. And, I'm accepting OCs. Also, I will need a female protaganist, so I will pick one from the OCs. So, here's the form!



Species:Reploid or Human? Mind you all that reploids have a red triangle on there heads.

Occupation: Hunters, Guardians, nobody, Master Thomas, Neo Arcadian (Note:THis is my Ocs group. They are good guys), or Mater Albert's group. Albert's minions do make a comeback in this.


Appearance:Height, weight, clothes, eyes, skin and body type, hair.


Realations:Go crazy with this. Crushes, siblings, parents, aunts, uncles… go crazy.






Megamerged form Appearance:




You can send in as many OCs as you want, so send them in! And here's my charecter's OC.




Occupation: Nobody yet.

Personality:He really dosen't understand feelings or emotions, because of what happens to him in chapter 2. He only understands curiousty, anger, and fear.

Appearance:Dirty blond hair, green eyes, 6 feet, 2 inches, 132 ibls, tan and skinny, and wears a black bodysuit, a white and blue jacket knda like vent and Aile's, long jeans, red metallic boots.


Realations:Unknown family, crush to be annouced.

History:you'll find out

Biometal:CX (Copy X)

Personality:Calm, cool, and collected, he actually has copy X's sprit in him, and wants to make up for his previous mistakes.

History:You'll find out

Appearance:Like model X, except has gold spikes coming out of his head.

Megamerged form Appearance:You'll see


Dislikes: nothing