Kisshu's Illness Chapter 1:


Pai walked into Kisshu's room. It was time for the next attack on the Mews, and Kisshu still wasn't ready to go. Lazy fool, Pai thought to himself.

However, when Pai got into Kisshu's room and looked at Kisshu, who was still in bed, he got worried. Kisshu's face was flushed, and there was sweat on his forehead. His eyes were closed and his breathing was harsh.

Pai put a hand on Kisshu's forehead, and his eyes widened. Kisshu obviously had a really high fever. As he took his hand off Kisshu's forehead, Kisshu started to wake up. He looked startled to see Pai staring down at him.

"Hey, Pai…" Kisshu broke off, coughing, then continued weakly, "Do you think you can handle the attack today? I'm not feeling very good…"

"Yeah, sure," Pai said, seemingly thinking. Suddenly it looked like he had an idea. He left the room, and Kisshu shrugged, then went back to sleep.

Pai meanwhile, was worried. He didn't recognize the illness Kisshu had; it looked like some human thing. Then he got an idea. The Mews would know what it was! And since Kisshu liked Ichigo best, he could get her to come help. Pai devised a plan to capture Mew Ichigo. He would have preferred to get Mew Lettuce, but that would mean that the other Mews would be better equipped to rescue her. Kidnapping their leader would render them helpless.

With that in mind, he called Taruto. "Taruto, we're going to kidnap Mew Ichigo," he said when Taruto arrived.

"Do we have to get that old hag?" Taruto asked grumpily.

"Yes, we do. Kisshu's really sick, and she's probably the only one who can help. Besides, if we kidnap their leader, they'll be helpless," Pai said firmly.

"Wait, Kisshu's sick?" Taruto asked.

"Yes. Now, here's my plan: We capture Mew Ichigo when she's not on guard- that means no Chimera Animas. We'll have to use stealth to get her, but we need to do it now. I'm calling off the attack for today; instead, we'll kidnap Mew Ichigo. Let's go, Taruto," Pai said.

Taruto nodded, and the two of them teleported off.

Meanwhile, with Ichigo: Ichigo was about to meet Masaya at the cherry tree in Inohara Park, their favorite spot. He had said he had something important to talk about. Wondering what it was, she walked to the cherry tree, where Masaya was already waiting.

"I'm sorry if I'm late," Ichigo said.

"Ichigo, remember I said I wanted to talk to you about something important?" Masaya asked.

"Hai…" Ichigo said, what was he getting at?

"Well," Masaya continued, "I decided that I don't think this relationship will work out. I'm sorry, but I'm breaking up with you, Ichigo."

Ichigo's eyes filled with tears, and she ran off, crying. Masaya looked after her, then shrugged and walked away.

Ichigo ran all the way home, only to find that the lights were off, and there was a note on the table. It said:

Ichigo, your father and I went on a romantic cruise to the Bahamas, and we'll be back in a week. Till then, have fun, and as your father says, no boys.

Love, Mom

Ichigo crumpled up the note. It's just like them to leave when I'm in the middle of an emotional crisis, she thought as she went to her room. To her surprise, there was already somebody there- two somebodies, in fact.

"Pai! Taruto! What are you doing in my room?" Ichigo cried, shocked, as she reached for her pendant. Before she could transform, however, Pai knocked the pendant out of her hand, and grabbed her wrist in the same motion. Then he teleported, Taruto following.

Ichigo squeezed her eyes shut until she felt solid ground under her feet again. Then she opened her eyes and looked around.

"Where did you take me?" she asked Pai angrily. "I need to get back!"

To her surprise, Pai looked worried. Nevertheless, he said, "We took you to our ship, and we can't bring you back- yet."

"Yet?" Ichigo asked, confused.

"We need your help," Pai sighed, which completely shocked Ichigo. PAI was asking HER for help?

"What with?" Ichigo asked, still suspicious.

Pai replied, "Kisshu is ill. We don't recognize what he has, and I believe it's some kind of human disease. We need your help to cure him."

Ichigo's jaw dropped. "You expect me to help KISSHU get better?" she asked incredulously. "Are you JOKING? WHY would I do THAT?"

"Please, Mew Ichigo," Pai said. Ichigo was shocked. Pai looked… desperate.

Ichigo thought. She didn't think helping her enemy recover was a good idea, but it was pretty obvious that Pai and Taruto weren't letting her go until she helped Kisshu. Suddenly she remembered something. Kisshu's voice rang in her ears as she thought. "How can I make you love me?"

That snapped her out of thought. Suddenly she thought of something else. If Pai was going to capture any Mew, he would most likely go for Lettuce. She was the one always talking about how they should get along, and Ichigo was pretty sure Pai had a thing for her. "Pai, why did you kidnap me in particular?" she asked. "I would have expected you to go for Lettuce if you just wanted help with Kisshu."

Pai replied, "It's because Kisshu loves you. We think that you're the only one who can really help him recover."

Ichigo sighed, and said, "Fine. I'll help Kisshu. But you have to let me go after he's better, agreed?"

"Hai," Pai said.

"Alright. Show me where he is," Ichigo said.

Well, there's the first chapter. I got the idea from peacexxx, who wanted something about Kisshu getting sick, and everyone else getting the same sickness, except Pudding and Taruto. Since I'm not really into writing PuddingXTaruto, I thought I'd tweak the idea and make it KisshuXIchigo. I don't really know where this will go, but please review!