Chapter fourteen

'Come on you two, lips apart and tell us what that potion did,' George said.

Harry slowly moved his lips off Draco, 'It's perfect, I can't believe you did this. So how often do I have to take this?'

'At the moment I think just the once, but I'm not positive. I have plenty made though.'

'Are we going to know what's going on?' Arthur asked.

Harry and Draco faced everyone, 'The potion fixed my eyesight, I don't need my glasses anymore.'

'That's very advanced Draco, no one has been able to do that before,' Molly said.

'I know Mrs. Weasley and it's taken me a while to work it out and a lot of mistakes. I wrecked five cauldrons before I got it to work. Now I can let the healers at St Mungo's know so they can do their own tests on it before anyone that needs it will be able to get and have good eyesight.'

'You'll have to take it to the ministry to have them test it first Draco. Any new spell, charm, potion all need to be put through trials to make sure their safe.'

'Yes, I thought I would. But all the ingredients are harmless even when combined, so it should pass.'

'Especially when I show them it works. I can't believe this, no more sticking charms to hold my glasses on and when we snog, they won't get knocked off.'

'I've done that a few times, now I won't. I wanted to do something for you, something special but you realised you're not the easiest person to buy for. I think once you find your style and taste now you have time to do that, then I might be able to work out what you want.'

'You so sweet Dra, but this is perfect because I hated wearing those things and they got broken so many times. Hermione was always repairing them for me, weren't you Hermione?'

'Yes, I think about seven or eight times I had to repair them and made them slightly bigger as you grew. Now thanks to the man you love, you don't have to worry anymore.'

'No, I won't,' Harry slipped his arms back around Draco and the two of them stood there for ages just staring into each other's eyes.

For the next couple of hours everyone kept talking about the potion Draco had come up with and how happy Harry was. He kept looking at himself in the mirror making everyone laugh, eventually Draco took the mirror off Harry and they just enjoyed being with everyone.

It was the night of the ball that was going to be held at the ministry, Harry and Draco were getting dressed. Harry had bought some more dressier clothes and when he stepped in front of the mirror, he couldn't believe it was really him. Nice and very fashionable clothes and no glasses. He had also started to let his hair grow so it was longer than he'd ever had it, he tied it back and had a small ponytail, but it also pulled all his hair back so his scar was now visible.

'Are you sure you want to do that, everyone will be looking at it.'

'I know Dra, but I really like this look. It's me, but with a whole new look,' Harry faced Draco, 'Truth babe, how do I look?'

'Gorgeous, you really do. So are you ready to let the wizarding world know about us?'

'Yep, I've been ready for ages and you are absolutely gorgeous as well. Got your ticket even if you are my date?'

'In my pocket if I need it, so let's go love.'

'Yep, let's go.'

Harry and Draco left their home, flooing straight into the atrium of the ministry for magic. Some people were hanging around and they instantly stared at Harry who had his arm around Draco, so talk started about Harry Potter being gay and with Draco Malfoy. The two young men shrugged and headed for the ball room.

'Mr. Potter, is this your date?' an auror asked.

'Yes, my partner Draco Malfoy.'

'Very well, hope you both have a good time.'

'I'm sure we will,' Harry smiled then stepped into the large ballroom, 'It's just a bit bigger than ours love.'

'Yeah it is, but I'm sure it's charmed to become bigger when it's needed.'

'Mr Potter, would you mind a picture of you and this young man with you?' a woman in her fifties asked.

'This young man is my partner, Draco Malfoy and sure,' Harry and Draco put their arms around each other, smiled and let the photographer take a few pictures.

'Very nice and you're clothes are a lot different than what we're all used to seeing you in. Is there a reason for that?'

'You're from Witch Weekly, aren't you?'

'Yes, Malinda Grenich,' she shook Harry's hand then Draco's.

'Well I think these types of clothes weren't right before, all the fighting I did, they would have gotten destroyed. Now I don't need to fight anymore, it's time to wear clothes that I like and for an occasion such as this, I couldn't just wear my jeans, could I?'

'No, that would not have looked very good. You do know that you are still Witch Weekly's most eligible bachelor, I think that will change a bit towards the men instead of woman after word gets out you're gay.'

'But I'm also taken Miss Grenich. Draco and I are living together and in a full serious relationship. So technically, I'm not a bachelor anymore.'

'That's true, so I think you are about to break a lot of hearts. Can you tell me when you and Mr. Malfoy got together?'

'After the auction, as I'm sure everyone knows, Draco won me. But he only did that so we could talk and in private. We've been together ever since. I hope you don't mind, but I've seen some friends.'

'Thank you for your time Mr. Potter, and I hope you and Mr. Malfoy are very happy.'

'We are,' Draco smiled then walked off with Harry, 'Did you know about that?'

'Yeah, sorry, Kingsley told me there'd be two reporters here just like at the auction, one from Witch Weekly and one from the Daily Prophet, so expect to be interviewed again.'

'Does that happen a lot Harry, when you're in the magical world?'

'All the time, why do you think I try not to go into magical towns too often.'

'Well why we have time, let's have a dance.'

'Good idea,' Harry and Draco again melted into each other's arms as they danced around, they never even noticed people watching them and if they did, all they would have seen were smiles.

Over the next few hours, Harry and all his friends spoke to the people that had paid to come to the ball. So even though they wanted to enjoy themselves, the friends were all gracious, smiled and were polite. They did get a chance to dance more, sometimes in a group, sometimes with their partners. Harry did get asked to dance from a few men, but he declined politely explaining how Draco was his partner. Harry was dancing with Hermione why Draco disappeared for a bit, then Harry heard Draco's voice asking Harry to join him on stage.

Harry's eyes widen but saw how much Draco wanted. So he nodded and slowly walked up on stage and sat next to Draco at the piano, then he started singing but Harry noticed the band played along and realised that Draco had planned this. The crowd were mesmerized as they listened to Harry singing beautiful love songs to Draco until finally they played some blues and rock songs with Harry singing to everyone, but the crowd loved it and kept calling for more. After singing a dozen songs, the last song had everyone clapping along, but near the end, all Harry's friends joined him on stage, singing and clapping to the song. Harry couldn't stop smiling at his friends as they finished the song to very loud applause, with the friends all hugging each other including Draco. Then Harry and Draco hugged the band members before joining the audience, but couldn't stop talking about how much fun they had. Lots of the guest all came to thank Harry and Draco for putting on such a good show and said they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. After a few more interviews, lots more pictures, and a few more dances, everyone say goodbye to their heroes of the war, again thanking them for what they did and that they were all happy that these wonderful young people had finally got a normal life that they could enjoy and people to share it with. But everyone, including Harry's friends all thought the same thing. Harry finally found someone to share his life with, someone that would love him like he deserved but would never die or leave him. So they were truly happy for their friend and everyone's hero, Harry Potter.

The end: