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Chapter… I Lost Count.. Nineteen?

Allen let out a yawn as his math class droned on and on. His teacher was monotonous at best, thankfully it wasn't Mr. Krowly though. He struggled with the chemistry lab more than enough on his own, Allen didn't want to think about how this class would act towards the easily scared man.

"Mr. Walker, would you care to answer this for us please?" Allen's silver eyes widened slightly before he scanned the board. Finding the problem easy enough, he shrugged.

"The answer is fifty." Allen stated, a grin on his face as the teacher frowned. See? Allen wasn't that simple minded. He could easily catch up with things!

"Thank you, Mr. Walker." And so, the lesson droned on with Allen daydreaming most of the time. Most of his thoughts were of Kanda, either the small blushes Allen caught, or Kanda chasing Deijah around with a bat, or a sword called Mugen.


Kanda sighed, running a hand through his hair. His hair tie just had to break in gym didn't it? Lavi bounced up next to him, surprisingly not with Tyki. Was he absent today or something? "He~ey Yuu-chan~!"

Kanda growled, sending a glare to the red head next to him. "What, Usagi? And don't call me Yuu!" Lavi grinned cheekily before poking Kanda in the nose.

"First, boop! And second, Moyashi-chan is looking for you~" Kanda glared at the rabbit once more before standing and walking away, hair whipping around behind him.

The girls ogled him, squealing and saying 'how he was so cute when his hair was down'. Oh, if only they weren't girls. He may be Kanda Yuu, but he would not hurt a female. It just simply was against what a male's thought process was!

"Moyashi." Allen's white head turned around from Rinali, who had proved to turn out to be one of his best friends recently, and the boy smiled.

"Hi Kanda! What happened to your hair tie?" Kanda rolled his eyes, sitting on a bench next to his bean sprout, nodding to Rinali as he did so.

"It broke in gym." Allen laughed, his smile wide as he listened.

"I'm sorry Kanda, it does look good though." Kanda rolled his eyes, turning away from the two younger teens so they wouldn't see him blush.

"Che. I've heard that enough, baka moyashi." Allen grinned again, closing his eyes as the sun peaked through a cloud. The beam illuminated the pale face of Allen, making Kanda's face turn a deeper shade of red. Why was the kid so god damn cute?

"Anyway," Kanda and Allen turned to the short haired girl. Did she get a haircut recently? "How have you two been? I mean… I know it's hard and I completely support you guys!" She smiled at them and Allen returned it. Kanda just clicked his tongue indifferently.

"We're doing good, thanks Rinali. Actually… The officials talked to us about it so… That's why we've not been doing a lot." Rinali nodded, pursing her lips, violent eyes turning into a sad look.

"I'm sorry. You know, it's fine when you aren't here, right?"

"Not what the said. Damn pricks said if we show affection, we'd get kicked out of the district." Rinali looked down, nodding slowly.

"I'm sorry."

"Che. Don't apologize for stupid things, woman. It's fine. Like Moyashi and I would let some jackasses dictate our lives." Rinali smiled at Kanda's mean but reassuring comment before nodding.

"Right," Miranda, a girl around a year older than Rinali, peeked out from the other side of the wall. "Oh, I have to go. See you guys later!" She waved before walking off with the nervous brunette.

Allen smiled, waving back before turning to Kanda. He supposed the Japanese was right, they wouldn't let people dictate how they were to live. Kanda had made that first part of his life possible by taking him in when Cross was beating him. Kanda had… Given him hope and happiness.

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