Beemo x Loraine.

Why? Why would I ship a crack pairing, consisting of a genderless robot and a chicken?

What in Glob's name says I can't?

Also, in his dream, it is a boy, because that is one of its desires. Outside of it of course it is it's genderless self.

Finn smiled in his sleep, probably dreaming of something about Fire Proof clothes and giant spaghetti noodles. Jake was clutching a picture of Lady Rainicorn to his snoozing body, so….Make what you want of that.

Beemo, however, in order to be more like his roommates, put itself in a digital sleep, programming it to work like a regular person's, usually a reflection of current events.

There he was. A tall, dyed green haired man stood on the edge of a dock. A Young Woman with a bit of lipstick smeared on her mouth clumsily, but still managing to look nice was on a boat, that was setting sail.

He felt tired…Sad… but…successful.

He realized he was clutching a pillow, for some odd reason.

An homeless man was crouched against some crates near a warehouse building. The man placed his hands against his chest, because he seemed to be staring into space.

No pulse…

A somewhat upbeat person lay on his stomach nearby, or at least his appearance made him look upbeat. The green haired man looked at him. This time, he didn't have to feel him to confirm he wasn't breathing.

And then, he looked once more at the woman, but this time she was farther away, as the boat was moving more and more…

He felt a desire, an impulse….

"Oww….Oww…circuits… overloading…too much emotion…" Beemo groaned out of his speakers. There was too much emotion for him to handle. He needed…to get out of the bedroom for… some break time.

No sooner than had he went to the bottom room to gather his thoughts, than had he forgot that Neptr was still there, eyes blinking slowly, and thinking.

"Hey buddy! I have something from Loraine!"

Beemo frowned. "Wuh-hunh? She's contacted me this late at night?"

Neptr tossed the letter out of it's handle.

Beemo looked down at it. An ugly scrawl was on it, one that would be undecipherable to anyone but someone of high intelligence. Such as Beemo.

I'll be coming back…soon.


He smiled, a part of his screen fading in a pattern to mimic blushing.

Same old Loraine. She never did have much to say.