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The ocean water rushed over my feet as well my daughter's as we walked along the shore. The water was warm and inviting as it washed away our footprints while pooling around our ankles. It was a soothing walk as I held her hand while her other sisters ran ahead of her, chasing birds and finding the last bit of sea shells on our last night here before returning to the cornfields of Iowa.

"Momma," Sophie asked me in her too wise for seven years old voice while looking at me with green eyes just like her father.

"Yeah, baby?" I asked as we walked along. I quickly checked on Hailey who at the age of thirteen was little Lillie's best friend as well as our other daughter, Maggie's worst enemy, yet the vacation brought them together.

"Do you remember the story you read us?" she asked me as we walked along the water's edge. I nodded that I did. It was a fairy princess story that she loved with a princess and prince that overcame a wicked witch to be together and love for all of eternity. Sophie loved the story. She was my little romantic.

"Is Daddy your prince charming?" she asked me in a worried voice that made me wonder if she knew what life was really like for me in our home. It was that panic that washed over as I wondered if all my pretending that everything was fine was for nothing, but I couldn't ask her just in case she truly had no idea.

I opened my mouth to speak, but I wasn't sure what to say. I looked back at Edward as he stood by our blanket, watching us while checking his email on his phone. He still looked like the same boy I feel in love with years ago. He had the same wild hair and green eyes that he had passed on to one of our daughters. The same smile, but it didn't shine as bright for me on those rare times I actually got to see it, but I couldn't say that.

I couldn't tell her that life was bigger than fairy tales and promises made in the dark while my father slept down the hall with a gun on the night stand. Life was bigger than stories and movies with happy ending that were bold and romantic. I couldn't tell her that sometimes life gives you a fairy tale only to have reality wash it away. I couldn't tell her that loving someone was easy until it wasn't any more. Instead, I lied.

"Of course he is baby," I said confidently as I smiled down at her lovely face that looked too much like the man I had promised my forever to.

"Of course he is," I whispered as I looked back at the man who was too wrapped up in his phone to even notice me anymore.


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