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I walked Lillie to her room and once she was settled with her hands washed and waiting at the table for what would be her second breakfast of the morning I turned to leave. I hated leaving her and her teacher knew this.

"I promise it will be fine, Bella," the young girl said as she quickly read the panic in my eyes as I stood in the door way, unsure if I should stay or grab my baby and just go.

"I know," I whispered back since I did know that it would most likely be fine, but that rational side of me did nothing that comfort the irrational one that envisioned every possible worst case scenario that could happen. With one last look back at Lillie as she picked between frosted flakes and cinnamon toast crunch cereal, I left.

I had barely made it out to the minivan before the tears started. I knew that one day that she would go to preschool. I knew this, but this was different. I was leaving my girl who couldn't tell me about her day alone with virtual strangers.

I sat in the driver's seat wiping at my tears while other parents stared. It was embarrassing, yet I didn't care. I looked around at the crowd of parents that took the trek back and forth between the school and found a familiar set of blue eyes. It was the man from the IEP meeting. He was met my teary eyed stare with an understand smile as he walked closer to the van.

"First day?" he asked as he stood there with a warm, yet sad smile, as if he understood. I nodded as I wiped at my eyes before raking my fingers through my hair.

"It'll get better," he said with a grin before turning back towards a white work truck that was loaded down with ladders and whatnot.

I barely had time to say thank you before my phone rang loud with what had always been our song and now was the ring tone I had given to Edward.

"Hey baby, how'd it go?" I heard my husband ask me in a soft, worried tone as I watched the other man get in his truck to leave.


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