This one was written in 2008.

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Title: Thrill Me and Then Love…

Summary: A naughty sequel to 'Teach Me'.

Rating: M or NC-17

Authors note: I guess I couldn't just make a sweet innocent stand alone. My smutty mind couldn't handle it.

Warning: Slight dirty talk from Harry.

Sorry about any mistakes, I basically just wrote it and then sent it out, didn't even go over it once. There isn't much detail and this part is pretty short as it turned out, but it happened and I had to get the first part out.

Before I put the second part out I'll be sure to go over this part with any suggested mistakes to fix and from any that I find myself.

One of Three:

He wasn't making a move, just staring up at her, into her eyes, but not at her lips, no not at her lips.

Hermione frowned, her head weighing on her neck, almost bringing her forehead into contact with his. Being in Harry Potter's arms made her feel safe and warm and extremely hot in a way that only happened to her when she'd "accidentally" caught Viktor…well there had been a lot of grunting, and a gasp of a name Hermione hadn't been able to decipher, in her fourth year.


"What?" She flinched at her startled response and raspy voice.

Harry's voice was smooth, calm, without the slightest hitch, whereas she sounded like she was suffering from laryngitis.

The hypothetical light bulb started blinking finally as she realized how intimate of a position they were in. Her hands flew to either side of his head, pushing herself up; causing her hips to bump into his, which ignited a reaction in her, she couldn't hide. Mortified at her grunt of pleasure and her brief eye closing, she dropped back down on top of him, resting her head in his shoulders.

"I'm sorry," she whispered.

She felt, more than heard, Harry take a deep breath. "What for?"

"For acting like a hormonal teenager," she pouted, trying desperately hard not to breathe his scent in.

She felt his chest vibrate with silent laughter. "You're a teenager, it's allowed."

"Not when the feeling isn't reciprocated," she mumbled, dropping her chin into the curve of his shoulder and turning her head away, resting on his cheek.

"What makes you think that?"

Hermione frowned. Her body was going into a lust overdrive and was asking another question? How could he be so calm when she felt like she was on fire? For Merlin's sake, they'd stopped kissing ten minutes ago.

"What?" She'd asked, feeling as if her brain had been fried.

"That the feeling isn't mutual?"

What exactly did mutual mean again? She wondered silently to herself, trying to understand what he was going on about. Here she was, tempted to do anything Harry wanted, and probably stuff he most likely didn't want and he was asking her why she thought the feeling wasn't mutual. Well it was obvious, he was having no reaction what so—Harry-was he saying there was a reaction? How? He-there was nothing!

"I'm not stupid Harry; you should know this by now."

Hermione felt her hair shift behind her ear, shivering at the feel of his fingertips against her cheek. "It's mutual," he whispered softly in her ear.

It took a second to register just what he'd said, but when she did she jolted up into a straddling position over his lap. The slight movement in his facial features gave her hope that he wasn't lying to her.

Her chocolate brown eyes searched his beautiful green eyes. "Um-what?"

Instead of an answer, he slid his hand down his chest, reaching then clutching for hers, before taking her hand, and moving it beneath her skirt, where their middles touched intimately.

Her eyes flew open, surprised at what he was doing, startled at the feel of him beneath her fingers.

"Do you feel that?" he asked, his voice sounding as if the first signs of laryngitis were kicking in. "Yeah. You know what that is, don't you?" he almost panted out, rubbing her hand back and forth over the top of his jeans. "Do you like touching me Hermione? Do you?" The last question was formed more as a demand than anything.

She was going into a blissful shock, shock at the way he was talking to her, shock at the way his free hand clutched her hips, forcing her into a slight rocking movement. When she went to respond to his question all that came out was a squeak as a swift smack landed on her back side. Heat and wetness flooded between her legs and instinct made her thighs slam together, only Harry's hips were in the way, causing more intimate touching in more intimate places.

She bit her lip, a heated blush flushing her cheeks, spreading down her chest. Oh please, she thought, her voice sounding breathless in her own head.

"I know you like touching me. You know what you'll like even better?" he panted, his eyes hard with desire. He suddenly sat up, bringing their upper bodies together as well; there was no part of her body untouched by his. "Ask me Hermione! Ask me what you'll better? Ask me!" he cried out, his voice on the verge of desperation.

His demand jolted her out of her heated euphoria. "Wh-what will I like better?" she gasped, licking her lips before biting down to hold in her moan. The motions of her hips were taking on a mind of their own, gyrating harder and faster than the slight feather motions Harry had initiated.

His face was so close now, so close that their noses touched. "Me touching you."

Oh Merlin, she was going to orgasm.

Her forehead dropped to his, her eyes slammed shut, her mouth dropped open in a silent gasp.

"No, let me hear you scream," he whispered in her ear, before sucking her earlobe.

Oh, that did it…the orgasm rolled through her so hard Hermione feared she might have a black out.

A gasp escaped her lips, followed by a restrained kittenish panting, as she sought out his lips, trying to cover the unfamiliar noise that was escaping her mouth.

"No. I want to hear you, come on baby. That's it, louder! Oh God…that's it," Harry gritted out.

It was then that she felt his hand slipping beneath her knickers, clamping on the place that always managed to make her sessions of pleasure spike to near pain.

"Oh-my…again," she managed before another orgasm roared through; she threw her head back, her fingernails digging into Harry's back, causing him to push against her already over sensitive chest. Her back arched so far over in the opposite direction that Harry had to swiftly get to his knees or drop her.

Her vision was dimming as the gentle waves of bliss passed through her and a thought occurred to her, as she slide into unconsciousness, why had Harry stopped moving his hips when she'd…

To Be Continued…