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Three of three:

She'd started off in an Indian style position, and then slowly she got up the guts to lie down, which seemed to better suit the task at hand.

Her first blowjob.

That's right Hermione Granger said 'blowjob'.

She snorted inwardly. I may be a saint outside of my head, but inside it's a whole different story.

Hermione was starring, probably driving Harry insane at the same time, but she couldn't help it. Okay, she spoke calmly to herself, the penis, glans penis, the prepuce; opening of the urethra—point of ejaculation...

What the hell am I doing?

"Hermione, you're over thinking this," Harry practically grunted out.

Huffing in irritation she glanced up at him, trying not to glare. "Don't tell me I'm over analyzing when I've already pointed that out to myself."

Harry took a deep breath. "That should have been funny…how was I suppose to know you'd already pointed it out to yourself- please, gods do something," he cried out so suddenly that Hermione jerked back slightly as his hips unintentionally lifted, causing his penis to bump her chin.

Hermione pulled back a little. "Your penis just—"

"What? No, don't call it that," Harry interrupted.

"Harry, it's proper terminology."

"I don't care. Say cock."

"What? I-" she snorted. "I can't say that. It so-derogatory."

Harry lifted an eyebrow and looked almost as if he were about to sit up, his lips firm. "Hermione. Say it."

She could barely contain the movement of her mouth falling open in shock. Her eyes slammed shut as vibrations of excitement coursed through her body.

Harry Potter is a dirty bastar-

"Hermione, look at me." If Hermione did know better she would have thought Harry had cast a spell on her with how hypnotizing his voice was, how deep, husky, how sexy. She shivered, managing to resist just a bit.

As hard as she tried however, the weight of his lustful stare was enough to force her to glance at him. Hermione decided to just say it and get it over with. So she did the only thing she could do, she whispered it, and then bowed her head, giving his pen-cock a gentle kiss.

It made her feel dirty thinking about it that way. Hermione didn't know what to be more worried about, the fact that she liked talking dirty in her mind, or that she wanted to be able to talk dirty to Harry. So she was going to start talking dirty talk, in her mind…just to start off of course. If she could ever manage saying it out loud to Harry, well, right now it would just be too much.

She lifted her gaze up. "I always wanted to know what the big deal was," she spoke softly, deciding to raise a hand and slide her index finger up and down the length him. Hermione smiled gently as he shivered.

He nicked his lower lip with his teeth before answering, causing a tiny red spot to appear. "The big deal about what?" Harry asked breathlessly.

Hermione smiled softly as she saw his eyes roll to the back of his head as she popped her tongue out to taste him again. It was rather like a Popsicle really. "Blowjobs," she stated simply.

Oh Merlin! I said it again. Out loud. In front of Harry… at least he doesn't seem to mind it.

"I think if I could be a man for one day I'd definitely get one you know? Just to see what the big deal was."

Harry blinked down at her before a small smile began to form. "It feels fucking amazing."

"Yes, but how amazing?" she asked, deciding to replace her wandering finger with the tip of her tongue once more, only this time managing to trace it up and down the underside of his cock.

Hmm. Damn that was hot, she thought to herself.

Wetness pooled in her thighs. She had to pause as she quaked with anticipation.

"Um-what?" he managed.

Hermione decided to take pity on him or rather drive him into a pleasure filled coma as she gave a gentle suck on his testi- erm balls. She'd get used to the mind-dirty talk eventually.

"Fuck - Fuck!" Harry shouted his hand coming to her head and pushing down, then quickly laying off to sit up. "Hermione—no more talking."

"Alright. God, you're impatient," she teased, smiling innocently up at him.

Harry shook his head, his emerald eyes shimmering with lust and amusement. "I should have known."

"Should've known what?" Hermione frowned, becoming distracted once again by an extremely large and highly impressive male anatomy. He was almost too big for her mouth, she decided before wrapping her lips around him, gently bobbing her head up and down.

All she could hear was deep breathing, with a soft desperate whisper of her name, and then a some what less roughened hand tangling in her hair. At one point she'd tested to see how much of him she could take down, but retreated quickly the minute her eyes started to water.

"Here, relax your throat—haven't you ever practiced with a Popsicle?" Harry panted.

She started to pull away to answer, thinking he was slightly larger than a Popsicle, wanting to inform him that was a big difference, but while Harrys hand was soft, it was insistent that she continue her business. So she sucked a bit harder in response causing Harry's eyes, which had been shut, to fly open, his mouth to drop wide, and his hand to start gripping her hair..

Hermione paused for a second, focusing on relaxing her throat, which seemed to work for the next time she went down she managed at least another inch.

Harry's eyes all but crossed. "Oh-good girl," he growled, his hand now trying to take control of her movements.

Hermione jerked her head back as his control started to make her choke. "Hermione," he started before realizing she was getting up to straddle his hips. "Are we-should I lay down?"

"No, read that it can lessen the pain. Being on top I mean."

Harry frowned. "I thought you said you weren't ready?"

Hermione shrugged nonchalantly. "Changed my mind," she smiled

"Are you-"

"Don't ask if I'm sure, if I wasn't sure I wouldn't be on top of you now would I?

He definitely didn't need more persuasions; especially when she lifted her hips up to slowly gild the tip into her. Harry wrapped his arms around Hermione's waist tightly, dropping his face into her neck, his breathing accelerating to the highest it's even been. She shivered from the heat of his breath panting in anticipation against her ear. A deep groan escaped his lips as his arms tightened around her waist, pulling him even closer to him.

"Oh my—bloody fucking fuck! Stop, wait, don't move-if you move I'm going to kick you, Harry stop!"

"What the hell? I haven't even…"

Hermione wiggled in his lap, pulling away slightly, cringing as another stinging shot of pain went through her. "I have a pain in my back. Ouch! I think you squeezed me too tight."

Harry stopped. Hermione could feel his cheek resting against her shoulder. A burst of laughter from Harry caused another small tremor of pain, but it was going away, especially once Harry started licking her neck like a kitten.

"Hmm, I do believe that's the first time I've ever heard you talk that dirty without coercing. It was sexy," he whispered the last part and then gently scraped his teeth against her neck.

"Well, easy for you to say, you don't have a pain in the back!" Hermione chuckled, however said chuckle quickly turned into a gasp as she felt Harry slide fully into her without warning.

It hurt, but surprisingly not as much as she'd thought it would. She had read that being on top could lessen the pain, but she'd also read that proper preparation (like foreplay) could make it easier as well, and that every situation was different for each girl.

Harry hadn't made a sound. Which was worrying Hermione…wasn't this the part that was supposed to be extremely erotic and pleasurable, the first intercourse?

"H-Harry? Do I—do I not feel good?" she whispered against his cheek.

His arms around her waist moved to tight fingers against her hips and he jerked her, causing a moan between the two. "You feel bloody fucking fantastic and if you move again I'm going to be cutting this euphoria short."

"I didn't move you moved me."

Harry grunted, his fingers digging into her hips. "That's beside the point…"

"It isn't when you moved me!"

Harry pulled away from her with a jerk, causing a bit of friction between them, forcing an unwanted gasp from both. He stared at her incredulously before calmly (well as calmly as one could be while inside someone) shaking his head. "Hogwarts needs a debate team," he commented softly. "You always have to be right, don't you?"

A small blush spread across her cheeks and moved to the top of her chest. "Well, not always. Will you move now? It's okay."

Harry took a deep breath in preparation. Hermione smiled encouragingly, pushing her hips forward enjoying the way Harry's Adams apple bobbed up and down at her movement. He pulled her closer to him in their sitting position once more dropping his face into her neck, creating a moist patch on her neck.

Hermione pushed her knees against the bed, pushing herself up, and then coming down. Surprise filled her face at the sensation of the movement she made. It was indescribable…way better than books! She went to make another move, and then another stroke and a long deep groan filled her ear just before she felt Harry clamp his teeth into her neck.

If she thought she felt eroticism before that moment she had lied to herself.

Merlin, no wonder people were so obsessed with vampires.

Harry was now helping her slow movements, forcing her to go faster as he continued to bite and then lick in small intervals. A tiny suck on her earlobe let escape a small, strangled gasp from her into Harry's ear.

She could feel his impatience started to rise and knew he wanted more control, which she was surprisingly okay with, no matter how pleasurable being on top was.

I wonder how long it'll take him to switch positions.

Come on Harry. Fuck me! she thought to herself.

"Oh fuck! Hermione," he panted in her ear, his hands leaving her waist, allowing his own to cause frantic movements up into her. He wrapped his arms around her head, bringing her in for a kiss.

Something had definitely changed; he was out of control, with his breathing and his movements. He was gripping her head and then pulling away from the kiss, pushing her face into his shoulder.

What the hell had happened?

He suddenly flipped her over, shoving her knees up to her chest. Hermione cried out in surprise, her eyes widening. His thrusts were erratic, his breathing coming in sexy gasps that caused shivers to run through her body.

He'd been right; it wasn't going to last long, because the look on his face practically told a story, it looked different, focused. He was panting and hot above her, trying to reach something that was close for him, but so far away for her. If it was possible he was going even fast than before, occasionally crying out with certain thrusts.

Is he having an orgasm? Hermione wondered, bringing her hands up to cup his face, forcing him to look into her eyes. His forehead immediately dropped to hers, not breaking the eye contact as he continued to thrust.

She found herself not caring whether or not she had one though, because watching him was almost better than the explosion he'd given her in the common room.

"Almost," she whispered.

Harry's eyes flashed. He dropped his mouth down to hers, devouring her mouth. She felt his body weight change, go at a different angle, and it was then she realized he was supporting his thrusting weight on one hand, because that other sneaky hand and snaked down between their bodies and was rubbing against her clitoris.

"Oh-" Hermione gasped, before slamming her mouth and eyes shut, and she saw stars.

Oh my god did she see stars!

Harry cried out as she tightened around him, her fingers pulling away from his face to clench in the sheets as she felt him release inside her. Another shout, three more pumps, and Harry collapsed, his forearms giving out on either side of her head.

His eyes were closed, his forehead still connected with hers, and she allowed herself to stare at him, as best she could. She hadn't had an orgasm, maybe a mini one…she'd been close at least, but watching him. She knew Harry was hot, but when he orgasmed it was verging on ethereal.

His forehead slide off of hers, to rest against the sheet, pushing their cheeks together, still breathless, "unbelievable," he whispered in her ear. "You were absolutely unbelievable."

Hermione smiled at the ceiling, gave him a quick kiss on his check in response, and settled her hands limply against his hips. "I do try," she mumbled.

Staying inside her and not moving for three minutes was causing Hermione to realize just how heavy he was, and the bed could only accept so much of her. Even though she wanted to stay like this, she wanted to live more.

"Do you plan on staying up there forever?" she mumbled.

She felt him lift his body from hers only slightly, a deep satisfied grin forming on his face. "I was contemplating it!"

He pulled further away, this time causing him to slip out of her.

Now that was just uncomfortable.

"Harry I think I love you."

He paused in moving to the side of her, his eyes searching her face with a mixture of curiosity and longing. "Say it again," he demanded softly.

"Harry I think I love you. No, I know I love you. It's not just because of the sex, though that was pretty hot too."

He managed a small smile before speaking so seriously that had to bite her lip as pleasure swam through her. "What a coincidence. I know I love you too."

Another few minutes later, which had been filled with petting and cuddling, and a devilish idea popped into her head.

"Harry, that was awesome, but you can leave now," Hermione hummed.

Can anyone hear crickets?

"Excuse me!?" Harry asked, not knowing what to think.

A giggle escaped, yes an actual giggle, and she couldn't keep it up. "I'm kidding!"

"You better be. And it's my room anyhow!" he retorted, trying to gain ground again.

"I can't help it if you're my bitch."



Right, I know this story wasn't in character at all, but I wasn't trying to keep them true to form. This was just an idea that happened. I hope everyone enjoyed it and again I'm sorry for the wait (crosses fingers that this chapter was worth that wait)! Sorry about any mistakes!